Healed of Multiple Sclerosis

This woman shares her testimony of healing of multiple sclerosis and several other medical conditions.

The Jesus of Your Disability Check

Disability claim approved

This message is going to offend a few people. I apologize in advance, but I believe some of you need to hear this. So I'll be as gentle as I can. I've been thinking about the many friends I have who are in various stages of sickness, and injury, … [Continue reading]

Podcast 007: Reforming Your Inner Mean Girl


If you received this in an email or to open in a new window, click this link: Podcast 007 Today my wife and I discuss the new book Reform Your Inner Mean Girl. Although the book is not written by Christians, the authors identify some common … [Continue reading]

Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple – Now Available in Paperback


For those who have been waiting patiently for the paperback version of Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple to become available, your wait is over. We published the paperback this morning, so now you can get it in print or as an e-book. Let me share a … [Continue reading]

Life Resurrected – Jesse Birkey

My friend and fellow paramedic Jesse Birkey has his book Life Resurrected on sale this weekend for 99 cents. You can get it on Kindle, here. … [Continue reading]

A Conversation with C.S Lewis


This message is likely to upset a few people, but others will find it encouraging. Let us always use wisdom and discernment in such matters. A few months ago I ran across a rare audio message by C.S. Lewis. I decided to convert the message into a … [Continue reading]

Podcast 006: The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur


If you received this in an email, or to play in a new window click this link: Podcast 006 Co-hosts Shae Bynes and Antonina Geer interview me on their show the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur. We talk about how I met Jesus at the age of 38 years old, and … [Continue reading]

Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple: First Review – Michael VanVlymen


I was pleased (and honored) to have my latest book reviewed by the man many would say is my biggest competitor. Michael VanVlymen (author of How to See in the Spirit) was kind enough to leave the very first review the day the Kindle version became … [Continue reading]

Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple


The night that I sent the manuscript of my last book to my editor I had a dream about writing a book on seeing in the spirit. The dream caught me by surprise. I'd ever considered writing a book on seeing in the spirit, but I didn't waste any time. I … [Continue reading]

Podcast 005 Praying Medic & His Wife – When to Outsource Work


  If you received this in an email, or to play in a new window click this link: Podcast 005 My wife and I discuss some of the inner workings of our art and book publishing business. The subject of today's discussion is how keeping … [Continue reading]