This is a testimony I received from a reader, who appeared in the court of heaven with the spirit that goes by the name of Wisdom.

I finally decided to take you up on visiting the court of heaven and had a strange visit. It seems like I’m being prompted to share it with you and ask for any insight you may have. I normally never write to anyone, so this is only because I believe the Holy Spirit is asking me to.

I did as you suggested and went there. I was in a large room with the Father, seated at a podium and Wisdom and I were standing together. Jesus was off to my left and never spoke. When I asked to have my accuser present no one appeared, but I did see a very large censer full of burning incense appear in the upper right side of the room. The flame was very strange as it was mostly blue and green hues, waving back and forth, and was burning quite brightly. Abruptly the flame went out and a large black hand reached into the censer and pulled out what appeared to be an oddly-shaped pendant on a short chain. Both seemed to be of odd, mangled shapes and they were blackened from being in the burning incense.

I had no idea what this was and since an accuser hadn’t appeared I asked for my scroll to be revealed to me. I don’t know if this was appropriate or not, but the Father seemed okay with it and I felt like Wisdom was leading me. A large scroll appeared in front of me, which basically blocked my view of the courtroom. The writing was on the other side so I couldn’t read anything. The Father then asked me to consume the scroll (as in the Old Testament).

I did so and when I did, I seemed to get insight into the black hand and the pendant. It seemed that it had been my accuser and that he had been accusing me of a life being snuffed out earlier than it should have been.

Let me be clear, I haven’t killed anyone, but I have had two failed marriages in my past where at least one of the ex-wives have become very bitter and lost a lot of her love for God. I believe this and other bad past relationships is what this was referring to where I may have hindered others from pursuing God because I wasn’t acting appropriately as a Christian.

As you had suggested, I immediately took responsibility for these accusations and pleaded guilty before the court and asked for God’s mercy and the blood of Jesus to cover me. The Father then declared from the podium that I was not guilty and the scene ended.

It was a good experience and I believe that it will bring changes into my life, but the Holy Spirit keeps encouraging me to dig deeper and to also ask you if you have any insight into this odd thing with the censer and flame, possibly also the scroll being consumed while in this court.

I can appreciate that you are very busy and gets tons of emails, so whatever you can provide would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for going for the gold and never settling.

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