Many believers are having their issues resolved by taking them to the courts of heaven. Going to the courts is an effective strategy for common problems such as blockages to healing, financial setbacks and other things that result from legal accusations the enemy brings against us. As soon as a way is found to take back territory the enemy has occupied, there are those who will want to take advantage of it, but feel it isn’t their calling, their gifting or their responsibility. They’ll want to have their case heard, but they’ll prefer to have someone do it for them. In this message, we’ll discuss the matter of who represents us most effectively in the courts of heaven.

There are many reasons why we may want to have someone represent us in the courts of heaven. We might feel like we’d have no idea what to say. Some don’t think they’d be able to hear or see what’s happening. Others believe these things should be left to the professionals—people who know what they’re doing. While I believe it’s possible to successfully represent someone else in the courts, I think it’s best to learn how to represent ourselves.

When you’re in court, you will, in nearly every case, face your accuser and be confronted with things you’ve either said or done. While there is no condemnation toward you when you stand under the blood of Jesus, you may need to renounce and/or repent of these things. You may need to do this for yourself and for anyone in your generational line who was involved in this activity. Now ask yourself if this is something you want a stranger doing, or if it would be more appropriate (and more effective) if you were the one doing it.

After a verdict has been rendered and judgment has been passed on your accuser, you should ask for documents from the court. These documents become a part of you. They need to be secured by you in your spirit. Is it appropriate to ask someone else to do this for you?

When in court, you stand before God, who is the Judge of all. Your attorney is Jesus. The one who represents you (in the truest sense) is the one who paid the price for your redemption. Here’s an opportunity to personally witness the mercy and justice of God. Is it wise to turn this over to someone else?

The Pit of Dependency

If I go to the court of heaven for you today, what happens when the accuser brings a charge against you tomorrow? Or next week? Is it right to expect someone else to represent us in court for the rest of our life? When we habitually depend on others to get us out of trouble, we live in powerlessness and victimhood. Their ability determines what our life looks like. If they fail, we fail.

I’m not going to allow you to become dependent on me. I fail far too often. My calling is to empower you. If you’re interested in being empowered, I have a lot to offer you. If you’re looking for a superhuman cyborg to solve your problems, I’m not the droid you’re looking for. Who represents us in court isn’t just about court cases. It’s only the beginning. Spiritual maturity demands that we learn how to operate in even higher courts, in the Divine Council and in other heavenly venues. It requires us to rule from our mountains and administrate God’s kingdom from our seats of authority. No one can do this for us. We must learn to represent ourselves in court because it leads us on to even more important responsibilities.

Beginner’s Hack

If representing yourself in the court of heaven still seems too difficult, here’s a beginner’s hack you can use: Going to the court of heaven isn’t difficult. You can do it, even if you don’t see in the spirit. Much of what happens in heaven is perceived by us as thoughts in our mind. You can convene the court of accusation right now. If you feel as though you’re being accused by the enemy, ask the judge to convene the court, demand that your accuser be summoned to appear and ask that the accusation(s) against you be heard.

You might see or hear the accusation as a single word or several words in a string. When you sense what the accusation is, don’t dispute it. Agree with it. Tell the judge you stand under the blood of Jesus, renounce any agreements you’ve made with the enemy, and repent of any wrong behavior. If the issue is generational, repent on behalf of your ancestors, release them from responsibility and forgive them. The next step is to ask the judge to render a verdict that prevents the accuser from harassing you. After the verdict has been given, ask the judge for documents. If there’s a spirit that you want removed from your life, ask for a decree of divorce from it. Ask for any other documents you need, like a restraining order. When you receive the document(s) make a prophetic act and place them in your spirit.

Enforcing the Verdict

The next step is remembering the court proceedings and enforcing the verdict. Evil spirits are master manipulators. They entice us to sin by suggesting we engage in certain behaviors through our thoughts. When we take the bait and commit the sin, they accuse in the court of heaven. It’s a vicious cycle and here’s how it ends: Any time a thought comes to mind that has to do with an accusation brought against you in court, don’t entertain the thought. Take it captive and give it to Jesus. If the spirit you have a decree against continues to harass you, ask for the court to be convened and demand that the spirit appear there to face contempt of court. Ask the judge to render judgment against the offending spirit. Repeat as needed.

The spirit will eventually get tired of the judgments and find someone else to harass. You can go to court as often as necessary. Once you’ve been there a few times, it becomes easier. All believers should learn how to go to the courts of heaven and represent themselves. It isn’t difficult and it’s part of the process we must go through if we’re going to grow into mature sons of God.

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