A Simple Approach to Prophetic Ministry

Brian Fenimore teaches a simple and powerful approach to prophetic ministry.

Brian is the director of the Plumbline Ministries, an organization based on advancing the Kingdom of God. The focus of his ministry is to equip the saints for the work of ministry in schools, seminars and media throughout the World. He is the author of several books and study notes including Foundation for the Prophetic Ministry and Heart Standard for the Prophetic.


Father’s Heart for the Prophetic

Why Forgiving Doesn’t Heal You

Most of us know how important it is to forgive people who have sinned against us. But we often wonder why we continue to feel hurt, shame, guilt, fear or anger after we've forgiven the one who hurt us. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard … [Continue reading]

The Healing Power of Jesus Enters the Emergency Room


My guest blogger today is Troy Anthony Smith. This article was originally posted on his blog here. Yesterday we decided to take the power of a healing God to a sick and dying hospital. The results were truly amazing. We arrived at the LAC USC … [Continue reading]

Light Duty Assignment

Trigger warning: This story makes references to physical and sexual abuse. Please consider this before proceeding if you are likely to be triggered by them. Editor's notes: This story takes place over a two week period and is the longest message … [Continue reading]

The Person of Peace

In Luke chapter 10, Jesus talks about the harvest and how to find a person of peace. In this video, Brian Fenimore illustrates how God opens the heart of a person of peace to our message. Brian is the director of the Plumbline Ministries, an … [Continue reading]

Dead Raising Training – Tyler Johnson

Tyler Johnson brings “Dead Raising Team” Training (DRT) to Las Vegas   Tyler Johnson, founder of One Glance Ministries, and featured team member in the documentary film, “Deadraiser” brings his unique and unprecedented training  seminar, … [Continue reading]

Emotional Healing – 10 Minutes to Freedom


The day after I received my own healing of wounds caused by anger, I went on a call to an emergency department to transport a young woman for mental health treatment. We arrived early and as I waited for her to be ready for the transport I read the … [Continue reading]

My Emotional Healing

During the last year or so I noticed that my friends have been asking a lot more questions about emotional (or inner) healing. A few months ago my wife began having dreams about doing deliverance and inner healing. Some of my friends have seen … [Continue reading]

Stuff You Didn’t Know About Steve Harmon

Many of you have come to know Steve Harmon from his messages that I've posted here during the last year. I've come to know Steve as a friend and I consider him to be one of my favorite mentors. I began sharing Steve's Facebook updates here … [Continue reading]

The Appearing – Jeremy Mangerchine

This is an excerpt from Jeremy Mangerchine's  book The Longest Bridge Across Water It was a chilly fall evening. The sun had almost completely gone down, leaving our house dark. A small, yellow lamp warmly and dimly illuminated the … [Continue reading]