A tutorial on reading Q’s posts and a discussion of people who may be involved in sex trafficking.

Qanon July 10, 2019 – What Happens When…?

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It’s been more than a year since my last “Learn Our Comms” thread, so today, Q school is in session.

In addition to new messages from Q, I’ll provide some tips on decoding his posts.

5) Critics have claimed that Q’s posts can be interpreted virtually any way one chooses. The argument is then made that Q’s posts impart no true, objective meaning, but only a subjecting meaning determined by each individual.

6) That statement is true insofar as we have the freedom to assign meaning to Q’s posts however we choose.

Q admonishes us to think for ourselves.

The side-effect of thinking for yourself is arriving at a conclusion different from others who are observing the same phenomenon.

7) Let’s look at the JFK Jr. controversy.

Q has repeatedly stated that JFK Jr is dead.

That hasn’t kept thousands of Q followers from insisting that he is alive.

People are free to interpret Q’s messages however they choose—even messages with the most obvious meaning.

8) Q approaches the dissemination of information differently.

The mainstream media tells you what to believe is true.
They don’t just report the facts.
The selectively report facts then tell you what to think about them.
They assign meaning to them, creating a narrative,

9) Some of the information provided by Q is straightforward.
Some is not.
It must be researched to determine the factual content.
Then, we must assign meaning to whatever facts we’ve uncovered.

10) Sometimes the meaning of a message is unclear until Q provides the correct interpretation.

Let’s use this post from April 7, 2018, as an example.

There are a number of ways this post could have been interpreted.

11) Context is usually helpful.

On April 7, 2018 (the day of this post) the U.S was weighing its response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

12) Many people feared the U.S would send in ground troops to Syria.
On April 13th, Q indicated there would be no deployment of ground troops. We would respond with missiles only (sparrow is a type of missile) and that POTUS had good intelligence.

13) On the 14th, news reports described the air strikes.
 https://www.blackhillsfox.com/content/news/US-attack-on-Syrian-regime-includes-Ellsworth-B-1-bombers-479767053.html …

14) The following day (April 15th) The Defense Department Twitter account said the air strike was carried out by 2 B-1 bombers that dropped 19 JASSM-ER missiles.

Department of Defense 🇺🇸


A​ ​@28thBombWing Lancer takes off on a strike mission April 13, in support of the multinational response to ​#​Syria’s recent use of chemical weapons. Two B-1Bs employed 19 JASSM-ER, the first combat employment of the weapon.​

Embedded video

15) A week earlier, Q seems to have told us:
The air strike would use B-1 bombers,
There would be 2 of them,
They would drop 19 missiles.

16) Did Q correctly predict details of the air strike on Syria?

It depends on how you define the word “predict.”

Q didn’t plainly say 2 B-1 bombers would drop 19 missiles on Syria.
But in retrospect, we can see that he hinted at it.

17) National Security laws prevent Q from divulging classified information, plainly. But clues, hints and mathematically impossible coincidences, when analyzed correctly, strongly suggest that Q is an insider intelligence operation.

18) The mainstream media likes to accuse Q of missing predictions.
One way they do that is suggesting Q has made predictions which never made. But they also refuse to examine his posts in a way that considers the possibility that Q may have accurately predicted future events.

19) On November 25th, 2017, Q posted this message.

Note the timestamp of the post: 12:35

(Take screencaps directly from the board to get them in your local time.)

20) Here’s one possible interpretation of Q’s post:

Confirmed Go Twitter POTUS account
Small as a hashtag
2 red objects

21) At 12:40, (5 minutes after Q’s post) the President tweeted this.

Note: there are 3 hashtags in the tweet that begin with the word “small.”

Note: there are 2 reddish doors.

(Take screencaps directly from Twitter to get them in your local time.)

Donald J. Trump


Happy !

A great day to support your community and America’s JOB creators by shopping locally at a .

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

22) Did Q correctly predict this tweet by POTUS?

It depends on how you define the word “predict.”

Perhaps it was just a coincidence.

At some point, when enough coincidences pile up, a rational person begins to wonder if they are coincidences or if there is coordination.

23) On January 21st, 2018, #Qanon wrote: “The flood is coming.”

The context was the FBI’s claim it had lost texts between Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe.

24) In May of 2018, it was first reported that in an email with the subject line “The flood is coming,” FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe discussed the Steele Dossier with CNN.

How did Q have access to that info 4 months before it was first reported?

 https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2018/05/22/flood-is-coming-fbi-front-office-discussed-trump-dossier-with-cnn-n2483034 …

25) On December 18th, 2017, #Qanon posted this.

Q has peculiar naming conventions.
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is often referred to as “#2.”
(A logical indicator for a deputy director.)

