This testimony from a friend shows how easy it is to heal ourselves by the power of God

I watched your Supernatural Saturday and you spoke about the power of God flowing through you into those you pray for seeking healing. I’ve prayed for a few people to be healed, but never with a conscious awareness of releasing power.

Not sure how I injured my foot this weekend, but I had a sharp, burning pain that came and went most of Saturday afternoon. It felt like a hot needle in the area between my big toe and arch. The pain woke me several times that night.

This continued, on and off, all day Sunday. When I went to bed last night it was hurting again. I was determined not to have another sleepless night so I put my hand over the area of my foot that was painful and with an awareness of the power that flows through me because He lives in me, I commanded the tendons, ligaments, muscles and bones to come into alignment, swelling and inflammation to go and pain to cease.

The pain stopped instantly!

I laid there and waited for a few minutes and then slept, resting in the assurance that my foot was healed.

Alarm went off, got up, made coffee, dog fed and out and started getting ready for work when it hit me … my foot doesn’t hurt!! Oh my gosh, my foot is healed! I started laughing and dancing in my bathroom!

I had a few little “twinges” during the day, so anytime I felt something, I repeated the process from last night and it worked each time!
Thought you might like to know that we are here, listening, watching, reading and paying attention. I’ll be practicing these healing techniques on myself to boost my confidence when praying for others.

Thank you PM for all you do to help equip the saints and for your work to help MAGA! 🙏🔥
~ L.F.

A Crash Course in Self-Healing

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