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My guest blogger today is Steve Harmon. This message was originally posted here. Steve’s website can be found at steveharmon.org

Back in 2008 I started doing street healing by myself. I didn’t have Todd White, Bill Johnson or anybody there to teach me. All I had was the examples of Jesus, the Apostles and a lot of desire to see God move. I didn’t know what I was really doing or have a good understanding of authority. I just knew that God healed today and I wanted to see it. As time went on I met new people and I moved to another city named Oceanside. We started going out on the streets there praying for the sick in every place we could think. Supermarkets, gas stations, Emergency Rooms, clinics, schools, etc.. Me and a buddy were going out on the streets all the time and seeing many healings. We would go to churches and meetings and see many healings there. We would teach others to do the same. There were very few at the time doing what we were doing. Back then, many believers were skeptical of the amount of healings we were seeing because many thought miracles were a rare thing.

Later on, my heart started to shift into desiring to see my city transformed. The miracles and healings were awesome and spectacular, but I wanted to see lives changed. What really started to bother me was that my city wasn’t changing. We were seeing lots of healings, lives being touched, and people accepting Jesus, but there was no visible change in the overall scheme of things. There would be people we saw get healed, but we would see them the next week and they either lost their healing, or they stayed healed, but the healing didn’t have much of an effect on their emotional or spiritual state. They were still depressed and that bothered me.

I remember watching a video of another guy who was doing the same thing we did, but backed off of doing full time street healing because he was seeing the same problems that we were having. We would post the healings on facebook, everyone would cheer, but the reality was, some of these people who got healed lost their healing and were back to where they started. This was the hard reality to swallow. Not everybody had a fairy tale ending after God touched them. We could go back to our friends, tell everyone our testimonies, get all these pats on the back, but that person either lost their healing or their love encounter faded away. Don’t get me wrong, there were a good amount who got incredibly changed after the experience, but I wasn’t satisfied with only some being transformed.

The Lord started showing me the major problem. We didn’t invest in these people. We spent 5 minutes with them, said a quick prayer and we were on our way. There was not much relationship. When it comes down to it, it’s all about relationship. Sometimes people don’t need a healing or a nice prophetic word. Many need a friend, but even the ones that got healing or a prophetic word needed a friend. Someone who would meet with them over and over and spend a few hours with them on a regular basis. Many of them needed to know they were worth spending time with. I realized that time was really the hardest and most precious thing to give to a person, which is why many people would rather not do it. It’s much easier to do the 5 and fly ministry to a person because you don’t have to give what is most precious. Jesus didn’t say to go out and only heal the sick, or get people to pray the sinners prayer, or give people a prophetic word. He wanted us to create relationships with people, and within those relationships healing, prophetic words and ministry could take place.

Lastly, let me make this clear. I’m in no way saying that 5 and fly ministry is wrong. I still do it as I go to the store to get some milk or get gas. I see healings every week. I don’t purposely go out like I used to and look for it. When it crosses my path I’ll go for it. Sometimes, all you can do is 5 minutes with a person because that’s all they want or will let you give them. But, I’ve learned that the high point is no longer the healing, the crying eyes, or the excited person. The high point is when I’ve watched the person transform over time into someone who knows what God is really like and knows how God sees them. The healings, the prophetic words, and the acts of kindness are just tools of bringing somebody into a healthy relationship with Jesus. It’s the total transformation and that doesn’t happen in 5 minutes. Of course, there can be major breakthroughs that shift a person’s life in 5 minutes, but real transformation takes time. It’s really about relationship.

~ Steve Harmon

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