The night that I sent the manuscript of my last book to my editor I had a dream about writing a book on seeing in the spirit. The dream caught me by surprise. I’d ever considered writing a book on seeing in the spirit, but I didn’t waste any time. I began working on the manuscript the next day. The book is now finished and available as an ebook. (We’re working on the print book version which will be available soon.)

What you can expect from this book?

If you’ve wanted to see angels, demons and the heavenly realms, but have been told  you don’t have the “gift” of seeing in the spirit, this may be the book you’ve been waiting for.

For years we’ve been told that seeing in the spirit is a gift given to only a few special people or an anointing that must be imparted to us by a man or woman of God. In this book I present the biblical and physiological evidence which proves that seeing in the spirit is not reserved for only a few special people, but is possible for everyone. Using a Bible-based approach and dozens of testimonies and illustrations I show readers how they can learn to see in the spirit. I’ve also included practical exercises at the end of the main chapters. With a little instruction, a little prayer and some practice I believe anyone can learn to see in the spirit.

If you’d like to check out the book, click this link or the image below.



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