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Q Anon May 5 – Justice Has Come

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2) There are many sources of information on #Qanon.
Here’s what Wikipedia has to say.
They see Q as a far-right conspiracy that’s only be taken seriously by people who wear tin foil hats.

3) Wikipedia noted that #Qanon has been promoted by Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones. What they don’t say is that Q has discussed subjects and endorsed positions that have made both of them very angry.

4) I’d be cautious about dismissing or following #Qanon because one person has a strong opinion on Q.

I’d also be cautious when listening to people with strong political bias.

Q has repeatedly said his mission isn’t about political parties.

5) During the first week of October, President Trump had dinner with the families of military leaders. While posing for photos, he made a cryptic reference to “The Calm Before The Storm.”

6) On October 28, an anonymous person claiming to have a high-level Government security clearance posted on the internet board 4chan. This was their first post, claiming that Hillary Clinton would be arrested in 2 days

This person would later be known as #Qanon

7) #Qanon went one step further, claiming that the military {M} and National Guard (NG) would be activated to suppress civil unrest when Hillary was arrested.

8) The promised arrest didn’t happen.
Many people have dismissed #Qanon because of failed predictions.
That’s understandable.
Why would a sane person believe someone like that?

9) Is #Qanon a LARP?
A phony?

I believe there was a reason for the failed predictions that isn’t obvious to the casual observer. (I just discovered it myself last night.)

To know the truth, you’ll need to follow the first week of posts.

10) For newbies:
This graphic shows what information is provided in a post on 4chan or 8chan.

Those who post on the 4chans & 8chan are called “anons” or “autists” because they post anonymously.

11) This was another early post by #Qanon that lists a number of topics he wished to discuss:

Among them are Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, POTUS and the military, civilian intelligence versus military intelligence and Operation Mockingbird.

12) Whever #Qanon brings up a topic we don’t know about, we should research it.
Or you can rely on reasearchers like me.
(You may be a busy person, but I strongly encourage you to do some of your own research.)
 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Mockingbird …

13) When you do research, don’t rely on a single source for information. Use different sources and compare their analysis.

Carl Bernstein is a reputable writer with good information on Operation Mockingbird.
 http://www.carlbernstein.com/magazine_cia_and_media.php …

14) Robert Mueller is repeatedly mentioned by #Qanon.
Nearly the same questions are asked every time.
Why did Trump meet with him to take the FBI Director job when Mueller wasn’t eligible?
Why is no one concerned about Mueller’s involvement in the Uranium One scandal?

15) #Qanon often says POTUS has everything.
The NSA {No Such Agency] has been gathering our secret communications for decades.
Trump gained control of the NSA when he became President.
Are there secrets the NSA has that evil eople should be concerned about?

16) Here’s another early post by #Qanon suggesting that President Trump found a legal way to use the military and its intelligence aparatus to help prosecute criminals in government instead of exclusively relying on civilian courts and civilian intelligence agencies.

17) In the vernacular of the anons of 4chan:
“Crumbs” are clues.
“Bread” is a thread of comments.
“Bakers” prepare new threads (discussions).

Anonymous patriots working 24/7 research the crumbs that #Qanon posts.

18) This is a key post by #Qanon suggesting that President Trump chose to align himslf with military leaders and their intelligence aparatus to deal with corruption in the civilian intelligence agencies.

Why didn’t Trump deal more swiftly with ANTIFA?
You’ll soon find out.

19) Anons are always looking for juicy insider information. It’s well-known that FBI, DOJ and CIA exmployees visit 4chan, mostly to observe, but sometimes to post.

#Qanon said this was the biggest insider intel drop the board will ever receive.

20) #Qanon began a thread asking why Trump is surrounded by generals, why he met secretly with Admiral Rogers, why he met with Mueller, and was he recruited by the generals with assurances that election tampering would be dealt with?

