My Love Confrontation With the Sadhu – Steve Harmon

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Steve Harmon is back with another story of power & love.

A few years back on a mission trip to Indonesia, towards the end of our trip we stopped at a Hindu Holy site named Batu Caves in Malaysia. Walking in, I felt the peace of the Lord on me. We saw a Sadhu (Hindu Holy Man) giving out blessings. You could tell that this guy was definitely under a demonic influence. I’ve seen Sadhus before and they didn’t act like him. People were coming up to him to get a blessing. He would do some sort of gesture over them and touch their head with this powder. One kid came up and he grabbed him by the head and started licking this kid’s hair. I thought to myself, “This guy is giving out blessings, maybe I should return the favor.” So I did and got in line.

As I got closer in line, nobody got in line behind me because I was a foreigner. A crowd started forming because they wanted to see what might happen. Right before our interaction, the Lord gave me a picture of a small heart growing larger, quickly. It reminded me of the Grinch when his small heart grew big in the cartoon, “When the Grinch stole Christmas.”

When we came face to face I said to his translators, “Tell him that his heart is this big (Gesturing with my hands of the size), but God is going to make it this big.” They looked confused and so did the Sadhu. Suddenly I put my hand on his shoulder and started praying in tongues. When I took my hand off him he went into some demonic trance because his right arm literary went up and he froze (As you can see in the picture below). He stayed in that trance-like state for about 10 seconds. I started prophesying over him in English that he would become a prophet for the Lord and would have a life changing encounter with Jesus a month from that point.


After that, the Sadhu came out of the trance, then took the powder and touched my head. Nothing happened to me. I believed that greater is He who is in me then he was in him. The Glory on me would jump on to him if he touched me. Right after that, I left.

Just then, a Hindu guy from Pakistan, who came to visit the cave on a pilgrimage asked me to bless him. My team and I crowded around him and we all started laying hands on him, praying and prophesying. I told him the reason why he was to come to the caves was to encounter Jesus. The guy started crying and tears fell down his face. I hugged him and then a young Hindu girl asked for a blessing. We prayed and prophesied over her as well.


When we were done a radical Hindu came up to me who was furious. He said, “What are you guys doing? You can’t be doing this. It’s illegal.”

I said, “He was giving out blessing so I wanted to bless him.”

He walked away in a huff and when he walked by my friends he said “Down with the west!” It was a great time. We brought Jesus into the enemies territory and we let Him do what He does best.. Love people. 😀


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