This testimony was sent to me by a reader who was inspired to go to the court of heaven after reading a recent story.

I had been planning to go to a conference ever since January. I invited a woman to go with me. She is a Spirit-filled woman. Well, 2 days before we were supposed to leave, my leg began giving me problems. It’s hard to explain but just wasn’t working right. I stretched my hips and back and it was a little better but was an issue the whole trip. I had set if you will, some guidelines before we went on the trip:

No negativity.
If you want to receive, you must go expecting something good. And negativity feeds satan’s realm, so no negativity.

Well, it lasted one day of a five-day trip.

The negativity, griping and complaining was so bad, I felt slimed. I was shutting down so bad that I just got quiet. I couldn’t seem to say anything about it or I would just jump into that negativity bucket. I prayed in the Spirit and was quiet. I kept saying your emotional healing prayer so as not to get angry or frustrated.

When I returned home, I was trying to shake it off and I wasn’t doing so good, I read your post and while at work, I was able to take a minute and I went to the Courts of Heaven.

Interestingly, I was standing in the courtroom and to my right, were these ugly demons, screaming and growling and like in a movie, reaching way out into the room. I couldn’t even understand what they were saying but they kept getting louder and uglier. I turned to the Judge and cried out “I plead the Blood of Jesus.”

All of a sudden, the demons were sucked out of the Courtroom and they were gone. The Judge slammed down His gavel. I asked for a decree and He gave me a scroll of paper. Immediately, I felt better. The slimming was gone and my knee was better. I couldn’t understand a word the demons were saying, so I don’t even know what I was being accused of.

Oh well, the Judge knew. Hallelujah!!

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