What about ANFIFA?
 https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/147433975/#147433975 …

21) The following day, #Qanon announced that Huma Abedin and John Podesta would be arrested. (There’s a lot more, so please read the entire post.)

🤔That was a bold move after announcing that Hillary would be arrested, which didn’t happen.

Is Q a LARP?
Let’s find out.

22) That night, #Qanon said the following weekend would bring the arrest of the criminals that POTUS had promised during the election.

Something that did not happen.

Was Q LARPing?
Or was there something else going on?

Let’s continue.

23) #Qanon said Jeff Sessions could not be perceived as a man bent on prosecuting the Obama administation.
He had to appear to be disinterested in prosecuting politicians.
Sleeping Sessions?
Or brilliant actor?

24) On October 31st, #Qanon again suggested the National Guard would be deployed to put down civil unrest.


25) Because ANTIFA had promised to forcibly remove President Trump from the White House on November 4th.
 http://www.newsweek.com/antifa-rallies-november-4-promise-remove-trump-white-house-700406 …

26) An anon responded to #Qanon. He thought he’d figured out why the President wasn’t worried about ANTIFA.

Trump had them infiltrated by the military and knew what they were planning to do.
Link to the article posted by the anon:
 https://digitalcommons.law.lsu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=&httpsredir=1&article=6053&context=lalrev …

27) #Qanon re-posted the reply (confirming it was correct) and congratulated the anon for his work.

28) #Qanon said that Trump was putting into effect a plan to free the world from evil people and corrupt governments. The bad guys were used to being in control. Trump gained access to the NSA and now has the dirt on everyone. It’s a battle of good versus evil on a global scale.

29) #Qanon posted an ominous message hinting that martial law would be enforced in response to anticipated mass rioting that would occur when John Podesta would be arrested in on Nov 3rd / 4th.

The arrest never happened.

Was Q LARPing?
Hang on.
We’re almost there.

30) #Qanon told all who were on the board (friend and foe, alike) that POTUS would be well protected during the riots and National Guard deployment on the 3rd / 4th of November.

31) At this point, if you’re not beginning to suspect a hidden motive behind these posts, you might consider that possibility.

#Qanon could be a LARP who has no real information.

But if he is who he claims to be, this looks an awful lot like disinformation.

32) Disinformation is a weapon.
Much of the credit for the fall of the Iron Curtain goes to a heavy campaign of psychological warfare and disinformation against the Soviets.

Tom Clancy’s novel “The Cardinal of the Kremlin” was about that particular operation.

33) #Qanon posted this. He wasn’t talking to the anons. It’s a clear message to corrupt or compromised people inside government who were monitoring the board. A warning that they had little time to come clean before they would face the consequences of their bad decisions.

34) The previous post confirmed that #Qanon was sending different messages to different audiences.

Each one has an intended target. If you think one was intended for you and it wasn’t, you’ll misunderstand its purpose. You might think he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

35) This post generated a lot of responses from the anons. We’re going to look at them in depth.

Here is where we find out if #Qanon was LARPing or not.

The post is long so I broke it into two sections.

36) I’d like to focus on the second section where #Qanon asked about Jared Kushner (JK) and his trip to Saudi Arabia (SA.)

Keep in mind this was posted on November 3rd. The day John Podesta was supposed to be arrested.

37) Why did JK travel to SA recently?
What is SA known for?
Where do the biggest donations originate from?
Why is this relevant?
What else is relevant w/SA?
Safe harbor?
Port of transfer?
Why was there a recent smear campaign against JK & POTUS?
Why is the timing important?

38) This is one response to #Qanon‘s previous posts.
Some people are naturally skeptical.

39) For newbies:
Although it’s considered rude to call someone a faggot, this board (/pol/) isn’t called “Politically Incorrect” for nothing.
“Fag” and “faggot” are accepted terms that are used to refer to any and all anons.

