This year, I’ve had many prophetic dreams about President Trump and his war against the swamp. God often gives me highly instructive dreams at the end of the year.

Recent articles by conservative news outlets have bemoaned Jeff Sessions’ tenure as Attorney General. Journalists insist that John Huber’s supposed investigation of corruption is a deep state lie and that the FBI & DOJ themselves are being run by corrupt or incompetent people. The story goes that Trump has been in office for two years and anyone can plainly see the swamp has beaten him.

Last night’s dream addressed this issue.

In the dream, I saw many citizen journalists who had worked long and hard researching various aspects of global corruption and its removal. A time had come when their work, collectively, was to be evaluated.

Much to the dismay of the researchers, their work did not prove what they had hoped for. There was still no clear evidence proving that corrupt people had been removed from power. The inference from that finding was that corrupt people remained in power.

As I watched the researcher’s work being evaluated, with each one, I was aware that their work was not yet complete. Although others believed the time had come to evaluate their work, it was obvious to me, the proper time had not yet arrived. The current evaluation was being done prematurely thus, the findings (at least in my mind) were invalid though many people chose to accept them.

Like most of my political dreams, the message in this one can be taken at face value:

Many people believe it’s time to evaluate the success of President Trump’s attempts to drain the swamp. They’ve deemed his efforts to be a failure. I believe God wants us to know that it’s too early to make such a judgment. I also believe that if we continue in prayer, in time, we will learn that he has been far more successful than has been reported.

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Crossing the Swamp courtesy of Jon McNaughton

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