Denise and I spent last week attending her mother’s memorial service. My role was helping her family deal with the loss of a woman they deeply loved. I got to know my wife’s cousin, Ed, who has followed my teaching for a few years. We spent an afternoon at his home in the country chatting about current events but his main interest was healing. He had some questions which I answered the best I could. Then he asked if I’d take a shot at getting his shoulder healed. Ed works in an aluminum manufacturing plant. He injured his left shoulder while lifting materials at work. An MRI showed a torn rotator cuff. He’s been going through physical therapy but the shoulder isn’t improving. His next option was surgery.

Unless I could get him healed.

I had him do a range of motion test. He had no problem raising his arm to the side but when he raised it either forward or backward, he experienced severe pain at the top of the shoulder. These are typical symptoms of a torn rotator cuff. Since he’s interested in learning about healing (and not simply getting healed) I taught him the basics of healing as I went.

“There are a number of things I do simultaneously. I ask God to bring His presence because it can bring healing. I command spirits of pain to leave because sometimes, that’s all it takes.” I placed my hand near the top of his shoulder. “I release power. The spirit of God lives in us and we release His power by faith… by believing that healing is going to happen. Are you feeling anything yet?”

He replied, “No.”

“Okay,” I said. “Check it out and let me know if it’s different.”

He raised his arm forward and smiled. Then he raised it backward. He moved it around in different directions to see if he could make the pain appear. “There’s just a little bit of pain when I get to a certain spot.”

“Alright. Let’s keep going.” I placed a couple of fingers on his shoulder. “I command ligaments, cartilage, bones, tendons, and nerves to be healed. I command the rotator cuff to be healed. Check it out again.”

He raised his arm forward and then backward. “It feels pretty good. I can’t say there’s any pain now. Just a little stiffness… which might be from not being able to use it. for a while”

Ed was healed. Next, I told him how to keep it. “About 25-30% of people who get healed have the symptoms return. It’s not because they lost their healing. It’s because a spirit of pain paid them a visit to see if it could afflict them. When the pain returns people assume it’s because they weren’t really healed. Don’t fall for it. You are healed. If the pain comes back, just realize it’s a spirit of pain and tell it to leave. If it comes back, tell it to leave again. Keep commanding it to leave and eventually, it’ll leave for good.”

Ed and his wife took us out to dinner to thank us. We talked more about healing and current events. We had a great time. I thought the trip would be stressful but it wasn’t. Teaching people about God has a way of relaxing me.

If you’d like to learn about healing, I’ve written a book on the subject. I also have a video-based class. (Click on the link or on the image below to learn more.) Healing isn’t hard. It just takes a little instruction and a little practice. god's health care plan praying medic divine healing class



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