The authority to heal is given to us by Jesus. The power to heal comes through our relationship with the Holy Spirit Below are some practical steps you can take to see miracles happen regularly:

1 Invite the Holy Spirit to lead the healing encounter

You can take the lead and use your own methods of healing if you prefer, but you’re likely to miss something important if you do. Jesus healed the sick by seeing what the Father wanted Him to do. Each encounter was different and His success was a result of obedience to the revelation He received.  We take our lead from the Holy Spirit. Ministry is a dance; He leads, we follow.

2 Invite the manifest presence (glory) of God into the healing encounter

Unlike the Holy Spirit, who remains with us always, the manifest presence (glory) of God comes and goes. Invite God’s presence to come when ministering healing. The Lord’s presence itself can bring healing and even when healing does not manifest immediately, His presence brings peace and  joy. Many people can feel God’s love and goodness when they are surrounded by His glory.

3 Expect that God is going to heal everyone you pray for

Healing comes through faith. Another word for faith is confidence. Be confident in God’s desire and ability to heal people. Believe in your heart that if you get a chance to pray for someone they will be healed. Leave no place in your mind for doubt or uncertainty. Children can be used in healing because they haven’t been poisoned with doubt and uncertainty. Replacing doubt with faith is critical to healing. As your faith grows, you will see more people healed.

4  Don’t beg or plead with God to heal

This may be the most common mistake people make. God has already given believers authority over sickness disease and injury. It’s in our covenant. It’s an eternal promise. Instead of asking God to heal – command sickness, disease, inflammation, pain, darkness, depression, or unclean spirits to leave. Command organs, blood vessels, nerves, ligaments, tendons, bones and other things to be healed.

5  Remove evil spirits

There are often evil spirits that must be removed before physical or emotional healing will manifest. Whether you discern their presence or not – consider removing spirits such as pain, infirmity, fever, trauma, etc. After they have been removed, proceed with the healing process.

6 Don’t be discouraged if nothing happens the first time you pray – do it again

Don’t be discouraged if nothing happens after a second time. Do it again. Don’t give up if nothing happens after a third time. Do it again. Most of the healing you’re likely to see will come after commanding healing 4 or 5 times. Be persistent and don’t quit. The second most common mistake in healing is giving up too soon. If you see any change in symptoms or severity of pain after 3 or 4 times, keep going. You’re making progress. If you make any progress at all, you can eventually get it to go away completely.

7 Learn to visualize in your spirit the outcome you desire

In the realm of the spirit our thoughts have creative power. Creative miracles such as new corneas, new kidneys, etc. are possible and one way to release creative miracles is to see in your mind, the new body part the person needs. Seeing the new body part creates faith and expectancy that it will happen, which releases the power of God for the miracle to occur.

8  Make healing a lifestyle

There is a learning curve to healing that must be ascended before you’ll begin to see miracles on a regular basis. Faith for healing takes time to develop. Believers who only pray for a few people a year rarely see miracles. The most proficient healers are those who lay hands on the sick regularly. Healing was a lifestyle for the disciples of Jesus and it’s no different for us today. Pray for people as often as the opportunity arises and you’ll begin to see miracles regularly.

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