Today it was announced that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump will meet on November 11th, in Paris. No further details about the meeting are available at present.

I’ve been expecting this meeting. Trump has hammered Russia with economic sanctions. Putin is in an ugly trade war. He’s outmatched and he knows it. It’s in his best interest to call a truce. Trump has also hit Iran with economic sanctions. As a result, Iran’s currency has been decimated. Months of protests will soon force the current Iranian regime from power.

What happens next? What happens to a rogue nation when you apply sanctions and remove bad actors that control them? Let’s look at recent history.

President Trump has an interesting relationship with China’s President Xi. While frequently proclaiming his fondness for Xi, he nonetheless has engaged in a fierce battle to obtain a more fair trading relationship with China. At the same time, Trump recruited Xi to help negotiate the denuclearization of North Korea. Think about that. While simultaneously heaping tariffs on China he asked for their help in dealing with a rogue nuclear power. Make note of that pattern. It will help you understand what is about to happen over the next few months.

Trump was able to get North Korea to discuss denuclearization because he removed bad actors behind the scenes (CIA) and because he had a relationship with the man who has final say on their foreign policy. North Korea is a satellite of China. President Xi calls the shots. Trump used economic leverage against both nations to get them to agree to peace talks. We can apply that same model to Russia, Syria and Iran.

Iran and Syria are proxies of Russia. Their leaders answer to Putin. Trump wants a peace treaty with them and Putin needs a break from the economic sanctions. Trump and Putin also need a nuclear arms agreement since Trump pulled out of the old intermediate-range missile treaty. (The new treaty should include China and Iran who were not parties to the old one.)  Today we hear that Trump and Putin will meet November 11—the anniversary of day World War I ended and the day we celebrate as Veteran’s day.

Last March, after talks between Kim and Trump were announced, Q hinted that the two leaders had already met secretly in the Forbidden City when POTUS visited China last November.

Q then elaborated, saying that Iran was next on Trump’s list of nations to make peace with:

In the same way that Trump’s back channel meetings with President Xi and Kim facilitated their peace talks, I would imagine POTUS has been engaged in secret talks with Vladimir Putin. And in the same way that the media was blindsided by the speed with which Trump signed an agreement with Kim, they ‘ll be blindsided when Trump and Putin sign their agreement. Those who follow Q won’t be surprised. It seems having the peace talks on November 11 may have been the plan all along.


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