C.S. Lewis on Christianity

This is one of the few audio recordings of C.S. Lewis in existence. It contains some of the foundational concepts upon which he based his book, Mere Christianity.

Jesus Teaches Me to Relax While Healing the Sick – Ken Nichols

My guest blogger today is Ken Nichols. If you read my book Divine Healing Made Simple, you may remember Ken's dream where Jesus instructed him about His will for healing. This is Ken's story about another encounter with Jesus. In a dream, the … [Continue reading]

Responding to the Attack – Cherieann Riley

Until she gets her own blog, from time to time, I'll be featuring the writing of my friend Cheriann Riley. Here's her latest message: We've been under a new assault this week, as a family, especially the husby. You probably already know our reaction … [Continue reading]

My Friend’s Deliverance – Kazuko Onishi

This testimony was sent to me by my friend Kazuko Onishi. I'd like to introduce her to those who don't know her. Kazuko lives near Kobe, Japan. She was the first person in the country to purchase my book Divine Healing Made Simple. We became friends … [Continue reading]

To Every Messenger a Message

sealed letter

God has taught me a principle that helps me deal with criticism and praise from those who read my messages. It's a bit of personal instruction He offered to help me see my efforts to advance the kingdom the way He sees them. Maybe it will help you … [Continue reading]

Who Are You?

My guest blogger today is Rob Coscia. This message was originally posted here. Several years ago, I was writing a chapter for a compilation book, and was getting frustrated trying to edit it down to the required length. This was my first … [Continue reading]

Mom Prays & Dead Son Comes Back to Life

This story was originally posted on USA Today here. " He was dead for 45 minutes." That's what the doctor who treated 14-year-old John Smith said after paramedics rescued the teen who spent 15 minutes submerged in an icy lake. Dr. Kent Sutterer … [Continue reading]

Happy Birthday Fearless Trust

Editor's note: Cheriann Riley is a friend who instills the kingdom of God in her daughter in every possible way. She is so intent on establishing her daughter's true identity, that she named her Fearless Trust. This is a letter she wrote to her … [Continue reading]

Let the Living Water Flow

"...out of his heart will flow rivers of living water." Jn 7:38 When He found someone who was sick or spiritually oppressed, Jesus released the kingdom of God upon them. They were healed, set free of demonic oppression or they were given a new … [Continue reading]

How Big is Your God Box?

Several friends have initiated public discussions recently about whether an experience or revelation must be found in the scriptures in order for it to be from God. I’d like to share a couple of observations that may help readers settle these issues … [Continue reading]