During my interview with Donna Crow on Blogtalk Radio, I mentioned that God shows me things when I pray for people. Things like serpents, demons, etc. A friend who heard the interview asked how he might develop a better ability to see things in the spirit. So here are a few observations and suggestions to help you develop your spiritual abilities.

Some people are born with an ability to see in the spirit without needing to develop it. I don’t know why all of us are not born that way but that’s how God chose to distribute talents, gifts and abilities. We all have some things God has given to us as gifts and we also have innate abilities and talents.

If you were not born with a certain ability that is fully functional—that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to develop it. While it may come naturally for one person, it may be a bit more difficult for someone else. Difficult—but not impossible.

I don’t think it’s the gift of seeing in the spirit itself that people are given. I believe it’s a fully developed ability. Some people receive fully developed gifts and abilities while others receive them undeveloped. An undeveloped ability requires training in order for it to develop. I believe anyone can learn to see in the spirit through practice and instruction.

I was not born with a fully developed ability to see in the spirit. I had to develop it. I decided I wanted to see in the spirit so I spent months sitting alone with my eyes closed on the bench seat in the back of my ambulance between calls. During these times I quieted my soul and focused my heart on God, and gradually, faint images began to appear in my mind’s eye. Day after day – month after month, I spent my spare time with my eyes closed focusing on what God wanted to show me.

At first, the images were flat, a bit out of focus and two-dimensional. As time went on they became more clear and three-dimensional. Eventually, they began to move, which was like watching a video in my mind. Later – I began to see multiple scenes overlapping and the intensity of colors became more real and vivid than what I see in the natural world. Before I knew it, I was operating with a well-developed ability, one that had always been there but one I had never used before. I was almost as if God planted the seed in me, but I had to water and tend it in order for it to mature and produce fruit.

This is true of any skill you want to develop. Whether it’s playing piano, singing, painting, fishing, healing the sick or seeing in the spirit. The key is practice. If you don’t practice, you’ll never get better at it. I suspect (though it’s just a hunch) that people who have well-developed gifts and abilities as children—like the virtuoso violinist, the child prodigy painter or the 3-year-old seer—are given advanced abilities and gifts so that they might inspire and train the rest of us.

This is an excerpt from my book Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple. Click on the link or the image below to learn more.

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