When I first read Blake Healy’s book The Veil, I was blown away by the fantastic stories he shared about the demons and angels he saw every day. Much of what I had seen in the spiritual world, personally, and what I had suspected to be true was confirmed by his stories. My frustration was in the fact that he didn’t provide practical tips on how to see in the spirit. That’s because Blake was born with a fully developed ability to see in the spirit. He didn’t have to learn the process and he wasn’t able to teach others how to do it. Blake is a forerunner. Forerunners are explorers. Their experiences are designed to show the rest of us what’s possible. But forerunners aren’t always the best teachers.

It wasn’t until Michael Van Vlymen wrote his book How to See in the Spirit that average people were given practical tips and exercises to help them see the spiritual world. Michael is a teacher. Although teachers have some of the same experiences forerunners have, their mojo doesn’t come from having the experiences. It comes from teaching others to have their own.

When I first learned about traveling in the spirit, I was fortunate to run across Ian Clayton’s podcasts. Although I didn’t understand all the material in his messages, I got enough information from them to assure myself that spiritual travel could be done safely. But it wasn’t until I found the teaching of Mike Parsons that everything began to click, practically. That’s because Ian is a forerunner while Mike is a teacher.

Both men have similar experiences. Ian’s stories are inspiring and they’ve encouraged me to engage the spiritual world. But when I need to know, in practical terms, how to do something, I get my information from a teacher like Mike. Teachers tend to present information in a more structured way. They’re better at explaining why you may or may not want to do something. They can explain the biblical precedents, the mechanics of a process, things to try, things to avoid and they’re more willing to patiently answer your questions.

Teachers aren’t better or more important than forerunners. The body of Christ needs both and occasionally a forerunner will be a gifted teacher. Realize that each type of leader serves a different purpose. If you need to be inspired, if you need to see what’s possible, read the testimonies of forerunners. When you need to know how a certain thing is done, sit under the instruction of a teacher.

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What Qualifies a Kingdom Teacher?

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