40) The next day, November 4th, in a crackdown on corruption, 11 princes were arrested in Saudi Arabia, including one of the wealthiest men in the world, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.
 https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/04/world/middleeast/saudi-arabia-waleed-bin-talal.html …

41) An anon posted this link to the story about the arrests in Saudi Arabia.

Link:  https://abcnews.go.com/amp/International/wireStory/top-saudi-official-ousted-princes-reportedly-arrested-50934342 …

42) Another anon saw the story and wondered if it was related to the post by #Qanon

43) A third anon asked if #Qanon mentioned something about Saudi Arabia.

44) A skeptical anon said the arrests weren’t related to what #QAnon had posted.

43) An anon disagreed. He remembered that #Qanon specifically mentioned Jared Kushner (JK) and Saudi Arabia (SA).

44) Another anon agreed. He believed the arrest of Alwaleed bin Talal was  http://connected.to  what #Qanon had posted.

45) An anon posted this.

46) Another anon posted a link to an article about Lebanon’s Prime Minister resigning.
 https://abcnews.go.com/amp/International/wireStory/top-saudi-official-ousted-princes-reportedly-arrested-50934342 …

46) An anon wanted to be brought up to speed on the day’s events.

47) A anon said it was hard to figure out exactly what was happening.

48) An anon thought the news confirmed that #Qanon had insider information that couldn’t be a coincidence.

49) Another anon wasn’t convinced by #Qanon‘s posts.

50) An anon remebered an ealier post where #Qanon discussed Trump neutralizing one of the four wealthiest families in the world.

51) #Qanon responded.
Now that the Saudi purge had begun he could tell them that the information about Hillary, Podesta, Huma and the National Guard was all a distraction.
The real action was in Saudi but the bad guys could not be tipped off before it happened.

52) The debate over whether #Qanon is a LARP revolves around perceived accuracy about predicted events.

54) Some point to failed predictions and they’ve written Q off as a phony.

I believe there’s a reasonable explanation for failed predictions (disinformation) and no logical way to explain away the events #QAnon predicted that came true.

Let me share another such event.

55) Because of massive attacks by shills, #Qanon was asked to move to 8chan and eventually, he set up his own board which he had control over.

(4chan and 8chan have different colored backgrounds, which you’ll notice in the next series of posts.)

55) On January 7th, #Qanon posted this.
4 10 20 are the initials DJT if you assign a number to each letter of the alphabet.

Note: Defcon 1 and [non-nuclear]

Fire and Fury: The response Trump gave to North Korea when they would not shut down their missile tests.

56) Six days later, on January 13th, the Island of Hawaii was terrified when a false missile alert gave people the impression that an incoming missile from North Korea was about to strike the island.

57) #Qanon

58) Months before it was announced that peace talks with North Korea were in the works, #Qanon suggested that President Trump had already met with Kim Jong-un.

Q directed them to photos about North Korea that he had previously posted.

59) On November 14th, 2017 during the President’s trip to Asia, an anon posted a tweet by POTUS.

#Qanon responded, asking what was below.

60) On March 5th, an anon asked #Qanon for verification that the picture pertained to North Korea.

61) #Qanon responded in an obtuse way, confirming the pic was about North Korea.

(He wasn’t saying that President Trump had been to North Korea but did suggest he had met with Kim Jong-un while in Asia.)

62) The anons asked when and where POTUS met Kim Jong-Un.
#Qanon replied that when Trump met China’s President Xi in the Forbidden City, he also met with with Kim Jong-un.

63) #Qanon

64) An anon remarked that he was curious about the President’s stop in Hawaii on his way back from Asia in November.

#Qanon tied it in to the false missile alert in Hawaii. Evidently the President received information about it from the NSA that had to given face-to-face.

65) I could go on for days about the proofs that #Qanon has posted.
More than the proofs, Q has helped me unerstand world events and the plan President Trump has to deal with curruption and bring peace to our war-torn world.

67) #Qanon

68) Coincidence?

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