Denise and I have an inside joke about the chorus of a song made popular by The Animals:

I’m just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood

For most of my life, I’ve felt that no matter what I did, no one understood me. One reason I took up writing was to communicate my thoughts and experiences to the world in an attempt to be understood. The feeling that no one understood me ended the day I met my wife, Denise. She understood nearly everything about me, immediately. The destruction of the lie that no one understood me allowed me to live life on my own terms. It no longer mattered if anyone else understood me and perhaps more importantly, I was no longer motivated by the opinions of others. The demands of others if you let them, can become a cruel taskmaster. For years I jumped through the hoops others set before me in the hope of gaining their acceptance. If you do this long enough, you’ll learn that no matter what you do to please others, you’ll never do enough. Being accepted by God and then by my wife made me realize I didn’t need the acceptance of anyone else. I didn’t need to acquiesce to anyone’s demands. Which brings us to the point of this message.

For months, people have demanded that I respond to various accusations on social media (and 8chan) that call into question my integrity. That is a request I’m not accustomed to receiving or responding to. I’ve been writing publicly for ten years. In that time, most of you have come to know me pretty well. I’ve either established my integrity with you years ago or I did not. If I did, you stuck around. If I did not, you likely moved on. There are new readers (and listeners) here since I began posting about Qanon. Readers who don’t know my history and who I haven’t established credibility with. So let me address a number of concerns. If my answers seem credible, I hope you’ll consider sticking around.

There is the suspicion that I do not have a legitimate non-profit church ministry. That concern is understandable since most ministers avoid politics like the plague but I talk about politics extensively. The Johnson amendment prohibits 501(c)(3) churches and their ministers from endorsing political candidates or parties. For that reason, many pastors shy away from politics. My calling involves the discussion of politics and current events. That’s why Denise and I did not incorporate as a 501(c)(3) but rather, as a 508(c)(1)(a). Churches and their ministers that incorporate under 508(c)(1)(a) are not subject to the Johnson amendment. They’re free to participate in political discussions and are allowed to endorse political candidates and parties.

Another concern has to do with my decision to remove the Paypal button from this website. Those of you who have been around a while know that’s not an unusual thing. Sometimes an element of the website won’t load properly. (Currently, the mobile menu isn’t functioning which is one reason why I’ll be redesigning the website in the coming weeks.)

HEADS UP: In addition to a redesign of this website, we’re creating a sister website at That site will host resources for kingdom teaching and serve as the hub of our online church. Anyone who wishes to support us financially can do so on that website. This website will focus on politics and current events. We hope to add more features related to Qanon here. (Our online healing class will remain a part of this website).

Since I was going to remove the Paypal button from this website soon, I thought it would be best to do it at a time that would further expose the dishonesty of my enemies. As attacks increased, I removed the Paypal button expecting they would take it as a sign that I feared being exposed. Predictably, they pounced. They now had hard evidence (or so they thought) that I’m nothing but a fraud. Never interrupt an enemy when they’re making a mistake. People have been digging for documents to substantiate the claim that we have a 508(c)(1)(a). Here’s a digging tip: 508s do not register with the IRS the way 501s do and are not required to make available to the public the same forms.

I don’t normally respond to trolls or demands that I publicly address accusations but two nights ago, God corrected me on a stance I’d taken. He asked me to post a timeline of events related to Adam Gingrich and the MAGA Coalition. I posted a timeline with tweets to establish when I first heard of Adam and when we parted ways (and why). The timeline can be found here.

On a related matter, there are accusations that people who were once friends with Adam and members of the MAGA Coalition are still connected to them. Old pictures have been posted on social media attempting to prove that Ann Vandersteel, her husband John, Bill Mitchell, me and Carrie Lockhart are secretly friends with Adam and his crew. Ann, John, Carrie, Bill and I have remained friends with each other but once we learned about the sick games Adam has been playing with his followers, each of us for our own reasons severed ties to him.

I’d like to share the reason why I did. For several years, Adam and a handful of his followers have been running what I can only describe as a personality cult. The group meets on his periscope broadcasts. Followers are fed the latest political insider information. Several leaders will be in the chat on the broadcast to whip the audience to support Adam, financially. They attack anyone who comes into the chat who might have a disagreement. At the time I was following Adam on Twitter, I found myself being added to Twitter chat rooms that were moderated by leaders of the group. They coached followers about their views and attitudes toward Adam. Anyone who expressed concern or a negative opinion was quickly reprimanded. If the negative behavior continued, they would be publicly humiliated, first in the chat room and then on a broadcast. I saw this happen to a number of people. Whenever someone left a chat room, they would be added to a different one that was monitored by one of the leaders so their behavior could be monitored.

The chat rooms also had what I would call spies who took screenshots of messages which were sent to Adam to let him know which followers needed to be corrected. (It’s for this reason that I refuse to have a chat room on Twitter or Telegram and I refuse to be a member of any group chat. I realize group chats can be used for good purposes but they can be used to control and manipulate people.) The hallmarks of a personality cult are undying devotion to a leader, conditional acceptance among the group (as long as you follow the prescribed behavior) and hatred toward anyone who dares to leave the group. I frequently witnessed all three of these. The controlling behavior I witnessed is the main reason why I unfollowed Adam.

Lastly, I’ve been accused of making “fake” Q drops. It began when someone noticed a line had been removed from a post by Q that I included in a twitter thread. Truthers being what they are, some people wondered if I didn’t have an ulterior motive for excluding a line from a post. And not just any line but that particular line. Maybe it’s because I’m secretly a Mossad agent, working against Q.

Occam’s razor would suggest a different explanation.

Unlike most people, I don’t take a simple screenshot of a drop by Q and post it on Twitter. That would be the safest way to do it but my workflow is a little more complex. Because I prefer the pink and lavender color scheme, I go to 8chan to get Q posts. Depending on the length of a post, I may take as many as 2 or 3 screenshots to capture the images and text. I then open MS Paint and begin the process of stitching the screenshots together and editing out unwanted data like the links to responses. I format the images to fit Twitter’s recommended image dimensions. (That’s why nearly all my Q post images are horizontal rectangles.)

You’ll notice on any long post, I’ll cut the text into 4 or 5 sections to make it fit properly. I try to accurately reproduce the text and images to the best of my ability. I try to remember to number the sections before I post them. I try to post them in the correct order but sometimes I do this at 2 am on little or no sleep. With more than 3,000 posts so far and a complex workflow, you might expect that I would make a few mistakes.

I’ve accidentally posted sections of a post out of order and on one occasion, I completely omitted one section of a multi-part post by accident. I’ve accidentally cut off the end of a word on a line of text, repeated lines of text that should not have been repeated and omitted lines of text that should have been included. The more one edits Q’s posts, the more likely there are to be mistakes.

The advantage of my system is that it provides readable information for social media and Q seems to appreciate my approach. Many of the “Review time” graphics Q has posted regarding the firing of FBI & DOJ personnel are graphics that I created. No one is more aware of my mistakes than me. I’m taking precautions to be more diligent in reproducing Q’s posts accurately while making them as easy to read as possible on social media.

Thanks for listening and thanks for helping the world see the amazing work God is doing through patriots like Q and Donald Trump.
(If someone would consider posting this on the research board, I’d appreciate it.)

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