In a previous message I shared a glimpse of what our nation might look like if we elected Donald Trump as our next president. That snapshot portrayed a society that was abundantly and lavishly blessed by God. In today’s post, I’d like to share another dream that reveals a bit more of what America might look like under a Trump presidency.

On Monday, August 22nd, my wife and I listened to the speech Trump gave in Akron, Ohio. In the speech, Trump discussed a variety of topics, including a few things he had not mentioned before. He listed off activities that Hillary Clinton had been linked to, including favors that had been granted to companies that made donations to the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State. These charges, if they proved to be true, could amount to criminal racketeering. Not satisfied that the FBI or the Justice Department would objectively investigate or prosecute them, Trump called for a special prosecutor to be appointed. After listening to the speech I went to bed.

That night I had a dream where Trump released vast amounts of sensitive information over the internet to anyone who wanted it. I picked up much of what he released and shared it with people in my network. The information came from sources that would not normally divulge such secrets. It was almost as if he’d uncovered a massive cache of documents from WikiLeaks. The information pertained mostly to finance and politics. These secrets enabled the political and economic ruling class to remain in power. If word ever got out about what they were doing behind closed doors, there would be hell to pay. In the dream, Trump made all this information available to the public.

Trump’s change of focus on Monday was likely due to the appointment of Stephen Bannon as his new campaign chairman. Bannon previously served as chief executive at Breitbart news. In a world where news agencies serve as propaganda outlets for political power lords, Breitbart made its mark by exposing corruption in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Republican leaders had urged Trump to pick a more moderate person, but it may be that Trump saw in Bannon a man after his own heart.

President Obama believes his has been the most transparent administration in history. Even sources that are supportive of him have given him mixed reviews. But this is what we’ve come to expect from politicians. If he has proven anything, Trump has demonstrated that he’s not a politician. His campaign doesn’t take money from lobbyists and special interest groups. That means he’s free from the usual pressures a politician faces in office. He owes favors to no one and that makes him a threat to anyone accustomed to buying influence. What would happen if the highest office in government suddenly began exposing corruption?

Lance Wallnau was one of the first to see the assignments God has given Trump, calling him “God’s wrecking ball.” Lance believes Trump’s major assignments are to expose the spirit of political correctness and reform the corrupt institutions of Washington. Bannon has access to the kind of information one would need to expose corruption. If Trump and Bannon form a long-term partnership, it could spell trouble for the politically and financially elite. My dream seems to confirm that Trump does indeed plan to reform (by whatever means necessary) the corruption found in the highest levels of society.

Many Christians are having a hard time getting behind Trump. That’s perfectly understandable. Most of us want a President who is like our pastor. That preference assumes that God wants to accomplish the kind of work a pastor is equipped to do. But what if He intends to do a different type of work? It seems better, perhaps to look at the kind of instrument God chooses and let the instrument inform us of us what He intends to do. If God chooses a hammer, the work He intends to do may require driving nails. If He chooses a broom, it may involve sweeping up a mess. And if a man seems to be a wrecking ball, the work he needs to do may require some demolition.

God has not indicated to me that Trump will be our next president. A number of prophetic leaders have received that information including Lana Vawser, Kat Kerr, and Sadu Sundar Selvaraj. The revelation I’ve received doesn’t speak about the outcome of the election. It reveals what America might look like under a Trump presidency, if voters decide to elect him.

As the Holy Spirit gives further revelation, I’ll share with you whatever I receive.

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