Q anon has been posting nearly every day this week and it’s taken some time to research the information he’s provided. Q’s focus now is on exposing corruption in the intelligence community—specifically in the FBI. You’re about to learn some things about the FBI that are troubling. Let me share the dream I had last night, which may help put things in perspective.

The dream took place in the future. I saw through the actions of individual agents, the kind of changes that are coming to the way the FBI use surveillance. It was as if the practices had reverted back to the way things were done a hundred years ago. Rather than using intelligence for political purposes or against their enemies, agents only used surveillance and intelligence to prevent and prosecute crimes.

I believe God’s purpose in all of this is to expose the abuse of power so that the system can be reformed, allowing us to once again trust our government.

Note: All of my Twitter threads on Q can be found here, in blog post format with links to articles and videos. Praying Medic thread reader

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