What would the word “Term” refer to?
What about the number “19?”

26) 3 months later, on March 16th, 2018, Fox News reported that Andrew McCabe was one of 19 FBI employees who had been terminated.

#2 = McCabe
19 = employees
Term = termination

Fox News @ Night


LATE BREAKING: Former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe has been let go without his pension. He claims he was singled out, but Dept. of Justice officials tell us the FBI has terminated 19 employees for “lack of candor” in the last year. Do you think he was targeted?

Embedded video

27) Once again, we might ask if Q predicted this event.
And again, the answer depends on how you define the word “predict.”

Was it just another coincidence?
Or did Q have inside information?

28) On December 7 of last year, a Twitter account that tracks air traffic reported that Air Force 1 was flying under the callsign “Q 0”

29) Q responded, asking where the + is on a mobile phone.

30) The number 0 and the + share the same button.

Q 0 would be equivalent to Q+

31) Q+ occasionally posts messages like this one.

32) Some of us believe Q+ might be POTUS.

33) Let’s shift gears and look at recent posts.

On July 10, Q said Planned Parenthood [PP] news was coming.

Note: PP (Planned Parenthood) is in brackets

34) The following day, the story broke that a Federal appeals court had ruled that the Trump administration could partially defund planned parenthood.
 https://www.lifenews.com/2019/07/11/court-rules-president-trump-can-defund-planned-parenthood-will-cut-almost-60-million-in-taxpayer-funding-2/ …

35) Q posted the link to the story and indicated more Planned Parenthood news would be coming.

36) In the previous post, Planned Parenthood was in brackets.

In February of 2018, anons asked what they meant.
Q indicated they represent a kill box.

I would add this not always the case.
Sometimes brackets serve a different purpose.

37) Info on the military term “kill box.”


38) Unless you frequent the research board, this next subject may not be of interest to you.

Last night, the board owner that Q posts on made a decision to change the way threads (breads) are posted.

39) Some anons expressed disagreement with the board owner, including this anon, whose message was reposted by Q.

Q doesn’t always come out and say he agrees with a particular post.
It is, however, understood that when he reposts a message, he is endorsing it.

40) Last night, Alan Dershowitz said he was introduced to Jeffrey Epstein by Lady (Lynn) Rothschild.

@kim_sax1 posted a link to the video and Q reposted her tweet.

Kιɱ Sαx ⭐️⭐️⭐️@kim_sax1

Tonight on Ingraham Angle interview with Alan Dershowitz he says he was introduced to Epstein by LDR

-12:05 time mark
(time may change since show still on appears in last 2 minutes of interview)https://youtu.be/tThtg3t3NkE 

41) Q asked how Lynn De Rothschild (LDR) is connected to the Bronfmans (who were involved in the NXIVM sex cult.)

Q then connected Bronfman to Allison Mack, who was also involved in the NXIVM case.

When does a bird sing?
>>Watch NYC <<
News unlocks

42) Lynn De Rothschild is connected to the Bronfman’s by a financial group (Bronfman Rothschild) that the 2 families owned.

43) In May of 2019, Bronfman Rothschild was acquired by NFP’s Sontag Advisory.

 https://www.belr.com/insights/bronfman-rothschild-announces-close-of-acquisition-by-nfps-sontag-advisory/ …

44) Q then pointed us to Allison Mack.

On April 20th, 2018, Allison Mack was arrested in connection to the NXIVM sex cult. This article contains a transcript of her arraignment on the day she was arrested.
 https://artvoice.com/2018/05/03/what-really-happened-at-allison-macks-arraignment-when-she-was-at-first-denied-bail/#.W0OHtNIzqUl …

45) Before concluding the arraignment, the Judge made a standard recommendation that Mack consider cooperating with prosecutors to avoid a trial.

News reports that day made no mention of a plea deal. Only that Mack was arrested and pled not guilty.
 https://artvoice.com/2018/05/03/what-really-happened-at-allison-macks-arraignment-when-she-was-at-first-denied-bail/#.W0OHtNIzqUl …

46) The night Mack was arrested, Q said she was giving up names of people in Hollywood & government.

Also mentioned was the Standard Hotel, Adam Schiff (AS), the Mexico border the Port of Long Beach and a helicopter crash.

Q suggested they are all related to sex trafficking.

47) When you search new articles about Allison Mack’s arrest and plea deal, it isn’t until April 23rd that news outlets began reporting that Mack had negotiated a plea deal.

Yet somehow, Q knew about the plea deal the night she was arrested.

48) It’s unfortunate James Woods is no longer on Twitter.
He seemed to have more than a passing interest in knowing what happened with Adam Schiff at the Standard Hotel.


