In a previous message, a young man shared the story of his first trip to the court of heaven. This is the account of his second appearance, where he learned that Jesus testifies on our behalf.

Our son went to the court of heaven last night on behalf of an acquaintance who is struggling with a ministry and two jobs. Struggling with the busyness of it all. And the lack of finances. Here is our son’s testimony. The man he represented will be called “Steve,”

I appeared at the Mobile Court and walked down a series of steps and up the center aisle to the defense table. There was a gallery was of people present to witness the proceedings. I noticed everyone, even the Judge, had smiles on their faces like they were eager to proceed. I said, “I bring the case of Steve in <a city in the US> before the court. Where is his accuser?”

A small cloud of darkness appeared for a few seconds behind the prosecutor’s table and then a demon materialized. I asked the Judge, “What are the charges against Steve?”

Hesitant to respond, the demon muttered the word “Selfish.” He repeated it over, and over, and over again. After hearing “selfish” at least twenty times, I looked at the Judge and asked Him with a thought, “Can we make this guy stop?”

He mentally replied, “He’s delivering the accusation, let him finish.”

Finally, after about thirty repetitions of the word, the demon then added “self-serving,” and was finished.

I said, “Open the book!” The bailiff pulled out a large, square, red leather-covered book. He opened it, and it was full of writing. I realized I needed a witness, so I said, “I call Jesus Christ to the witness stand.”

Jesus appeared and sat down at the witness stand. Even in the midst of the proceedings, I was struck by the love that radiated from His gaze.I asked him, “Steve is holy, righteous, and blameless before you, is that not so?”

Jesus replied, “It is so.”

I asked, “Steve is justified before you, is that not so?”

He replied, “It is so.” The demon, who had initially glared at me when I called him to appear, was now glaring at the ground. Jesus came down from the witness stand and seated Himself in the gallery.

I asked the Judge for a verdict. He pulled out a scroll and began writing on it. When He was finished, He sealed it and beckoned me to approach the bench. He handed me the scroll and as I took it, I asked, “Do I need to read this scroll?”

He replied, “No, you don’t need to read it, but you do need to know that Steve’s opposition has been condemned.” I thanked Him, then turned and walked out of the courtroom.

I went to the Court of Scribes next and walked in. I approached a desk and asked the scribe there if he could copy the verdict I had just received. He said he would, and I handed him the scroll. I walked around as I waited, marveling at the amount of wisdom recorded there. I realized that not only were court’s verdicts recorded there, but there were also multitudes of records of conversations that were held by saints that the Lord had heard and was pleased by. I stood there in awe, realizing the attentiveness of the Lord to His people. The scribe reappeared with the verdict scroll and handed it to me. I thanked him and walked out of the Court of Scribes.

I then entered the Court of Angels.  Angels were everywhere, conversing and awaiting assignments. I came to a halt in the middle of the room and all the angels were looking at me. I held up the scroll and asked, “Who will go enforce this verdict?” A large angel stepped up. He was the biggest angel in the room. He was about twelve feet tall and had a massive sword at his waist. He said, “I will go.” He turned and motioned to four other, smaller angels who gathered behind him. They left the court to carry out the verdict and then I left the court.

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