This is an excerpt from Rebecca Clayton’s book When the Lion Roars

Thursday 15th January 2009 –  Conference Day Two

On Thursday morning I woke at around 6 am and felt like God wanted me to get up and pray. It is unusual for me to wake early, and especially after a late night. I delayed because I was tired, and kept drifting back to sleep. When I did get up I called my family at home to talk with them for a few minutes. My youngest daughter Eliza wanted to talk to me. She was still only five years old, and so completely unaware of what she was saying that the next few minutes broke me.

“Did you have a nice day at school yesterday?” I asked.

“Yes, Mummy. We made clay. I made your face with a big smile on, because you are always happy when you are at Dudley.”

Something inside of me snapped. After I put the phone down I fell to my knees in my hotel room in tears, and asked God’s forgiveness. I had come to see my children as a burden—a difficulty in life to be managed. I told Him that I didn’t want to be someone who was only happy when I was away from home. I wanted to be able to enjoy my children. Then I asked Him something very important, although I didn’t realise its significance at the time. I asked Him to show me my children the way He sees them. What happened next was so beautiful that it has stayed crystal-clear in my mind ever since.

The Vision
As I knelt in the hotel room on that Thursday morning, I saw a vision. I was in a large area of beautiful wild grassland, just beneath the brow of a hill. As I looked, over the brow of that hill came my three children, dressed as the Kings and Queens of Narnia in the series of books by C.S Lewis.  Amazed, I asked the Lord what this meant, and He said,

“When the Lion of Judah roars, the land will be restored.”

I knew without a doubt that I had just heard God, in the clearest way I could ever remember. I was enormously encouraged, but I still didn’t understand or anticipate what was to come in the next three days of the conference.

Revival Fires Church encourages those who attend to express themselves freely in worship, and there is space at the front for those who wish to dance—or in my case, jump up and down. I began to experience real freedom in the worship, in a way I never had before. I was gradually becoming less and less aware of my surroundings and more and more aware of Jesus.

In the first session that day I suddenly found myself (in my mind’s eye) running towards a cliff and jumping off into water below. It was dark and I just lay there floating and looking at the stars above me. I became aware that someone was floating next to me—Jesus. No words were spoken, but I felt a deep sense of peace. As the speakers shared, they began mentioning the Narnia series of books by C.S Lewis. They also began mentioning “The Lion of Judah” over and over and over again. Now I know that this phrase does crop up, it being one of the names by which we know Jesus, but this was more than usual and I knew that God was speaking to me. In the worship time on that Thursday morning, the leader of the church invited us all to shout out what it was we wanted back from the enemy. In a room full of 500 people, with a band playing, there is no way he heard me shout, “I want my SON back!” So what happened next, I believe was truly God speaking.

Trevor came to the front of the church and said, “God is restoring family relationships this morning.”  I fell to my knees in tears, knowing, perhaps for the first time, that God really was on my side.

Romans 10:17 says, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.”

So when Holy Spirit speaks something to you, and not just what you want, but when the Spirit speaks, you know that you know it’s going to happen.

Later on that day there were two events which I believe were significant. The first was a moment during worship when I began to thank God for all that He had done in my life up to that point, and I told Him that I knew that He could heal my children, but even if He chose not to, I would still worship and love Him the rest of my days. In a similar way to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who declared their faith in defiance of King Nebuchadnezzar I said, “My God is able to rescue me, but even if He does not, I will still worship Him”

The second was during one of the teaching sessions, when the speaker took up a symbolic offering. I forget the point being made, but we were invited to bring the highest value thing we had with us at the time and lay it before God at the front of the room. This was not an offering of money and the intention was that we collect the item later. As the speaker explained the idea I thought for a moment of what I could lay before God – perhaps the new silver bracelet my husband had given me for Christmas? Then I remembered that before I left the house I had slipped a recent photograph of my children in my bag. I took it forward and offered my children to God. When the time came to collect our offerings – I left mine in place. It was a conscious act of surrender to His will for their lives

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