I’m often asked if it’s possible to use the power of God to heal yourself the way you might heal someone else. Yesterday, I had another opportunity to prove my theory that it’s not only possible but easy to do.

I was running late for a meeting and when the walk signal changed, I jogged across the street. My foot found an uneven section of pavement and my lower right leg twisted awkwardly. My knee instantly began throbbing with pain. Crossing the next street, I limped, trying to keep from putting the full weight of my body on my right leg. I sat in the meeting until noon and went to lunch at a restaurant two blocks away. The walk to the restaurant was painful. Having injured my knee previously and knowing something about anatomy, it seemed I had strained the medial collateral ligament. I limped slowly as I left the restaurant. Taking my seat in the meeting, I thought I’d probably need to put ice on the injury when I got home.

And then it dawned on me. Maybe I should try to get my knee healed.

I was in a location where I could not speak out loud. So I placed my right hand on my knee and in my mind, I began speaking, “I command the ligaments, tendons and soft tissue to be healed.” Not knowing exactly what was injured, I continued speaking to my knee silently, in my thoughts. “I command the bones and nerves to be healed. I command all pain and inflammation to leave. Spirits of pain, I command you to go.” I felt the area that had been injured and it was still tender so I repeated the exact same process a couple more times.

Several hours later, my meeting was over. I got up to leave and noticed the pain was completely gone. I walked back to my vehicle and felt no pain. This morning, my knee feels great. Releasing the power of God or exercising authority to heal yourself can be done exactly the same way you would if you were healing someone else.

A Crash Course in Self Healing

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