50) In January of 2018, there was a helicopter crash near Newport Beach, California that killed a hotel General Manager.

Q asked what happened at those hotels.

51) Kimberly Lynne Watzman and Brian R. Reichelt were among those who died in the crash. Both worked for the Standard Hotel chain.

 https://www.ocregister.com/2018/01/31/helicopter-didnt-send-distress-signal-before-fatal-newport-beach-crash-feds-say/ …

52) Q asked what happened at the Hotel and put Adam Schiff [AS] in brackets.

I don’t know what Schiff was attempting at the time.

Favor repaid?


53) An anon said there is alleged to be a pedophile ring operating out of the Standard Hotel.

Q confirmed.

54) Now let’s go back to April 20, 2018 — the day Allison Mack was arrested.

Around 11:45 (Arizona time) Q posted a picture of a palm tree.

What does that have to do with anything?

Let’s learn more about Q’s comms.

55) A few hours later, Q dropped the post about Allison Mack naming names.

56) An anon asked if Allison Mack was singing like a canary, as Alan Dershowitz would say.

Q hinted that the Canary palm tree photo was a signal that Mack was giving info to prosecutors.

57) Q has often asked, “When does a bird sing?”

58) I’ve heard a lot of answers to this question, but it seems Maya Angelou had the one we’re looking for.

In Q’s vernacular, a bird sings when it’s caged.
A criminal tells what they know (sings) when they’ve been arrested.

59) That provides an answer to a question Q asked last night

Referring to Allison Mack, he asked when does a bird sing?
We already know Mack has cooperated with prosecutors.

News from (or about) New York City pertaining to this issue (pedophilia) will provide further proofs.

60) Five by five (5:5) means loud and clear.
It’s Q’s way of asking if we’re following his clues

61) Last night, R Kelly was arrested on 2 separate warrants for kidnapping, racketeering and child sex charges.

One warrant was out of Illinois and one was out of Brooklyn, New York.  https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/R-Kelly-Arrested-on-Federal-Sex-Crime-Charges-512618121.html …

62) Q posted a link to the article.

63) Q noted that Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in New York City.

Something seems to have happened to make New York the prime spot for people to be prosecuted for sex crimes.

Q wrote: “Watch CA” (California).

64) Trump hating New York State Attorney General Eric Schneidermann resigned May 7th, 2018, just 3 hours after being accused of sexual abuse by 4 women.
 https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/05/the-stunning-speed-of-eric-schneidermans-resignation/559922/ …

65) Q hinted that Allison Mack’s arrest and cooperation with prosecutors, less than 3 weeks earlier had something to do with Schneidermann’s resignation.

Q then said (In May of 2018) watch New York City and California.

66) In the above post, Q wrote: “Eyes Wide Open.”

An interesting choice of words.

Stanley Kubrick’s film “Eyes Wide Shut” is regarded by some to be his exposé of Hollywood’s orgies and secret societies.

 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eyes_Wide_Shut …

67) On April 20, 2018, (the day Allison Mack was arrested), Q started an exposé of his own, hinting at the secret lifestyles of some famous people including Barack Obama.

68) An anon asked if the girl was “Wendy.”

Q reposted the question, confirming that is one name she has used was.

69) An anon asked if this was why pedo-related Voat threads were taken down.

70) Q said the Voat threads were taken down because researchers were over the target.

He then asked anons to expand on “Wendy” (Maggie Nix), Allison Mack, Obama (Hussein) and Adam Schiff.

71) Q’s link points to an article about Hollywood starlet Mariah Sunshine Coogan, who died in a plane crash on April 9th.

There is a suggestion that she was also connected to these people.
 https://www.wehoville.com/2018/04/12/west-hollywoodss-mariah-sunshine-coogan-identified-victim-scottsdale-plane-crash/ …

72) Regarding Mariah Coogan, Q indicated he was not prepared to discuss her further at that time but there would be a future discussion of her.

73) This was Q’s next post.

How is it relevant?

Let’s learn some more about Q’s comms.

74) Q posted a link.

75) The link points to the announcement of the death of Agnes Nixon, the grandmother of the girl called “Wendy” in the above posts. The girl’s actual name is Maggie Nixon.
 http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2016/09/28/agnes-nixon-soap-operas/ …

76) Agnes Nixon helped write the soap opera “As the World Turns.”
Her other credits include:
“Search for Tomorrow.”
“The Guiding Light.”
“Another World.”
“One Life to Live”
And “All My Children.”

77) Q asked how many pictures anons could find with Obama (Hussien) and Maggie when she was between 10 and 12 years old.

78) Q posted this photo as an example.

79) An anon responded.

