One of the more intriguing testimonies shared by Mike Parsons at The Gathering conference was the story of how he partnered with an order of angels known as the “winds of change.” Mike was on a flight to New Zealand with a connecting flight in Australia. Not long after the plane was in the air, a flight attendant came over the intercom and said that strong headwinds would have them arriving late which meant Mike would miss his connecting flight. Mike knew it was God’s will for him to be on time. He also knew that by cooperating with angels, he could change the weather. So he directed a company of angels to change the wind direction. Sometime later, the flight attendant announced that due to a strong tailwind, rather than being late, the plane would arrive early.

How can mere humans effect changes in the weather?

First, we must understand that God has given us dominion over the earth. Rather than sovereignly controlling things like the weather, God has given us a measure of authority over it. Jesus, in calming a storm, demonstrated to His disciples a kingdom principle. They could suffer in fear and perhaps die in a storm, or they could exercise their God-given authority and calm it. Everything Jesus did is an example of what we can do.

Next, we must understand God’s will. Everything we do as His representatives must be in accordance with it. God doesn’t want people to be killed by storms. The kingdom of darkness brings death. The kingdom of God brings life. It is always His will to lessen the damage and loss of life caused by severe storms. His ultimate will is that no lives would ever be lost. Armed with this information, we must next understand the authority He has given us.

To understand authority from a biblical perspective, it’s helpful to understand thrones. A throne is a seat that grants the one who occupies it, authority over certain things. Jesus said:

To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.
Rev. 3:21

Jesus allows believers to sit with Him on His throne. Not after we die. Right now. The picture here is of co-rulership. We’ve been made (past tense) joint heirs with Christ. We have authority with Him over the things which He has authority. How far does His authority extend?

All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.
Mt. 28:18

That’s a lot of authority.

Some of the things we can do with this authority can be done without the help of angels. Commanding a demon to leave an afflicted person is an example. But some things require angelic assistance.

After these things I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, on the sea, or on any tree.
Rev. 7:1

Angels (both good and evil) play a major role in controlling the weather. In the same way that demons afflict people with sickness and we’re authorized to combat them, Satan’s angels are able to effect destructive changes in the weather, while God’s angels can oppose them. Angels have power but they lack the authority of a believer. We have the authority they don’t have. When we partner with angels and couple our authority with their power, we operate more effectively. When I’ve partnered with angels, I’ve witnessed storms moved hundred of miles out to sea.

cooperating with angels to change the weather praying medic

As I write this, the clean up from flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey is continuing. Hurricane Irma is only a few days from making landfall. The western U.S. and Canada have been ravaged by wildfires this summer. Our authority can be used to bring wind and rain under control or to bring rain to areas affected by wildfires. But the tactics we employ to change the weather often require us to work with angels.

The one place I always see angels is in the courts of heaven. Particularly in the court of angels. The court of angels is a place where we can meet with angels to get their help. Once we understand the will of God and the authority He’s given us, we can go there and get help to put our plans into operation.

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operating in the court of angels praying medic

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