How to know if witchcraft is a potential cause of a problem.

I spent an evening with a friend who has had a long battle over the healing of an injured knee. She’s received prayer from people who know what they’re doing and yet the injury remains. It was time for me to give it a try. Healing can be done using a variety of approaches. An exercise of authority is one of the most effective tools, so I tried that but my friend’s knee did not respond. Healing can also be done by releasing power, so I released it but there was no change. Emotional trauma is another possibility but I didn’t sense that it was the culprit this time. One by one I began eliminating possible causes.

I asked about the timing and location of the incident and the events surrounding it. She told me about some battles she’d done in a town where she sensed the presence of witches. And then about a boy who astral projected into her house at about the same time that some other health problems developed. She described a frightening dream where a woman threw white balls at her. And another dream where a demonic doctor told her she had breast cancer and raised a knife as if to cut her open. It seemed to me that my friend had inadvertently found herself in a battle against a handful of witches. I closed my eyes and prayed for her. The first word I saw in my mind was witchcraft.

Whether it’s financial breakthrough, a legal case that seems hopeless, or a health problem, there are a finite number of possibilities that must be ruled out before you arrive at the one possible cause of a problem. That cause, however unlikely it may seem, if it remains when all others have been eliminated, must be the cause. We now had enough information to believe that the cause of at least some of her health problems was witchcraft.

I did a quick session in the court of accusation. I asked for the court to be convened, for my friend’s accuser to appear and for the accusation against her to be read. In my mind, I saw the words “illegal warfare.” I pled guilty on her behalf and stated that the blood of Jesus was her defense. (In the court of accusation, it’s best to avoid arguing against an accusation, even if you believe it to be untrue.)

I saw the words “not guilty.” I received a scroll which I gave to my friend. I then released power again over the injured knee and commanded the ligaments, tendons, bones, and meniscus to he healed. She took her immobilizer off and tested it out. She said it felt better though it was not completely healed. She sent a text the following day saying that although she’s still is not fully healed, she’s feeling much more stability in the knee. She was able to get down on the floor and put weight on it and she’s been able to walk without the immobilizer that she’d been wearing since the injury. She put her healing at about 90%.

My friend may need to go back to the court of heaven and address other accusations before she’s completely healed, including some that are related to witchcraft. Successful healing isn’t a formula. It’s a matter of communicating with God and allowing Him to help you find the cause and the solution.

The Court of Heaven – Jesus Testifies

For more information on the courts of heaven, you might check out my book Defeating Your Adversary in the Court of Heaven.



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