Senator John McCain has been hailed as a hero. Qanon says members of President Trump’s inner circle refuse to say his name because he was a traitor.


Qanon August 22 – Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

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My theme: “We Don’t Say His Name”

2) I’ve been working on this thread, conceptually, for about a month. I had hoped to post it last week, but other things needed to be done, first. I considered posting it yesterday morning, but again, life got in the way.

Then suddenly, my home state Senator, John McCain, died.

3) I thought it might be best to wait a week or so before posting this thread but #Qanon posted about Senator McCain this morning and as a researcher, I’m obligated to report whatever Q posts, even if the timing isn’t the best for some people.

4) If you believe this is the wrong time to post negative things about John McCain, trust me, I understand your feelings. Maybe you should sit this one out.

5) If, however, you’re interested in reading what #Qanon has said about Senator McCain, dive in. He’s had a lot to say about him over the last 10 months.

6) The President has also had a lot to say about Senator McCain. At most of his rallies during the last year, President Trump has often brought him up, albeit, without saying his name.

7) #Qanon

8) #Qanon

9) #Qanon

10) The media took note of the President’s attacks, even pointing out that Trump never mentions him by name. …

11) The New York Times found it odd that the President spoke for 28 minutes on a bill sponsored by Senator McCain but never mentioned him once.
#Qanon …

12) #Qanon explained last October the phenomenon we’ve been witnessing.

13) #Qanon suggested things may not be as they seem regarding George Soros, Nancy Pelosi and Senator McCain.

14) #Qanon asked us to reconcile the net worth of politicians like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Watters and John McCain against their salary.

He suggested that McCain returned to the Oversight (OS) Committee sooner than normal for the surgery he reportedly had.

15) Since bribery is illegal, most politicians have foundations or institutes that receive donations. In some cases, those donations come with the expectation of political favors.
Here’s a link to the McCain Institute.

16) Prior to the roundup of corrupt Saudi princes last year, the Saudi’s controlled many U.S. politicians. The McCain Institute received a 1 million grant from the Saudi’s in 2014.
#Qanon …

17) The McCain Institute also received as much as $100,000 from Teneo, a company backed by George Soros.
#Qanon …

18) Michelle Bachmann knew that Huma Abedin was used by the Saudis to help infiltrate and control our government and its foreign policy.

Senator McCain, because he was controlled by Saudi money, fought all attempts to expose Muslim Brotherhood infiltration.

19) Just before the roundup of corrupt Saudi princes last year, #Qanon began dropping hints that something big was about to happen there. After the crackdown, Q suggested many U.S. politicians (including McCain) were funded by the Saudis (SA).

20) At the end of November, #Qanon asked us to focus on the relationships between Obama (Hussein), Saudi Arabia (SA), the Harvard University Muslim Alumni (HUMA) and Harvard Law Review (HLR).

21) An anon put some of #Qanon‘s clues together.

Obama, Hillary & McCain were all in debt to the Saudis. Once the corruption crackdown happened, they lost their financial support and their protection. Obama and Hillary have been doing damage control ever since.

22) McCain has played a couple of roles for the team including being the handler of the dossier that was used by the Obama intelligence apparatus to try to prevent Trump from being elected and/or impeach him.
#Qanon …

23) In November of last year, #Qanon told us the DOJ and POTUS could not release certain classified intelligence information until it was no longer needed (it’s currently being used by John Huber’s team.)

24) In December, #Qanon asked us to make connections between Haiti and charitable organizations like the Red Cross, the Clinton Foundation and the McCain Institute.

Q suggested it was all about money and children.

25) An anon responded to #Qanon

26) If it’s not money laundering, then what exactly did the Red Cross do with the money it raised for Haiti?
#Qanon …

27) To answer #Qanon‘s question:
Donor’s bailed on the Clinton Foundation immediately after Hillary lost the election.

They insist their support isn’t about political favors but why else would all those donors suddenly vanish? …

28) The McCain Institute received a lot more donations after the 2016 election.
#Qanon …

29) And sure enough, they were the same donors who left the Clinton Foundation.
#Qanon …

30) #Qanon reminded us that politicians are given Board of Director spots and honorariums as a way around bribery laws. Loop Capital manages the assets of politicians in a way that prevents the public from knowing about it.

