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Qanon March 16 – Promises Soon to be Kept

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We are at:
T [-4]

3) Q posted this flag today on the/patriotsfight/ board.

The 3 digit post number (468) is characteristic of posts on /patriotsfight/

Note the filename of the image: FREEDOM_JUSTICE

4) Why is it relevant?

Last November, Q cleared all posts from /patriotsfight/ and posted a series of placeholders related to various aspects of the operation to remove corruption.
There have been no updates to /patriotsfight/ since November until today’s flag post.

5) I’m assuming we will soon see updates related to the topics of the placeholder posts.

6) Think of a placeholder as a predictor (and a reminder) of the specific topics that we’ll be reading about in the coming days: Declassification of FISA docs, Indictments, Special Counsel report, Supreme Court challenges, acts of treason, Inspector General (IG) reports, etc.

7) You may want to bookmark this link to /patriotsfight/

Unlike the research board, this is Q’s private board,
You can view posts but you’re not able to leave comments. …

8) An anon asked why Q deleted previous posts on /patriotsfight/
He explained that this board is for main points of interest only but at a future time, it may become the central hub of all Q related communications if social media platforms ban our discussions.

9) Whatsapp co-founder Brian Acton urged people to delete their Facebook accounts and remove all related apps, accusing Mark Zuckerberg of trading privacy for money. …

10) Q responded.

11) The chairman of the Joint Chiefs warned that Google is providing assistance to the Chinese military.

12) Q responded.

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO

Must watch video: Joint Chiefs Chairman says Google refuses to work with US military but provides “direct benefit” to China’s military

Embedded video





17) Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham sent a letter to AG William Barr requesting documents related to allegations that DOJ officials planned to invoke the 25th amendment to remove POTUS from office.

Senate Judiciary @senjudiciary

Today, Chairman @LindseyGrahamSC sent a letter to AG Barr requesting documents related to alleged discussions between high-ranking Justice Department officials about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the President of the United States.


View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

18) Q posted the link to the Senate Judiciary’s tweet.

19) @elenochle posted a graphic showing the 12 GOP senators who voted to halt the President’s Emergency declaration to build the wall on the southern border.
Is that why Q posted 12 links to the video?
One for each Senator?

Link to Tweet:


I think they all need to watch that video Q+ linked us to.@realDonaldTrump

View image on Twitter

20) Link to video. …

21) Q posted a link to the tweet.

22) POTUS Just signed a veto of the bill passed by Congress that attempted to halt the national emergency on the southern border.

23) AG William Barr said it is well within the President’s constitutional powers to declare a national emergency.

Thanks, @M2Madness

24) The POTUS Schedule account announced that AG Barr authorized the national emergency at 3:42 pm EST.

25) Q posted a link to the above tweet and said Marker 1 is complete.
He included a post from March 2nd with a photo of a watch
The time on the watch?
The same time AG Barr made his announcement.

26) Then Q reposted this drop from January 5 where the watch showed the time as 3:15.

27) Summary:
On Jan 5, Q posted a watch with the time of 3:15
On March 2, Q posted a watch with the time 3:42
Today (3/15) at 3:42, AG Barr authorized the national emergency on the southern border.


29) An anon created this graphic.

30) Q responded.

31) Air Force 1 previously flew under the call sign Q-zero.
(Since Zero and the + sign share the same button. Q-zero = Q+)

Yesterday, two military aircraft flew under the call signs “Q” and “ANON”

32) Q posted a quote from an interview POTUS did with Breitbart, where he said he had the support of the military and law enforcement.

Military aircraft flying under Q call signs on the same day?
How much more obvious can they make it?

33) Info on the interview POTUS did with Breitbart. …

34) Last night I had a dream where I watched a conservative pundit/ commentator (I was not shown who) advocate for the removal of Donald Trump from office and the overthrow of the government.

Please keep the President and his staff in prayer.

35) An anon chided Q for being a little slow to post about the military aircraft flying under the call signs “Q” and “ANON.”

Q responded.

36) Codemonkey (CM) is the technician who operates Q’s research board.
When Q tells him to be alert, it’s because he’s either expecting or experiencing problems.

37) Q ran a couple of security tests,

38) You may have noticed that the Fake News media likes to brainwash people into thinking POTUS has no Republican support by holding up his Republican (swamp) critics as examples of how “even his own party” is against him.

39) Court documents show how Senator [No Name] McCain and his associate David Kramer spread the Steele dossier to news outlets & the FBI. “Having Senator McCain provide it to the FBI would give it a little more oomph than it had had up until that point.” …

40) “I think they felt a senior Republican was better to be the recipient of this rather than a Democrat because if it were a Democrat, I think that the view was that it would have been dismissed as a political attack,” Former McCain associate David Kramer said.

41) Q posted a link to the above article.

42) The Dept. of Justice announced a sentencing agreement in a case where a Defence Intelligence Agency contractor sold military secrets to Chinese intelligence agents.

Notable: @USAttyHuber was involved in the case. …

43) Q posted a link to the article.



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