Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake.

Prior to running for President, Donald Trump was respected, if not liked by most of the mainstream media. As the host a successful TV show, he garnered acclaim from Hollywood. He was treated by most in the industry as an equal. But then he did the unthinkable. He ran for the highest office in the land.

The Outsider
Trump had no prior political experience and was an outsider to Washington D.C. The media may have thought his bid for the White House to be a prank but politicians took his promise to drain the swamp as a threat to their existence. D.C. is run by people who know how to find the weakness in others and use it against them. With few exceptions, the Presidents of the last half-century were allowed into the oval office because they were compromised in some area of their life and that made them vulnerable to control. During the 2016 Presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s opponents dug feverishly to find dirt on him. Even with access to the NSA’s database, the best they could come up with was the BIlly Bush tape. Trump has led a relatively scandal-free life that precludes him from being blackmailed or controlled.

Access Kills
Years ago, the D.C elites, in their infinite wisdom, created an intelligence apparatus that gathers personal information on everyone (including them). Such information is helpful for learning about the weakness of opponents who need to be controlled. But such information would have to be closely guarded and it could never fall into the hands of someone who could not be controlled—into the hands of an outsider. If that ever happened, and if the one who gained access were interested in justice, corrupt politicians would surely hang from nooses.

Knowing the threat that an outsider posed to their house of cards, politicians met with their allies in the media and developed a plan to make sure Trump would never be elected. Needing to account for the slim possibility that he might win, they also developed an insurance policy.

Ever since he came down the escalator, the media’s job has been to portray Donald Trump in the most negative light possible. During the campaign, they claimed it was impossible for him to be nominated. When he won the nomination, they insisted that a racist, misogynist, hateful man like Trump could never be elected.

Reporters have known Trump for decades. They know the things they’ve been told to say about him are untrue. And yet, because they live in an echo chamber where the anti-Trump narrative is never challenged, the lies they repeat have become a kind of mental programming. Even when a reporter knows that Trump isn’t a racist, inside he’ll begin to suspect that perhaps he is, That’s how propaganda works.

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Confirmation Bias
Confirmation bias is the tendency to believe a narrative that supports what we already believe while dismissing a narrative that runs counter to what we believe. Confirmation bias precludes us from evaluating information objectively. If someone’s confirmation bias is known and if it is strong, it can be used against them.

If the media were to have a strong confirmation bias against Trump and if he were aware of it, he could use it to conceal his real agenda and sell them a fake one. By doing and saying things (publicly) that confirm the media’s beliefs about him, Trump could convince them he was afraid of being impeached, even if he were not. He could convince them he was at war against his own Attorney General even if they were in complete agreement.

Trump is running an operation designed to get the media to believe a false narrative. The “fake news” has swallowed the fake narrative hook, line and sinker. (This is true of pro-Trump outlets like Fox as well.) Because the media is clueless about what’s really happening, Trump set up a channel of communication to let his followers know the real scoop. Qanon discloses Trump’s real agenda. But because both friend and foe are monitoring Qanon comms, the information is coded and both true and false information is provided. The Q team confirms the correct decodes of Trump supporters while the enemies of the President are misdirected.

A Political Pickle
Qanon has confirmed that one of Trump’s highest priorities remains prosecuting corruption in D.C. If politicians ever suspected they were in the crosshairs of the Department of Justice, they would scream from the rooftops that they were the target of a political hit job.

How could Sessions successfully prosecute corrupt politicians if he ever dared discuss those plans openly?
He couldn’t.

If the swamp is going to be prosecuted, it has to be done in a way that prevents swamp dwellers from putting up a defense. There can be no hint of political bias. The media and politicians need to think all is well until the day they’re arrested.

Trump is running an operation designed to gaslight the media and politicians into thinking they’re safe. That’s why there has been no serious discussion of arrests from anyone in the DOJ or the White House, nor will there be until the day the hammer drops.

If Trump is going to keep his opponents guessing, he and Sessions must continue playing their roles. Neither can discuss the prosection of the swamp—at least not openly. The ideal narrative to sell the media is exactly the opposite of what’s happening behind the scenes. A narrative where it seems like Trump himself is about to be indicted at any moment. One that confirms what the media and politicians hope is true—taking advantage of their confirmation bias. A narrative that looks exactly like the Mueller investigation.

The Mueller Investigation
Robert Mueller’s investigation has proven to be Trump’s Swiss army knife. It’s allowed us to see the inner workings of the intelligence apparatus. It’s exposed at least a dozen corrupt top-tier employees in the FBI & DOJ. It’s given Trump’s opponents an endless supply of false hope for his removal and it’s served a lightning rod the for the anger of Trump supporters. Even though the Mueller investigation poses no real threat to Trump, the frantic shrieking of Hannity, Levin, and Limbaugh to end Mueller’s witch hunt has hardened the resolve of conservatives and will likely prevent Trump’s opponents from retaking Congress in the midterm elections. (Don’t be surprised if the Mueller investigation wraps up shortly thereafter. That may have been its main purpose.)

Closing Thoughts
Trump is smarter than his opponents realize.
There’s a plan in place and it’s being deployed with surgical precision.
If you want to sleep well at night, learn to trust the plan.
Disinformation is real.
Disinformation is necessary.
Question everything.
Pray about everything.
Think for yourself.
Learn to trust your own judgment.
Everyone has an opinion.
Few have facts.
Enjoy the show.

Qanon August 22 – Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

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