Did McCain receive $19 million from Singapore?

31) In addition to many of Obama’s cabinet and staff, it seems Senator McCain [we don’t say his name] used a private email address (gmail drafts, and other means) to avoid NSA detection.

What were they hiding?

32) In February, #Qanon told us that the President and his inner circle consider McCain to be a traitor of the highest order.

(The photo was taken while McCain meeting with known terrorists.)

33) Link 1: 

Link 2: …

Link 3: …


34) In April, when the National Guard was deployed to the border, #Qanon suggested it would be a roadblock to human trafficking, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking and other C_IA activities supported by Senators McCain and Flake.

35) An anon asked #Qanon if the wall was for a purpose we had not suspected, like preventing an enemy from coming into the country to overthrow the government.

36) The Zimmerman Telegram was a communication between Germany and Mexico proposing a military alliance. It was intercepted by British intelligence and was a key reason why the U.S. became involved in World War I. …

37) #Qanon responded.

38) #Qanon posted this about Senator McCain.

39) On April 8th, #Qanon posted this after North Korea announced it was willing to discuss denuclearization.

Q suggested it could have been done years ago but there were strategic reasons why previous Presidents didn’t want peace in North Korea. …

40) #Qanon then asked about McCain’s visit to Syria, suggesting the truth about the trip was about to be exposed and McCain was panicking.

41) #Qanon posted this.

42) An anon posted this.

43) #Qanon responded.

44) Do you see them?

45) #Qanon asked the anons to find the exact location of the meeting.

46) #Qanon suggested that contractors were following McCain. (Smile) would indicate photos were being taken by them.

I believe he was being followed by Blackwater contractors.

47) #Qanon posted to link to an article detailing Erik Prince’s time as a CIA operative.
[Think double.]
Prince worked on the Trump campaign
What if he was a double agent sent to expose the corruption of the clown agency?
That could be why the story is being confirmed now.

48) Link:
#Qanon …

49) An anon found a new picture of McCain’s meeting. It included the photographer.

50) #Qanon responded.

51) #Qanon asked us to note how the people in this picture appear, suggesting they may have been refugees who worked in the House & Senate.

They were here to do what was in the best interest of other nations.

Under previous administrations, America was for sale.

52) An anon posted these images identifying the man who had not been previously identified.

53) #Qanon asked why Obama protected ISIS instead of eradicating them, noting that it took Trump only a year to decimate them.

Why did previous administrations allow terrorism to flourish?

The deep state makes money from war & terrorism (arms trafficking, human trafficking.)

54) #Qanon said that America would no longer be for sale.

55) On April 21st, #Qanon posted a link to an article reminding us not to forget about certain people and subjects including:
America for sale
John McCain [No name]
The inside-out destruction of our government.

56) On April 30th, #Qanon suggested that the Iran deal was a cover story that allowed us to continue funding Iran’s weapons program.

The Uranium One deal allowed some uranium to be secretly diverted to Iran & Syria to provide the material they needed.

57) #Qanon asked what if Iran had a secret nuclear weapons facility in Syria?

It seems they did. …

58) #Qanon wrote:
What would happen if Russia or another foreign state supplied Uranium to Iran/Syria?

59) #Qanon wrote:
What does U1 provide?
Define cover.

60) #Qanon suggested that most of the uranium from the Uranium One deal went to Russia but some was secretly shipped to Syria and Iran.

It was important that it come from the same batch.

61) Uranium isotopes have a unique fingerprint, so batches can be traced.

It was illegal to sell uranium to Syria or Iran but not to Russia.

So Hillary & Obama put together the Uranium One deal.
The cover story was that it ALL went to Russia.

62) But secretly, some of the same batch went to Syria and Iran.

Because it was from the batch that was sent to Russia, anyone who discovered that Syria and Iran had obtained Uranium would think it came from Russia.

63) The deep state shipped uranium to Syria & Iran to start a war and if anyone ever discovered they had it, Russia would be blamed for it.

64) #Qanon asked:
Why did we strike Syria?
Why did we really strike Syria?
Define cover.

65) The cover story for the air strike on Syria was Assad’s use of chemical weapons.

