The Supernatural Hug That Lasted Over an Hour

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My guest blogger today is Steve Harmon. This message was originally posted here

One day me and a few friends were hanging out at a church and we met this guy. You could tell that he was extremely shy and had an issue with low self confidence. I felt the Lord tell me to give him a Father’s hug, so I did. I intended the hug to be maybe about 15 seconds or so, which already is longer than your average hug. Well the guy didn’t let go because I could feel him holding on tight. So, I said to myself that I was going to keep going with this. That 15 seconds turned into 1 minute and then 4 minutes. Then all of a sudden, the guy started shaking. He started to feel a surge of power from the hug. Then my other two friends that were watching joined in and started to hug us. They felt the power too. This went on for 10 minutes. When we were done, the guy had a smile on his face and felt so much better.

Well, he needed a ride home so I gave him one. Apparently, God was not done, because as I was dropping this guy off, I gave him one more hug as he was leaving. It started all over again. His arms locked and they wouldn’t let go. We were sitting in the car hugging. He was feeling the power of God come through the hug and I can hear him yelling with joy saying, “Whoooooaaa!!! Thank you Lord!!!” It sounded like he was riding a roller coaster at times.

That hug passed the 10 minute mark, then went to 20 minutes, 40 minutes then an hour. At around 40 minutes I dialogued with God in my head and said, “God, this is challenging my weirdness meter and it’s becoming uncomfortable for me.”

The Lord replied, “Son it’s okay. You’re fine. It’s just a hug. Keep going because I’m breaking things off this man that don’t need to be there. He will get great freedom from this.”

So I persevered on and relaxed. Then the hug went past an hour and stopped around an hour and 15 minutes. I knew because of the clock on my car dash. The guy was feeling incredible manifestations of the Holy Spirit and had been released from so much shame and self-esteem issues. God did an amazing work through that hug. All I did was be obedient through what He told me. Through my obedience, God used me as vessel to heal that guy’s heart. God took control of the situation when I put Him in control of it. That is how God takes control. We listen to Him and do His will.

You carry the Holy Spirit in you like the Ark of the covenant. Your job is to carry Him places, open the lid and let Him out.

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