Many of you have read and responded to my recent posts about the fact that people have been dreaming about Donald Trump. For reasons I’m only beginning to understand, God has given me revelation about the billionaire presidential candidate and I’m trying to be obedient by sharing what I hear Him saying.

Many Christian writers have shared their views about why we should or shouldn’t support Trump in his bid for the white house. Max Lucado, who has never been one for political commentaries, wrote an article explaining that Trump doesn’t pass his litmus test of decency.

One writer concluded that Trump is the choice of many evangelicals because he reflects what they truly love. He believes evangelicals have forsaken the love of God in favor of power and wealth and that is why they love Trump.

One writer believes Christians are simply naïve and are being duped by a man who has no interest in God at all.

Some believers—particularly those in the new apostolic reformation—equate political involvement with supporting a Babylonian or Antichrist system that stands opposed to the government of God. Some argue that God is completely disinterested in the political affairs of men.

It’s easy for believers to disengage from politics. One way we do it is by telling ourselves it’s not up to our elected officials anyway. It’s up to God. Only He can save a nation. For many people, believing it’s all in God’s hands (and not ours) gives them permission to withdraw from politics.

While it’s true that only God can save a nation, we must ask the next question—how exactly does He save a nation?
He generally changes the course of a nation’s history by working through key individuals at a critical points in time and using them to accomplish His will. He does it primarily through the leaders we choose.

Involvement in politics is not as unwise or as unspiritual as some would have us believe. When political involvement is done under the direction of the Holy Spirit, it is nothing less than obedience to God. I realize God will ask people to refrain from involvement in politics, but it’s become obvious (as you’ll soon see) that He’s asking some folks to become more involved.

To be perfectly honest, I’m uncertain about who I’m ultimately going to support for president this year. My personal choice was made some time ago, after I assessed each candidate for things like character, wisdom, integrity and their stance on important issues. I picked the candidate I thought was the best choice. And then something unexpected happened.

My wife and I began dreaming about Donald Trump, who was not the candidate we chose. Then I became aware that many of my friends were having dreams about Trump, too.

I post frequent discussion questions on Facebook. In a recent question, I asked friends to share the dreams they’ve had about Trump. I had no idea just how great the response would be. For the last two weeks my friends have been sharing the dreams they’ve had about Trump. Many of these folks are not interested in politics and are not Trump supporters. One friend said he almost never has dreams from God, but when he awoke from his dream about Trump, he felt God’s presence and knew it was from Him. Most of the dreams have portrayed Trump very differently from how he’s been characterized by the media, and even from how Trump portrays himself. Here’s a sample of the dreams:

RN: “I am not a Trump supporter. Two nights ago I had a dream in which he spent two nights at my home while giving speeches in the area. He was gracious to those in my home and to strangers who came by to shake his hand.”

KR: “My dream was several months ago. I was in a room with a lot of people, Mr.Donald J. Trump was being his brusk self, I finally was able to speak to him and ask him, “How can I pray for you?” He greatly softened and said, “Pray for my family.”

LP: “We were thinking about voting for a certain other candidate but were torn and prayed about it. That night, my husband had a dream that my son and other kids were playing on a roof and our son was about to fall off. Trump jumped and grabbed him by the feet, saving his life in the process. It was apparent that he had risked his life to do what he did.”

DO: “I had a dream about Trump last night too! I was in a hotel lobby with him and a bunch of other people. We were all very casual, laid back talking to him and amongst each other. He was very approachable and no pretense about him…”

Here is one of my wife’s dreams: The Donald Trump dream was probably back in January: My husband and I were with Donald Trump walking into a little breakfast restaurant. We sat down with him and we all ordered our food. Other patrons of the restaurant recognized Trump, so he got up and went around to their tables. He shook hands with many of them and sat down with them. Then his countenance changed—instead of looking like a bigshot billionaire, he became just like every regular guy in the restaurant, wearing a baseball cap, talking to the guys and kinda slouching in his chair just like them.”

SS: “I’ve had a few dreams about him. Actually God has been talking with me about him for years though, I will say this. In the second dream I had, I literally met Donald. The person. The heart inside of the man. It was epic and indescribable how I “felt” who he truly was. But here’s the thing. I was running from confronting what God had previously been showing me about him because I didn’t want to “deal” with that aspect of my calling. In the dream I was hiding in the shadows and Donald literally came to me. (He was my neighbor in the dream, living next door to me) He came up to me with such humility and kindness. Shook my hand and invited me into his home with his family. God sent the dream and then a prophet to me to gently rebuke me a few weeks later. She had no idea the rebuke was in regards to him but she knew I wasn’t standing up in my calling. I totally deserved it. God told me, now that I’ve shown you into the heart of Donald, how can you not stand for him and Me? As soon as I submitted my heart to the correction instead of running, I was quickened with a supernatural boldness that took over my feelings of inadequacy. This cannot be explained in words. Submission and correction is powerful. Too many in the Body run from this rather then seeing the wisdom and the fruit of it.”

Most of us see others through the eyes of our soul. We look at Trump and see his flaws. We see the pride, the greed and the arrogance. We perceive him to be a racist or woman-hater and we think such a man could never be God’s choice. The dreams people are having almost universally portray him as a compassionate, sincere, respectful and yes, even a deeply spiritual man who has the heart of a servant.

The picture you get of Trump from the dreams is nothing like how we see him in the natural. God looks at the heart. We look at just about everything else, because without the revelation from the Spirit about a person’s heart, we can only see what’s on the surface.

I suspect that God is revealing to the world through dreams things we would never know about Trump. Things he probably doesn’t even know about himself. And after all, isn’t that the purpose of prophetic revelation? Doesn’t it allow us to see the gold in people? Even people we don’t care for? It reveals the character, the destiny and the true heart of an individual that isn’t obvious to anyone, but God.

Part of the difficulty with being a prophetic person is that sometimes God chooses someone who in our eyes, doesn’t appear to be the right choice. Everything we see in them screams that they’re unqualified and unfit for the job. But God’s mind won’t be changed to suit our preferences. And these are the times when obeying Him can be terribly difficult.

Arizona held its presidential primary this week and I wasn’t able to vote. When I moved here and registered to vote, I accidentally left my party choice blank. So I wasn’t eligible to vote in the primary. But it may be just as well. My brain is telling me one thing, while my spirit is saying something else. Like many of you, I’m struggling to obey what God seems to be asking of me.

It’s going to be in interesting election year.

(If you’ve had a dream about Trump you’d like to share, please post it in a comment below.)

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