As Peter Strzok and Lisa Page testify before Congress, we look at what Q anon has said about them.

Q Anon July 11 – General Flynn

Twitter Thread

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2) Note: #QAnon last posted on July 4th.
It is not unusual for Q to take breaks lasting 8 – 10 days.

3) I did not watch the testimony of Peter Strzok yesterday. I did catch snippets of the hearing but I’m not terribly interested in what Strzok (or Page) has to say or what Congress has to say at this point.

4) I’m not interested because Strzok and Page (through the DOJ) have not disclosed anything important (yet).

With a couple of exceptions, Congress is in the dark as to what’s really going on.

5) #Qanon has laid out the relevant facts on this matter in a series of posts. He’s named the players, their roles, the described how mportant information will be disclosed and the likely timeline of events.

We’re in the infant stages of this game. It’s only the beginning.

6) Speaking of timelines, in February, #Qanon asked researchers to build a timeline of events surrounding the 2016 election.

Q knows the relevant facts and dates but he wants us to learn what he knows so he asks us to research various subjects.

7) If you’re interested in a detailed timeline of events surrounding #SpyGate (or as some call it, #ObamaGate) Conservapedia has a good one.

Link: …

8) In January #Qanon asked what 19 people were meeting in a safe room where electronic devices were not allowed (SCIF?)

Q suggested there exists classified information about FISA abuse and the surveillance of candidate Trump that Rod Rosenstein is trying to keep from the public.

9) How damaging is the information?

#Qanon hinted that if the information were made public, some who are involved would choose suicide rather than be tried for their crimes.

Does that sound like what was revealed in the hearing yesterday?

10) Not hardly.

Which is why I’m not terribly excited about the hearings (for now). Rod Rosenstein is holding back the dam of damning information about the deep state.

There isn’t much to see until the most sensitive messages are declassified and released.

11) At some point, more damaging texts and emails will be released by the DOJ.

#Qanon suggested there exist messages between FBI agents discussing the possibility of assassination.

(I suspect that involvement by UK intelligence in those discussions will ultimately be proven.)

12) #QAnon said, “Forget the Russia setup. This is only the beginning.”
What is the “Russia Setup?

13) #Qanon provided a path describing how the deep state set up the Russia narrative to prevent Trump from being elected and remove him from office if necessary.

I provided info on some who were involved (including FBI & DOJ) but the entire operation is outlined here in code,

14) When I have time, I may do a complete decode of the [One Of Twenty Two] “Russia Setup” post by #Qanon

15) Sundance at Conservative Treehouse has connected many of the “Russia Setup” players to their roles through his own research.

#Qanon provides a more comprehensive (40.000 ft) view of the operation. …

16) In December of 2017 #Qanon asked researchers about the connection between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe and their wives.

17) On October 14, 2016, Peter Strzok’s wife, Melissa Hodgman was promoted to Associate Director of enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission.
#Qanon …

18) Coincidentally, In October, Strzok, and Andrew McCabe were trying to close the Hillary email investigation and prevent anyone at HQ from finding out that the New York field office was trying to get a warrant to search Anthony Weiner’s laptop.
#Qanon …

19) #Qanon suggested that Strzok’s loyalty was secured with his wife’s promotion at the SEC.

20) In February and May of 2018, #Qanon posted images taken near Hyde Park in London. Close examination of clothing and the surroundings suggests the images were taken in December, during Winter Wonderland.

21) Here’s the image I found to be the most helpful for identifying the targets #Qanon mentioned.

21) One person in the photo bears a decent resemblance to Lisa Page.
If this was in fact, Page, there’s a good chance that she was with Peter Strzok.

22) John Solomon’s article chronicles the (known) trips to London that were made by high-level people in the FBI to facilitate the surveillance of the Trump campaign.
#Qanon …

23) On June 5th, the President tweeted about Strzok and Page and that through their texts, we learned that #Spygate began in December of 2015.

24) #Qanon said that the President’s tweet about #SpyGate was meant as a guide to help build a timeline of events.

Once again, a female in the photo Q posted bears a resemblance to Lisa Page.

25) #Qanon said the images from London evidenced illegal spying by both British (SIS) and US (White House, FBI, DOJ, CIA) intelligence agents that amount to treason.

Q warned agents on both sides of the Atlantic that the window to make a deal is closing.

26) In May, #Qanon explained why US intelligence agents travel to London to obtain information. If a US agent accesses a US database, a log is made of the transaction. But if they go to Canada, UK, Australia or New Zealand to get the information, no log is made.

27) The Five Eyes (FVEY) agreement allows the sharing of intelligence between these five countries in a way that allows them to circumvent their own surveillance laws.

28) The President drew the world’s attention to a point that most people have forgotten.

For the remainder of 2018, nothing else will be as important.

The President said draining the swamp depends on getting the secret documents about #Spygate in the hands of Congress.

29) As long as the most damning emails, texts and other forms of communication are being kept from Congress (and us) by Rod Rosenstein, the hearings are pointless (other than the fact that they increase the frustration of those who are trying to help the president.)

30) And if I were a betting man, I’d wager that part of Trump’s strategy is to get House Republicans so mad that they demand the President declassify the texts and emails they’ve requested.

(There would be rioting if he did it of his own volition.)

31) That brings us to this tweet by the President.

#Qanon said the President, through executive order, has the power to declassify anything he wants but for the sake of optics, it’s better to wait for someone to ask so he can’t be accused of partisanship.

32) On May 15th, Jim Jordan asked the President to exercise his powers over the DOJ to compel them to turn over the documents Congress has requested.

33) In response to Jordan’s tweet, #Qanon posted this.

34) #Qanon said the President has already signed an executive order that will declassify the documents Congress wants.

35) #Qanon has been known to troll the enemies of the President. He let Obama, Hillary, Lynch, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, UK intel, Page & Strzok know that the Executive Order declassifying their secret messages has been signed and it’s only a matter of time before it’s released.

36) #Qanon said that some of the more damning texts have been given to top members of Congress, (likely chairs of the Intelligence Committees.)

A national crisis would develop if the information went public so that info is being kept confidential for now.

37) As evidence that the President has the upper hand, #Qanon asked us to consider all the people in the FBI (including Strzok & Page) who have been fired or had their power removed.

If the deep state is in control, why are their operators on the sidelines?

38) Some have complained because Strzok & Page are (or were) still employed by the Bureau

Both are cooperating with DOJ investigators to avoid being charged with treason.

Sundance explained what it means to cooperate with investigators.
#Qanon …

39) This just in from @ChadPergram
Mark Meadows had good things to say about Lisa Page’s testimony today.

40) An anon asked #Qanon about the news that Peter Strzok was friends with Rudy Contreras, the Judge who was assigned to General Flynn’s case. (Contreras was later recused by a senior member of the judicial branch.)

41) #Qanon said it was part of the ‘insurance policy’ to keep Trump from being President. Releasing memos to get a special counsel (SC) Trapping General Flynn, modifying FBI reports (302s), fixing the judge, rigging votes, using British Intel, all to cover their crimes.

42) #Qanon said the currently available texts & emails from Strzok, Page, McCabe, etc are only scratching the surface. There are much more damaging messages behind the dam that Rosenstein is holding back. When they’re declassified and given to Congress, it’s game over.

43) #Qanon reminds us that when the rest of the texts and emails are released, the Mueller Investigation and the pretext for the deep state’s attack on Trump will be exposed.

The FBI & DOJ require cleaning before the final stage commences.

John Huber is working as we speak.

44) Although these criminals may parade themselves on TV, looking as if they don’t have a care in the world, they know their days are numbered.
They are scared.
You are safe.

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