Q has been warning us for some time that those who help spread word about the movement are in danger of being censored and eventually, banned from social media.Today, I received a first strike on my YouTube channel for content considered to be hate speech. (YouTube calls it violating “community guidelines.”)

In the interest of full transparency, I’d like to explain how YouTube works.

The Carrot & Stick
YouTube’s business model is built around advertising. If you provide content that draws a large enough crowd, you can apply to have your account monetized. If approved, YouTube will find advertisers for your videos. The advertisers gain clients, YouTube makes money and they share it with content providers. It’s an incentive to provide better quality videos.

Before I began decoding Q, I didn’t have enough views on my channel to apply for monetization. Not long afterward, I did. Over the next few months, subscribers increased and so did ad revenue. But during the summer, I began receiving notifications that YouTube was reviewing my videos manually and they determined the content to be unsuitable for advertisers. Every week I received half a dozen notifications that my videos were being reviewed and YouTube stopped running ads on those videos.

YouTube’s parent company, Google, endorses a certain political viewpoint. Broadcasters who share opposing political views are subject to negative consequences like having their videos demonetized. The removal of ads is an alert to providers to encourage them to change their content. If you refuse to comply, YouTube continues reviewing your videos and removing ads, which decreases your revenue.

I take great care not to violate copyright or community guidelines as prescribed by YouTube. Despite that, they’ve managed over the last three months to almost completely demonetize my channel. I’ve resisted their pressure to change my message and now it seems they’re increasing the penalties. They’ve accused me of violating “community guidelines” (using hate speech). The threat now is having my channel suspended. I’m not changing my message. As a consequence, I expect them to look for more videos that violate “community guidelines” and add 2 more strikes to my account. Once an account has 3 strikes, all videos are removed and the account is suspended.

Q indicated that the removal of all Q threads from Reddit and the removal of Alex Jones from all social media platforms was a test to see how people would react to increasing censorship. Their goal is to completely disrupt discussions of Q by banning users who engage in those discussions. If past practice in an indicator, it seems this is the direction they will take. If they suspend my account, it seems likely they’ll suspend other YouTubers who report on Q.

I take Q’s warnings seriously and I’ve anticipated the possibility of being banned not just from YouTube but all social media platforms.

I’d like to be clear about one thing:
This isn’t about me. It’s about what God is doing through men like President Trump and how the President’s plan is being conveyed to us through people like Q.

Having said that, this is my website and you come here to find information that I provide. If a change is going to occur in the way I provide that information, I need to let you know about it in a timely manner. I’m praying that I don’t get banned from social media but if that happens, I want you to know that my videos and articles will remain available here. I’ve backed up my videos on multiple hosting platforms. This weekend, I’ll begin swapping out YouTube videos on this website for versions that are hosted on Vimeo.

I’ll keep you updated as we learn more. Keep us in prayer. Thanks for your support.

Qanon October 1 – Welcome to the Police State

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