Podcast 038: Del Hungerford – Healing Frequencies

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Del Hungerford is a classically trained musician who has been experimenting with music tuned to 432 Hz with some interesting results. For those who are not familiar with this subject, there’s been much discussion in recent years about what is called 432 tuning. In this tuning, the A note above middle C, which has long been the keynote against which instruments are tuned, is set to vibrate at 432 cycles per second, (or Hertz) as opposed to the Western standard of 440 Hertz. Many musicians are convinced that this tuning has special properties—some have even called it “The God frequency.” Del discusses her personal experiences with this tuning and a whole lot more. (She has articles on her website that discuss these subjects in greater detail.)

Topics covered in this message:

  • Del’s background in music
  • Solfeggio frequencies
  • Schumann resonances
  • Entrainment to stronger frequencies
  • 432 Hz and healing
  • How God inspires creative people
  • Being still and listening to God
  • How practice increases the effectiveness of spiritual senses
  • Going to heaven’s strategy room
  • The life of a forerunner



Podcast with Todd Adams

Now Interpret This

Accessing heaven’s strategy room (article)

But Words Will Never Hurt Me (Del’s book on surviving verbal abuse)

Article on 432 Hz tuning

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