During the last few months, the Lord has given me a number of dreams about the activities of the intelligence community and in particular, the CIA. Let me provide a little background information before I share more on that:

George Bush (senior) was Director of the CIA before he was elected president. Bush allowed the intelligence community to exert great influence over his policy decisions. Every administration since then has followed in his footsteps and allowed the intelligence community to steer our government. One of the main ways the CIA has used its influence is in directing our foreign policy in the Middle East.

The Bushes, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have allowed the CIA and the Defense Department to destroy much of the Middle East through various wars, ostensibly to remove oppressive political regimes. (The CIA’s involvement in regime change in the Middle East dates back to 1953.) The current state of affairs in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria paint a picture of disastrous foreign policy that has lacked clear objectives. The goal has been to remove dictators (several of whom were democratically elected) only to replace them with barbaric leaders who were worse than the leaders they replaced.

Defense contractors and the CIA have made a lot of money in the process. Defense contractors don’t just make money by selling weapons to the U.S. military. Arms sales to nations like Qatar and Saudi Arabia have tripled in the last few years. The CIA makes money in some creative ways, including the poppy fields it manages in Afghanistan.

Donald Trump presents a problem for the CIA and the military-industrial complex. He’s threatened to bring an end to their nefarious activities. Trump has been a vocal opponent of the wars in the Middle East and more recently, he’s opposed the intelligence community’s attempts to force him into meetings where they set the agenda. He’s told them he isn’t interested in receiving their daily briefings. (Mike Pence will take them, instead.)

What we’re seeing with Trump and the intelligence community is a power struggle. The intelligence community realizes Trump isn’t going to go along with their plans to further destabilize the Middle East. We may see attempts in the coming months to force his cooperation, which, if you know anything about Trump, will only cause him to be more suspicious of them and make him more resistant to their plans. The peace that Trump has been trying to broker with Vladimir Putin over the Middle East strongly suggests that he’s willing to withdraw from these conflicts and bring our troops home.

I had two dreams the night of January 5th and several others in the previous weeks about Trump and his relations with the intelligence community. All the dreams illustrate a weakening of the influence the CIA and the intelligence community will have over our government. I believe Trump will significantly reduce Defense Department personnel and CIA staffing. And I suspect he’ll put the CIA on a short leash, where they’ll have little influence over policy decisions.

Please consider praying into these matters. Donald Trump could use prayer for safety and wisdom. You might also pray that any illegal, immoral or unethical activities being perpetrated by the intelligence community and the Defense Department would be exposed and dealt with swiftly.

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