I’m currently adding information to past Q posts on this website. When available, the thread of posts from Twitter will appear under each Q video. (A few threads were destroyed by Twitter and will not be available). In addition to twitter threads, links will also appear below each Q video. When available, a link to a downloadable PDF version of the Twitter thread will appear. There will also be a link to each thread on the Threader App. The Threader App enables Twitter threads to be read like a blog post and shared on any social media platform. Videos embedded in a Twitter thread can be viewed on Threader.

We are still working on the first Q book. We do not have an estimated launch date but we’re making steady progress and hope to have the first volume completed soon.

Lastly, there is news to report from Codemonkey on the relaunch of 8chan.

Once 8chan is back online, Q may return. We don’t have a date for 8chan to be online but they are making progress. If I hear anything from Codemonkey, I’ll let you know. Please keep the 8chan team and the President in prayer.

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