My guest blogger today is Michael Van Vlymen. This is an excerpt from his book Supernatural Transportation: Moving Through Space, Time and Dimension for the Kingdom of Heaven.

As I would go to my prayer chair at night after everyone in the house was asleep, I would focus on the Lord. I prayed and worshipped, meditated on the scriptures and just pictured being with Him. Sometimes I would get so relaxed, I would fall asleep. Many other times I would pray all night.

It was comfortable. I felt secure just worshipping God and pressing into Him. There were no distractions or worries, no fears or doubts, just me and the Lord in communion. As I would pray and worship in the comfort of my prayer chair, if I felt myself getting sleepy, sometimes I would get up and walk through the house while praying. It’s a great way to continue in prayer and not fall asleep. I was finding that my soul or my body wanted to be satisfied even at the cost of missing a visitation from God. Being tired is a strong pull.

So I would get up and walk through the house and pray. Usually, I would take the same path and do laps through the house. Some nights this would go on for a long time. You have to understand—it wasn’t just about logging hours for my journal. It was about praying until I connected with the heavenly, spiritual reality.

One evening as I was praying in my chair, I felt myself growing tired, so I got up and began going through the house, doing my nightly prayer covering. When I had gone through the whole house and made it back to my prayer chair, my body was still in the chair. I looked at my body sitting there in the chair and it threw me a bit. I had done my entire nightly prayer routine with the complete function and awareness of a tangible physical person, even though I was in the spirit. What I have come to understand is the tangible reality of the spiritual man or our spiritual body. What Paul wrote “…whether in the body or out of the body I don’t know…” is so very true. The spirit man is just as real as the physical, perhaps even more so.

Stepping into the Spirit

Once I learned that I could actually move into the spiritual realm like this, I began doing it on purpose. I would repeat what I had done in prayer, numerous times, recreating my time of prayer and waiting on God and looking for the manifestation of moving from the physical to the spiritual. I also began learning to use my imagination to quicken the process.

The realization that I needed to use my imagination came after listening to a teaching on the “sanctified imagination” by my friend Dr. Bruce Allen. Many of the exercises and steps of faith that I do have been things that he shared with me early on or things that the Holy Spirit highlighted to me after our conversations. The Lord uses us all to help others. Bear in mind that as God uses one person to help you, He will then use you to help someone else.

The sanctified imagination can move you into the things of the kingdom. The sanctified imagination is your spirit man getting involved. It is reality. So realizing this, I began to actually “see” myself leaving my prayer chair in the spirit and walking around the house. I would “do” this prayer walk, in my imagination, throughout the house over and over. I walked through my house so many times in the natural with my eyes and senses seeing, feeling and smelling what it was like, it was fairly easy to reproduce this in my imagination.

I walked around as before and prayed. What happened was I began to experience actually going into the spirit for my prayer walks. I would go in the spirit and pray in the spirit. Then after I was done praying, I would go back and rejoin my physical body.

As with anything else we do, we need to practice to make it a part of our lives. We don’t start out preaching to ten thousand people, but rather to one. As we learn, the Lord gives increase. I have found that in this particular thing, it is easier to lay hold of if we learn in a safe environment, like our own home.

The bigger picture here is learning to yield ourselves to God—to move and listen and speak by His Spirit, so that we grow into maturity. That is His intention for us. The only way that we can do the things we are called to do is by His Spirit.

michael-van-vlymen-supernatural-transportationAbout the Author:
Michael Van Vlymen teaches on the supernatural kingdom of God. He has written two books on spiritual travel. Translation By Faith: Moving Supernaturally for the Purposes of God is a workbook he co-authored with Bruce Allen. Supernatural Transportation: Moving Through Space, Time and Dimension for the Kingdom of Heaven is a collection of testimonies and teaching on spiritual travel. For more information about Michael visit his website here.

Michael’s latest book can be purchased by clicking on the image below.


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