80) The truth is bigger than we can imagine & there’s a high risk of it being rejected as a conspiracy.

There is a mention of POTUS warning shot

Allison Mack is mentioned again.

Q asked why Obama is so often pictured with Maggie.

81) The same day Allison Mack was arrested, POTUS “accidentally” called Debbie Wasserman Schultz “Wendy.”

In the above post, Q said the mention of “Wendy” in this tweet was a shot across the bow to Obama.

A signal that his secrets would eventually be exposed.

82) In the next post, Q mentioned the magnitude of the scandal and ended the discussion, saying another one is planned for a later time.

83, Last night, POTUS re-tweeted the account Save the littles!!! (@eaglelion7)

Donald J. Trump


Thank you! https://twitter.com/eaglelion7/status/1149505573206937601 

Save the littles!!!@eaglelion7
Replying to @USCG and 2 others


84) @Johnjam02545194 noted that the avatar of that account is a photo of 2 children who interviewed about pedophilia.


Trump just retweeted an account (dropped by ) who’s name is “Save the Littles”. Their cover photo is of two children from an interview (here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7_epvNbaPQ ) talking about secret pedo and human sacrifice rings being exposed. DARK > LIGHT.https://youtu.be/N7_epvNbaPQ 

85) Here’s the interview of the children.
Warning: It is a disturbing interview.

86) Q reminded us that while not everyone sees these connections, that doesn’t mean they’re not real.

[Wheels up]

87) “Wheels up” is a common reference to an airplane taking off.

Q recently posted a video of a B-2 bomber taking off (Wheels up).

88) Q posted this on July 10th.

89) In the above post, Q indicated the letter B and the number 2 are interchangeable.

I believe the mysterious B2 bomber Q has been alluding to for months is Attorney General Bill (William) Barr.

90) [Wheels up] would indicate the stealth bomber (our Attorney General) has been launched.
In this context, that would mean pedophiles are actively being investigated and arrested.

It would also mean Epstein’s flight logs are being looked at carefully.

91) Is there another meaning to [Wheels up]?
It’s possible.

92) In February, WaPo claimed (according to unnamed sources) that the President was considering replacing Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.

 https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/trump-grows-frustrated-with-coats-leading-some-to-fear-he-might-be-fired/2019/02/19/66574240-3464-11e9-854a-7a14d7fec96a_story.html?utm_term=.e00329863df6 …

93) That article drew this response from Adam Schiff.

94) The story may have been leaked to WaPo to see how known traitors like Schiff would respond.

Schiff’s response may have confirmed Trump’s suspicion that Coats could not be trusted.

95) Today, it is being reported that POTUS is looking considering replacing DNI Coats.
 https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-considering-ousting-dan-coats-as-dni-meeting-with-candidates …

96) Amid criticism of his handling of the Epstein prosecution years ago, Labor Secretary Acosta has chosen to step down.
 https://www.foxnews.com/politics/labor-secretary-acosta-plans-to-resign …

97) In February, Q asked how a President would be expected to fill his cabinet with trustworthy people when there are so many corrupt people in politics.

98) It looks like the New York Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Children is in the kill box.

99) I don’t know what the story is with this organization, but we’ll find out, soon enough.

100) It was announced that Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress will be delayed by a week.
 https://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-congress-mueller-hearing-delayed-20190712-story.html …

101) What are the odds of that?

102) It seems Q may have been expecting a delay.

103) POTUS had this to say today about Jeffrey Epstein.

104) POTUS has to appear somewhat detached from this for the sake of optics, but we know he’s following developments closely.

105) Here’s a recent drone video of Epstein’s island.

Full video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJpPiZClb48&feature=youtu.be …

106) @politicalwire got Q’d today… but not in a good way.

Check out the ratio 😎

Taegan Goddard


How QAnon Makes People Miserable https://buff.ly/2GcDaBk 

How QAnon Makes People Miserable

Vice: “One of the most disheartening signs of our advancing hellworld are the thousands of people who wholeheartedly believe in the deranged conspiracy known as QAnon.””It’s near impossible to…


107) Teagan wrote an article (if you can call it that) explaining how Q makes us miserable.

Here’s the entire article.

 https://politicalwire.com/2019/07/11/how-qanon-makes-people-miserable/ …

108) Q encouraged Teagan to try harder next time.

109) That gets us caught up to Q.

For those who still think nothing is happening.
 https://www.justice.gov/usao-ndin/pr/hicago-woman-sentenced-role-leader-sex-trafficking-scheme?fbclid=IwAR0rBLoPh34w9P-dA8aPZ2zhC-H-unWdS6Xa04cn7IoJ8iVlZ0omikoVhYw …

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