I’ve been helping people deal with thoughts of hopelessness and despair for a long time. Initially as a first responder and more recently in the realm of emotional healing. Suicide is a difficult subject to discuss but I believe we have clear instruction from God on this issue.

Jesus said:

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and it abundantly.
Jn 10:10 NASB

Jesus drew a clear distinction between the plans of God and the plans of his enemy. God wants us to have an abundant life and the enemy wants us dead. One way the enemy accomplishes that goal is to plant thoughts of hopelessness and despair in our minds. Such thoughts rob us of the hope that we can live an abundant life. Once they take root, they may lead us to prematurely end our life. Even in the case of terminal illness, where a patient seeks to end their life simply to end their suffering, I believe God’s desire is healing and wholeness, even when that healing does not manifest. (There are many reasons why healing doesn’t manifest but that is not the point of this discussion.)

God desires an abundant life for everyone. Suicide is the enemy’s work. I can’t think of any exceptions.

I believe there are many corrupt political leaders who will soon face prosecution for their crimes. I believe many of them are aware of this. Recently, I’ve received messages from people who have had dreams of corrupt leaders contemplating or successfully committing suicide. The dreams are increasing in number and frequency. Occasionally, there are dreams where a leader will show remorse over their actions and once in a while, a dreamer will see God’s desire to use their repentance as a testimony.

It’s my belief that everything God does has a redemptive purpose. Just as everything the enemy does has a destructive purpose. It may be difficult but I believe God wants us to pray for the salvation and redemption of corrupt political leaders rather than the enemy’s plan of suicide. (A dream I had two nights ago seemed to be a warning that we, as a society, had inadvertently come into agreement with the plans of the enemy.)

Pray as you are led by the Spirit.
Thanks in advance for your obedience.

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