After a three month absence, 8chan made a brief return under the new domain 8kun. Although the new domain has been accessible since its return for users of Tor and Lokinet, it has been offline and unavailable to most users. The day 8kun went live, someone posted a few messages on 8kun using Q’s most recent tripcode. (I believe it was Q but I’m waiting for further confirmation.)

This morning, 8kun returned on a web address that is available to the public. I’m not posting that address because 8kun has been unavailable at least partly due to curious people trying to access the website. The site was unable to handle the traffic which made it unavailable. I would advise you not to access the website at this time, even if you have the web address. The apps and websites that display Q’s posts will pull any new ones and display them. There is no reason to bombard the new domain with unnecessary traffic. (The Q research board is not shown in the public index for the site and you won’t be able to access it unless you know how to find it.)

As I was writing this, Q posted the message below. I’m not sure what it means but I will keep you informed if Q posts again.

qanon dec praying medic


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