In yesterday’s post, I said that I suspected the owners of 8kun might be developing a long-term solution to their internet hosting problems that we aren’t aware of. Since it’s clear that powerful people would like to keep 8kun offline, it would make sense to develop a platform that powerful people are unable to control. The ideal option would be a blockchain platform where the website is hosted on the computers of users rather than on a central server which can easily be attacked. This morning, Ron Watkins (Codemonkey) confirmed that this is the option they will move forward with. He tweeted the message below in response to a guess that perhaps “Project Odin” was going to be deployed.

What is Project Odin?

Codemonkey described the concept of Project Odin in this tweet from December of 2018.

Codemonkey and his team have been developing this technology over the last year and according to the tweet below, it’s almost ready to be launched.

(Interesting picture. A dog “off the chain.”)

Someone asked Ron if it will be days or weeks before the new platform is ready. He said it will be ready in a matter of days.

When Project Odin is released, it will include instructions for users who want to participate.

I’m encouraged to see Ron and Jim Watkins taking this route. 8kun should provide a secure communications platform for Q and for others who value free speech.

Monday Observations on 8kun, Jim Watkins and Q

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