These are testimonies from my wife of her face to face meetings with Jesus on her birthday.

For years my wife had struggled with the burden of deciding what steps to take next in her career. Although she was trained as a painter and her heart’s desire was to create fine art that flowed from her imagination, she’d worked as a graphic designer for the past 15 years because it paid the bills. The design work no longer inspired her as it once did and it often left her with neck pain and a headache. She feared making the changes that would allow her to become a full-time painter. Part of the struggle was that she wasn’t certain what God wanted her to do. She wondered… if she made the career change, would God bless that decision, or would she fail, leaving us in a difficult place, financially? There was also some anxiety and regret that she had waited too long—that she probably should have done it years ago.

On her birthday in 2014, she had a dream where Jesus paid her a visit, face to face. In the dream, He came to her rather excitedly and handed her a piece of paper. The paper was blank except for the letterhead at the top that appeared in a beautiful pink font which read: “Super Praying Medic’s Wife.” After handing her the blank piece of paper, He looked excitedly into her eyes and asked, “What are you going to be?”

This dream changed the way in which my wife saw her relationship with him. Rather than thinking she had to somehow know what He wanted her to do (and suffer the consequences if she was wrong) she realized that He was actually her biggest fan, and that regardless of which choice she made, He supported her decision. Jesus gave her the sense that she could write whatever she wanted on the blank canvas of her life, so to speak. The dream destroyed some bad theology she had picked up and replaced it with a more accurate portrait of God.
On her birthday in 2015, Jesus paid her another visit in a dream. This is her account:

I had another dream on my birthday this year. I was sitting (at an easel, I think) painting. There was a wall in front of me as well. Suddenly something red, like blood or paint, began splattering on the right side of the wall in front of me. It started dripping, running quickly down the wall. I wondered if it was coming from a leak in the ceiling. I looked up, straining to see, but couldn’t see any evidence of a leak.

With a horizontal motion, I smeared my hand from left to right through the drips, trying to keep them from running all the way down to the floor. Then I looked up again to my left. On the wall, was a large, fabulous, freshly painted portrait of Jesus’ face. In the dream, I somehow knew that He painted it Himself—it was a self-portrait painted using only the color red. The portrait was very large and expressive with wild brush strokes, spatters, and drips. To me it was just beautiful!

In the dream, I felt so excited that He painted it—but mostly that He let me see it. I hurried to tell my husband and some other friends in the dream.
Looking back, it all makes sense to me. The red splatters on the wall in the beginning of the dream were coming from the wild brush strokes of Jesus himself. The paint was flying. He is an artist, a creator of beauty, and He does it with passion!

This visit from Jesus helped confirm that my wife’s interest in painting was divinely ordained and perhaps there is even the suggestion that He’s so interested in art that He’s painting beside her. From the testimonies I’ve heard where Jesus has visited people face to face, His visits seem to be to help us understand our identity and divine destiny.

One of the most important things you’ll ever do is discover your divine destiny. Although there are general purposes for which we were created, there are also unique reasons why each of us is brought into the world. Your divine destiny is the unique set of purposes for which God has created you. We were created for God’s good pleasure. Part of His pleasure is watching us grow into what He designed us to be and to do.

How do we know what God has created us for?

Your specific destiny is closely tied to the passions of your heart—the things you desire more than anything else. God is the one who gives us these desires and they’re given to motivate and propel us toward our divinely ordained destiny. However, many times we let obstacles like time and money prevent us from fully pursuing it. One person’s destiny might involve being a painter, but if they believe that painting won’t pay the bills, they may forego their destiny and settle for a job at a bank. Another person’s destiny might be to record music, but if they feel they can’t earn a living as a musician, they might settle for a job in a factory. Through face to face encounters, Jesus is willing to personally show you what your divine destiny is. It’s up to you to ask Him for those details.

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