Justin McKinney has been a friend for several years. He’s one of many friends who are traveling in the spirit and sharing their testimonies. Much of what God is doing today centers around His desire to reach Muslims.

A little while ago, I saw a Facebook post with pictures of dismembered babies that a group of Muslims had taken and cut apart. I could not look at the images very long. I could only skim the article. My heart could not take it. In fact, I had to push it out, because if I were to focus wholeheartedly on it—I would be unable to accomplish the many tasks immediately on my plate.

So, I pushed it out.

Until 3 days later.

Holy Spirit’s Presence became aware to me the moment I woke up that Sunday. I could feel that He wanted to do something. I felt an urgency. A strong will and an immense power to do something I did not know yet.

In the spirit, we traveled to the homes of the Christian parents whose babies had been returned on their doorstep in pieces. The wounds they had were too much for me to fully feel. I knew that they needed a supernatural healing. God must heal them if they were ever to be healed. I prayed.

I prayed, “Holy Spirit, release your joy again… release your supernatural comfort and joy!”

I then felt His Presence move and saturate them and I knew in my spirit that their healing process had begun and was going to move at a supernatural pace. I simply felt heaven in that moment. Yet, when I felt Holy Spirit again, He was still the same as before. A strong sense of urgency, power, and will to accomplish something. Not feeling a peace from God concerning this matter, I asked Him what else we should do.

It was then that I KNEW with a conviction stronger than anything I have ever felt before. Holy Spirit wanted to visit the Muslims who had done this. I agreed with Him and we went to them.

In the middle of the woods, around a campfire, I saw the Muslim perpetrators. They were all teenage boys. I could feel their motives. They were bored and restless. They had killed and tortured animals in the past, but this was the first time they had ever killed humans. Their actions would never have been done alone. Peer pressure from within the group drove them to gain each other’s respect. They had also been taught that God literally wishes all non-Muslims to be eliminated from this planet. All these forces coupled together in a moment that each of them was now secretly regretting. I could see Holy Spirit now more vividly! He was standing beside me in a white robe, burning—inflamed with glory!

It was then that I appeared to these boys somehow. Whether they saw my physical image or some other image, I don’t know. but I know that they looked right at me in great fear. I know that they saw light! And I knew that the fear of God was now manifest, I could feel the severity of the moment as a timeless culmination.

I opened my mouth but I had no words. Then it was as if Holy Spirit stepped into me and spoke through me with perfect authority and the greatest conviction. He said, “The god you serve is death itself … and it will only bring you death! Yet I AM the God of Life, the Creator of Life NOT the Author of death! Those who worship death will die, but those who open their heart to Me WILL LIVE FOREVERMORE!”

Immediately, I came back to myself, laying in bed, vibrating from the God chills.

Whether those boys will all change, I do not know. But I could feel their hearts in that moment—the shock and shame and fear.

I felt that their group was now divided. Some had given their hearts to God… and would now face persecution by the others who had not.

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