Grief and Freedom – Cherieann Riley 

Cheriann_RileyCherieann Riley shares another golden nugget of revelation with us. 

Last week, I was just standing in the kitchen, and Dad spoke to me. He told me that I was carrying grief around with me. He told me that it grieves me to be at odds with people, especially when it is not coming from me, that it grieves me for them to not understand me, to be offended, or believe wrong things about me, which leads to a relationship between me and said person that is not what it could be. And that I carry this grief around with me.

He also told me, not just that it was just time to let it go, which, I had been feeling grief coming to the surface over the past few weeks, and letting Dad do that, but in this conversation, Dad told me he wanted more than that for me. He wanted to deal with the root of the grief itself. Which very simply was that I needed to let go ENTIRELY of what others thought of me. That if I did, I would experience a great freedom I had been asking for. A freedom that he himself walks in.

He went on to share about the freedom he walks in. That people believe a lot of wrong things about him, but that it does not phase him in the slightest. That he isn’t held captive by it adversely affecting him. It does not impact who he is, cause he doesn’t get any piece of who he is from what other people think of him.

He told me his heart for me is to be free. That if I would partner with him better and let go of what others thought of me in the slightest, and stop holding onto grief and being grieved in the first place, that my freedom would soar and other things would be released in my life that are being held back by this grief, and that I would see an acceleration in various ways over my life.

Beloved ones, I can say a lot of true and wise things to you, but I cannot compete with the Holy Spirit in how he can do revelatory things when he speaks to you. When Dad speaks to you, with that revelation there, his words are not mere words. I love sharing these stories with you. But your freedom will come when you hear Dad’s words for yourself. My heart in sharing anything with you is to encourage you to go deeper on your own walk with Dad, not to replace that walk itself.

I certainly am responding to all that Dad shared with me. It is a wondrous thing that he knows you so well and he is always inviting you to go further up and further in, to more Love, more Freedom, more of the desires he put in your heart in the first place. He can be trusted. ♥ #radiant #adventureswithDad

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