This is a testimony from a reader who accidentally downloaded my book Defeating Your Adversary in the Court of Heaven.

I HAVE to tell you what your book meant to me.

I wanted to download your book on economic collapse, and was quite annoyed because for some reason I downloaded “Defeating Your Adversary in the Court of Heaven.”

As I read through the first few pages, I raised an eyebrow but decided to finish the book.

I know Job very well as his story resonates with mine. The sickness, (I have 98% hearing loss, my child was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus), loss of family (my family was torn apart after I discovered my husband was leading a double life), and loss of property (I have lost everything and all my financial resources were wiped out, except the house I live in, and had to resign from my job after a nervous breakdown), Job suffered stands as a poignant reminder of what the enemy can do to us if we fail to respond to his accusations.

When reading about the court procedure, my reaction was that surely we are innocent if we are not aware of the accusations. And how on earth would we be informed?

It was when I read “Sometimes we’ll sense an accusation being brought against us in the Mobile Court by feeling as though we’re being accused,” that I nearly fell off the chair.

When I awoke this morning, there was the feeling of an overwhelming force or presence. Immediately I started thinking how God does not hear my prayers and will not help me because I am “rubbish,” of course He will not help me because He doesn’t love me enough. My life is such a mess that He doesn’t even want to look at me. Why do I even bother? My life is meaningless, I struggle to readjust, face it, it’s too late, it’s over. But it was as if someone was standing next to the bed, screaming silently at me (if that is possible), accusing me. But there is no other way of explaining it.

I might add that I decided a few days ago that I should rather stop talking to God, because if He wants to help me, He will. And obviously, He doesn’t. He just doesn’t love me the way He loves others. And I know from experience that someone either loves you or they don’t.

I decided then to go to court. A door opened and it looked like the high court that I attended for the divorce. I walked to the front and entered the little cubicle where you are questioned. No one was on the bench. However, I knew the Judge was seated behind the wall and could see and hear everything. Jesus was standing where the advocate was standing during the divorce proceedings. I asked for the accuser to be present.

The door opened, and a black creature with the body of a man entered. I couldn’t believe it. It was the same creature/man that appeared in my bedroom thirty two years ago. At the time I was laying in bed when he appeared. While looking at me, my head turned to the side and into the pillow. I could not breathe and could do nothing about it as I could not move or scream. In my thoughts, I cried out to Jesus, and immediately he was gone and I was released.

I am not sure if it is worth mentioning, but at the time I just recovered from cancer.

I tried to tell a few people of this incident, but everyone looked at me as if I just landed a spaceship. They immediately had logical explanations – dreaming, imagination, effects of the cancer medication etc. But believe me, if someone or something is trying to choke the life out of you, you will know the difference between dreaming and reality.

I then asked for the accusations to be read. Seven, SEVEN, were read. I hung my head in shame as I nodded every time an accusation was read. And then something strange happened. When I lifted my head again, my stepdad who died in 1999, was standing between Jesus and the accuser. He looked at me and I knew he was not allowed to speak.

I asked that the accusations against him be read. Five were read, one being Freemasonry.

I then proceeded to confess and ask for mercy through the blood of Jesus for me and my stepdad.

Jesus left the courtroom through a door next to the bench. He came back later through the same door. He proceeded back to His place while smiling at me. I could see a very big golden gavel which was banged. A very large hand signed a scroll for me, and one for my step-dad. Both scrolls were given to me.

I then requested for my book to be opened as this was a major point of discussion between me and God the past few weeks. A very large book, bound in leather with golden edged pages were opened approximately in the middle. The pages were blank. I looked up to where I knew the Judge would be, and even though I couldn’t see Him, I smiled and thanked Him. I then left the court smiling and feeling as light as a feather.

I opened my eyes and went to the kitchen to make me some tea. I then noticed that the feeling as if there was a heavy dark net surrounding me the past few weeks, was gone. GONE! It feels as if I am floating.

All this is very new to me, but I would like to thank you most sincerely for opening this door and showing me more about the Kingdom of God and the realm of our adversary. Downloading this book was the best mistake I ever made.

I do not have the answers yet, but after this, I decided that I do NOT have “hopeless hope,” as I called it. And loss, heartbreak, depression and devastation might not be God’s plan for my life.

Kind regards

Gauteng, South Africa

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