The real reason was to obtain proof that Syria had been building nuclear weapons for Iran.

We may have evidence that the uranium Syria had was from the same batch we sold to Russia.

66) How did Syria get the uranium?

Let’s go back to #Qanon‘s previous question:

What did John McCain deliver on his secret trip to Syria?

I suspect it may have been uranium.

67) Why would we sell uranium to Iran & Syria?

The elites want a global community.
That requires the removal of national boundaries, by nuclear war, if necessary.

It also means severe population reduction.
#Qanon provided their blueprint.

68) I’ll break down the above post.

69) Install rogue operators into the military to destroy it from within.
Leak classified military intel, have key military people killed/removed from power. Cut funding, undermine military command, take down good guys (Flynn, Rogers, etc).
Valerie Jarret played a key role.

70) Selling SAPs (Special Access Programs)

FBI anon claimed Hillary had SAPs on her server.

71) FBI anon also claimed Hillary sold SAPs to foreign donors.

72) #QAnon suggested that the leak by Edward Snowden about PRISM was designed to undermine military intelligence. (NSA is under the Defense Department.) The leak reduced NSA’s ability to identify the bad guys like MS 13, ISIS, etc.

73) The damage done to NSA (No Such Agency) by Snowden gave the C_IA an advantage.

#QAnon says there’s been a war going on between the NSA & DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) and the CIA. They compete for resources and have competing agendas.

74) Obama and Hillary planned to decrease the effectiveness of military intelligence while giving more power to the C_IA.

75) Another step was weakening the GOP base by harassing them through the IRS and creating a negative image of conservatives by the mainstream media. #Qanon …

76) Open borders help increase Democrat voter numbers.
MS 13 and ISIS operatives are disposable assets that help eliminate opposition.

77) Turning a blind eye to North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons was strategic. Ditto for Iran. Their WMDs would help create war, which would cause chaos, international tension and assist in the removal of international borders. #QAnon …

78) The money that Obama sent to Iran was intended to help them accelerate their development of weapons of mass destruction.

A necessary step on the way to achieving the greater plan.
#Qanon …

79) Obama and Hillary would turn a blind eye as Iran and North Korea developed nuclear weapons.

Staging a favorable Supreme Court (SC) was important.
Q suggested Antonin Scalia [AS] was murdered to expedite the process.
(187) is the California penal code for murder.

80) The Uranium One transfer funded and supplied Iran and North Korea’s nuclear weapons program while depleting uranium supplies for the U.S.

81) Obama’s neglect of NASA was strategic. It would allow for our military to be rendered ineffective, allow the bad guys to take down our satellites, and put in orbit weapons of mass destruction including electromagnetic pulse weapons. #Qanon …

82) One report estimated that an EMP attack on the US could kill 90% of our population in one year.

Thankfully, President Trump is taking action to mitigate the threat.
#Qanon …

83) Obama’s work would set the stage for Hillary’s term as POTUS where she would continue the work.

Start World War III, eliminate the last patriots in the military, crash the economy, open the borders, insert the right Supreme Court judges and repeal the 2nd amendment. #Qanon

84) Strengthen control over the Supreme Court.
Get rid of the electoral college & switch to a popular vote to elect POTUS.
Continue defunding the military.
Close overseas bases.
Destroy conservative press. #QAnon

85) On May 10th, the President posted a tweet announcing the capture of 5 ISIS leaders.

86) #Qanon has suggested that Senator McCain [no name] has aided ISIS, making him a traitor.

What do imagine they say about him?

87) On June 18th, #Qanon asked about the conspicuous absence of Senator McCain [no name].

88) On June 30th, an anon posted this.

89) #Qanon responded.

90) On July 25th, #Qanon posted this.
Note the timestamp.
16:28 (4:28 pm)
Senator McCain and I both live in Arizona.
Same time zone.

91) This morning, #Qanon posted this.
Note that 30 is in brackets.
Note that 28 (minutes) is also in brackets.

92) According to CBS News, McCain died at 4:28 pm on August 25th.
30 days exactly (to the minute) after #Qanon posted the “hands up” photo. …

93) By the way… today is National Dog day.

[Every dog has his day]

93) Impossible?
We are in control.

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