I’ve believed for almost a year (I periscoped about it last May) that President Trump would get Kim Jong Un to give up his nuclear weapons without taking military action. An illustration might help explain how Trump will pull off this seemingly incredible feat:

The best way to reign in a dangerous dog is not to go after the dog but to confront the dog’s owner. Apply the right kind of pressure and the owner will see to it that the dog behaves.

It comes down to:
A) Knowing who’s behind the bad behavior and,
B) Holding them accountable for it.

The North Korean government is backed by the CIA. Many rogue nations have been backed by them since the agency pulled off its first coup when it overthrew the Prime Minister of Iran in 1953. They’ve been doing it ever since. North Korea is also (politically) a satellite of China. So if you want to reign in bad behavior by North Korea, you have to deal with the CIA and China. They’re the ones ultimately responsible.

Trump cut the strings of control that the CIA (Clowns In America) had with North Korea a while ago. At the same time, he had meetings with China’s president Xi Jinping and told him what it would cost him if he didn’t get North Korea under control. Trump used economic leverage in the form of trade sanctions, threats of massive tariffs, etc. to put the fear of God in President Xi.

President Xi complied with Trump’s demands and from what Q anon has said, Trump had a secret meeting in the Forbidden City in November with Kim Jong Un and President Xi, where Xi and Trump laid out the plan. Kim had little choice but to go along.

The change didn’t happen immediately. Reform on that scale takes time. It seems that the plan was to get North Korea to join South Korea at the Olympics under one flag. That was the first public sign that things were changing. A week after the Olympics were over, South Korea and North Korea had informal diplomatic discussions. Things have been moving steadily in the direction of unification and normalized diplomatic relations ever since.

Kim Jong Un already cut his deal with Trump which is why he’s publicly stating his demands (the ones that were agreed to privately) such as an embassy in Pyongyang, an end to economic sanctions and normalized diplomatic relations. Kim knows that the hell he’s put his people through is over and now he wants a seat at the table with everyone else.

Trump is publicly showing cautious optimism but, privately, he knows the deal has already been agreed to. He doesn’t mess around when it comes to closing deals No doubt, it was one of his highest priorities and he took whatever steps were necessary to make this one happen.

Don’t be surprised if North Korea is welcomed with open arms by Trump a bit sooner than some people are comfortable with. He knows things the rest of us don’t. The cool relationship bit is pure theater. He and his staff will gauge how quickly public perception changes and that will determine how quickly Kim Jong Un and North Korea are accepted into the flock.

Next on Trump’s agenda is Iran. Q has indicated that they hope to have that situation under control by this November.

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