This is an excerpt from Peter Tan’s book “The Spiritual World”,  which can be downloaded for free here:

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It is not possible to describe the glory and various areas of the Spiritual World in human language without bringing by the use of earth language a percentage of inaccuracy. Neither can anyone who has an encounter or
visions of the Spiritual World claim to have visited every aspect of that glorious world. The Spiritual World consists of more varying aspects than all the nations, cultures, civilizations of earth of every known and unknown age and time put together. All these would be less than one atom of a drop of water in an ocean the size of the entire known universe.

There are multiples of creations of God in various dimensions and universes that would take eternities to explore. For this reason many of those who have true spiritual experiences of the Spiritual World, whether for a brief time or through extended encounters, bring only a small microscopic view of the spiritual realm and life after death. It is thus an error for anyone with those experiences to think that their encounter is “all” of what the spiritual world is like and start building doctrines or dogma as to what the true Spiritual World is like.

Having clarified the above points, I have tried to summarize in this book, the aspects of the Spiritual World which were experienced primarily through various spiritual experiences in March 2006, which began during the 40 day partial fast in February 2006 (which I have done annually for thirty years – the fast of February 5 2006 happened to be my thirtieth annual forty day fast) and continued almost on a daily basis even after the conclusion of the fast. Having done that many fasts before, I was settling into the joy of seeking God not really expecting anything dramatic to take place but just wanting to minister to the Lord and, as always in the annual forty day fast, rededicating my life to the service of God.

The purpose for the writing of this book is to prepare others for the Spiritual World in which every one of us will one day be living when we depart from this earth. The possibilities for spiritual progress while we are still in our earthly body are far greater (by millions of percentage points) than when we physically die and enter the Spiritual World. For those who are walking with God the possibilities for progress in the next world are also as great, if not greater in the sense that it can lead to growth into the fullest dimension of God’s Being unhindered by the physical body.

This book is also written for those who have partial encounters in the Spiritual World, lest they develop the wrong dogma as to what the Spiritual World is like from their brief encounter. Please note that it is not possible to put down everything that has been experienced into this one book. It is important to also note that this is only my personal and subjective perspective gained through experiences in the Spiritual World. After the experiences in the Spirit World, I did research on some of those areas shown to me (both spiritual and scientific) and I have mentioned some of the authors whose books I have read (especially scientific ones).

I have also re-examined the Bible in the light of those experiences and critiqued my own experiences from the Scriptures. I have been asked by some as to who else has seen the Spiritual World similar to what I saw. I am sure that there are many others but one that I know of, who has a book written of his experiences, is Sadhu Sundar Singh in his book on The Spiritual World. It is important to establish all revelation through the written Word of God but it is comforting to know that one is not alone in these revelations of the Spiritual World.



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