14 Things You Should Know about Ebola

Banned From Facebook


After Facebook began stepping up enforcement of its policy requiring users to provide a real name (or at least a name that sounds like it could be real) it seemed like it would only be a matter of time before the Facebook police caught up with me. My … [Continue reading]

Broken Back Healed

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Thoughts on Economic Collapse

In this article, we'll discuss whether another big market crash is coming, whether we can know when such a crash might happen, and whether there might be a divine purpose behind it.  In 2006 Robert Wiedemer published the highly controversial book … [Continue reading]

Not Hearing From God?

After I was saved, I had a dramatic experience were I was able to hear the voice of God very clearly for a span of about six weeks. During that time His voice was unmistakably clear, but gradually it faded to a barely detectable whisper. I began … [Continue reading]

5 Bulging Discs Healed

This woman testified of her healing at Voice of the Apostles in Atlanta. … [Continue reading]

Praying Medic Update


Since I've been off Facebook for a while I thought it would be good to update you all on what I've been doing. First - I've been missing my friends. A lot. But I've been doing a lot of writing during my time away and I have some news to share … [Continue reading]

Why I Stopped Doing Full-Time Street Healing – Steve Harmon

My guest blogger today is Steve Harmon. This message was originally posted here. Back in 2008 I started doing street healing by myself. I didn't have Todd White, Bill Johnson or anybody there to teach me. All I had was the examples of Jesus, the … [Continue reading]

The Flute Player


As the Verde river winds its way through the high desert of northern Arizona it cuts deeply through the multi-colored layers of rock. Near Sedona, the rocks are rich in iron giving them a deep red color. A few miles south where iron is scarce, the … [Continue reading]

Podcast – Have Healing and Miracles Ceased?


  A discussion on whether or not healing & miracles are still happening today. … [Continue reading]