I communicate daily with people who go to the courts of heaven. Many are seeing victory, but some still struggle to see results. Others are not able to perceive the courts at all.

What are we supposed to do when we aren’t healed after going to the courts or when we can’t perceive what’s happening there?

First, let’s look at our reason for going there.

It’s easy to imagine that our purpose for going the court of heaven is to get something. We want healing. We want an unfair action overturned. We want the attacks of the enemy stopped. Our goal is victory. When we don’t see victory we can lose hope. A loss of hope suggests that we’ve come under the influence of a lie. Anytime we lose hope, we should reevaluate our perspective.

Is obtaining victory the real purpose for going to the courts of heaven?

The idea that our spiritual activities are done primarily so that we can obtain something is a form of religion. Specifically, it’s a form of religious consumerism.

Consumerism happens in a setting where someone has something and our goal is obtaining it. The transaction is primary. The relationship is secondary.

When we go through the prescribed steps and don’t get what we want, the next step might be to find someone who can get it for us. A broker might be what we need. A priest. Maybe a prophet. Or a shaman. Someone who can stand between us and God. We’ll sacrifice the relationship to get what we want because the relationship is secondary.

Another option is finding a different vendor. If Jesus won’t make it happen, perhaps Allah will. Or Buddha. As long as the goal is getting what we want, the process is merely a matter of finding the one who can deliver the goods.

This is the way of religion, but it’s not the way of God’s kingdom.

God calls Himself our Father. Hidden in that name is an objective. A goal. His prime directive isn’t about filling our shopping cart with stuff. It’s about a relationship. He’s our Dad. We’re his kids. Nothing will ever supersede that from His perspective. And we ought to keep that in mind when going to the courts of heaven. We might feel like obtaining healing is our main objective, but our attorney and the Judge, might feel like spending time together is more important.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying your current situation isn’t important to them. It is important. God is our healer and our provider. But 50 years from now your present crisis will be long forgotten. If you go to the court hundreds of times and receive all the right verdicts but spend no time getting to know Jesus and the Father, what have you gained of real value?

I would caution against seeing the courts mainly as way to obtain healing or some other thing you want. The mindset of consumerism is easy to adopt, but hard to shed. Healing is good. But the good has a way of becoming the enemy of the best. The best will always be building a stronger, more vibrant relationship with God. That’s the main thing. Verdicts and outcomes are secondary. (And it may take time for us to learn how to correctly evaluate them anyway.)

If you’re having trouble perceiving the spiritual realms of heaven, you might benefit from a little training. Some people find that doing exercises sharpens their spiritual eyesight. My book Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple has exercises that can help you see things in the spiritual world more clearly. In doing the exercises, you won’t just be developing your spiritual vision, you’ll begin seeing God in ways you never imagined.

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