The second half of Donald Trump’s first term as President will be different from the first half.
He is now on offense.

Qanon April 28 2019 – Truth, Transparency and Equal Justice

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For 2 years, Donald Trump has appeared to be on the ropes.

In football, terms— he was on defense, trying to prevent his opponent from scoring.

3) The first half of the President’s first term in office is over.
The second half is now beginning.

4) The second half of a football game begins with a kickoff.

After the kickoff, the team that receives the ball goes on offense and has a chance to move the ball into their opponent’s territory and score.

5) After spending 2 years on defense, POTUS is now on offense.

6) Today, Q let us know that the month of May has POTUS running his offense.

As a failed coup attempt is exposed and as the corrupt media spin their lies, we are witnessing the systematic destruction of the old guard.

7) Q linked to a short clip from the film “Karate Kid”. …

8) In the film, Daniel was a geeky high school kid who was picked on by bigger kids. He thought that learning karate might help him stand up for himself.

In this scene, one of the bullies that harassed him turned out to be the local karate instructor’s protege.

9) Daniel learned to defend himself but the lessons come in a most unexpected way. By sanding Mr. Miyagi’s floor, painting his fence and waxing his car, he learned the art of self-defense. …

10) In the same way that Daniel’s path to victory over his enemies seemed ineffective and foolish, the President’s path to victory has left many people scratching their heads.

11) It SEEMED for the last 2 years like POTUS was fighting for his life.

Look at the chaos and desperation.

The media swore the walls were closing in on him.

12) But the President’s battles with Jeff Sessions and his cries of “witch hunt” were distractions.

The deep state is a very dangerous animal.
Successful prosecution of bad actors requires a highly creative plan.
A plan that avoids DC completely.

13) So for the last 2 years, while POTUS held the attention of his enemies, his allies were preparing to take the field and win bigly.

The good guys have the ball. 🏈
Grab your popcorn. 🍿
Enjoy the show. 😎

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