When a messenger addresses an audience that has a singular interest, the message can be delivered in a straight-forward fashion. I assume those who read my books are interested in learning about a particular topic, so I present the information without any objective other than to plainly reveal what I believe to be true and helpful to the reader. What you see is what you get.

Qanon was aware from the beginning of his operation that there were people reading his posts with different interests, different loyalties, and different agendas. Not everyone hoped to learn from him, and not everyone wanted him to succeed. Some came to oppose him. What do you do when you know there is an opponent in the audience?

Dealing with an opponent requires an assessment of their ability to impact you. Are they in a position where they can take harmful action against you or someone you care about? If not, they’re relatively powerless. The safest and easiest way to deal with a powerless opponent is to ignore them.

But what do you do when an opponent holds a position of power where they’re able to take action that could have negative consequences on you or someone you care about? In that case, ignoring them is not the safest move. If you know there is a good likelihood they’ll take action based on what you say, a better strategy is to mislead them. Give them information that will cause them to take the wrong action. Welcome to the world of disinformation. Disinformation is false information that is known to be false by the one who releases it, and is spread for the purpose of deception. It’s been used successfully by political regimes, the military, and intelligence agencies for centuries.

Knowing there were hostile readers in the audience, Q’s first posts were designed to open a disinformation campaign. Before giving any valid information to followers with honest motives, he laid a trap for his enemies. The ideal opening move containing disinformation is one that if it were believed by his enemies, would cause them to make the wrong move and expend resources prematurely. At the same time, if the information were believed by his true followers, it would do them no harm. Did Q know there was a specific enemy following his posts on 4chan?

Although technically, you can post anonymously on 4chan, with the right technology, users can be identified by their IP address. Agencies like the NSA can access user information that the average person can’t. It’s possible that if someone hostile to Qanon were checking in on 4chan, the NSA would know about it. And if they knew about it, did Donald Trump and Q also know about it?

Q’s first post on October 28, 2017, was a response to this anonymous post on the 4chan board /pol/:

mueller anonymous

Q responded:

This post has been misunderstood by just about everyone who has read it including me. But that is the nature of disinformation. As people scrutinized the post, they criticized Q for wrongly predicting Hillary’s arrest. Their mistake was assuming that Q only intended to predict future events accurately. If that were the case, we would have to conclude that Q made a lot of wrong predictions, especially early on. But part of Q’s operation involves disinformation:

At the time it was posted, no one outside of Donald Trump’s inner circle would have known if the prediction of Hillary’s arrest were true. The proof would not arrive for two more days. Q didn’t stop there. He posted again about an hour later:

Q doubled down on his prediction of Hillary’s impending arrest, adding that because of anticipated riots, the U.S. military (M’s) would be in control and that the National Guard (NG) had been activated. (Again, remember that at the time, no one knew if these claims were true.) A few days later, Q posted this:

Q predicted that Hillary Clinton’s personal assistant Huma Abedin and one of the Podesta brothers would be indicted the first week of November. We don’t know with certainty whether the “Podesta” referred to in the above post, was the lobbyist, Tony Podesta, or Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta. I’m not saying any of these people are guilty of a crime. But for the sake of argument, ask yourself if: a) you were one of these people; and b) if you had been involved in any kind of illegal activity; and c) if you saw this post, what action might you consider taking? What would you do if you had a tip that your arrest or indictment was imminent and you wanted to avoid prosecution? You might book a flight to a non-extradition country. And if you were receiving financial support from a wealthy Saudi prince, you might alert him and have him assist you in making long-term plans.

Disinformation isn’t purely false. It can be a mixture of true and false information. In the above post, it’s likely the information not related to Abedin and Podesta was true. Good people in a place of power were not going to allow another corrupt person to be elected President. 70 percent of elected politicians could probably be arrested for their crimes. Q asserted that the people who call the shots made mistakes in the past. They allowed John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan to be elected. Kennedy and Reagan were unwilling to cooperate with the plans of the puppet masters. They believed they had fixed the problems that allowed these two men into the White House, but the election of Donald Trump was another miscalculation on their part.

Q continued posting on various subjects over the next few days. On November 3rd, the day a “Podesta” was supposed to be indicted, Q posted this message.

The following day, November 4th, in Saudi Arabia, martial law was declared and the military assisted in the detention of dozens of Saudi princes and businessmen who were prosecuted for corruption. Was it a coincidence that Q predicted the arrest of powerful politicians and the implementation of martial law in the U.S. the first week of November and it actually happened in Saudi Arabia? Or was that information provided to cause powerful people to make plans to secure the safety of certain U.S. politicians when they should have been making plans to secure the safety of the Saudi royal family?

I believe, rather than getting it wrong, Q intentionally set up U.S. politicians and their associates in Saudi Arabia with false information about arrests to get them to focus on the wrong people and the wrong place. They were anticipating and preparing for arrests in the U.S. while the plan was to arrest the Saudi princes who funded them. As Q indicated in the post below, the arrest of corrupt politicians in other nations is coming.

Some have developed a habit of reading Q’s posts and when the information he provides doesn’t support their current view, they say “Remember, disinformation is real.” Although disinformation is real, it is also provided for a specific purpose. Q doesn’t provide disinformation to intentionally mislead his own followers. He employs the strategic use of disinformation to make corrupt people nervous or to cause them to make wrong moves.

In January of 2018, the owner of the board Q had been posting on claimed he was having private conversations with Q. On January 6th, moderators told anons that there were problems with Q’s tripcode. Q responded saying nothing had changed and that if moderators stated otherwise, the board had been compromised.

trip is fake

An anon asked Q to confirm how many times he had posted that day and if he had changed his IP address. Q said he anticipated a short life on each board due to people with wrong motives and asked the board owner to verify his information.

posted 4-5 times

The board owner said Q’s tripcode had been compromised and the person posting was not Q. Q said his tripcode had not been compromised and told anons it was the board that had been compromised.

did they get to you too

Q said he would no longer post on that board and assured anons his tripcode was secure.

there will be no further posts

As a matter of operational security, on January 5th, Q told anons he would not engage in communications with anyone privately and would not post messages anywhere other than on the board where his ID could be secured with a tripcode. He reiterated that point again on January 6th and January 8th.

no private comms

Since the beginning of his operation, people have claimed to have connections to Q. Recently, in a YouTube video, someone claimed to be Q himself. In my interactions with this individual, I reminded them of Q’s posts about “no outside comms.” They replied, “Disinformation is necessary.” I would caution you to use discernment in any discussion where Q’s clear directives are contradicted with the claim “disinformation is necessary.” Today, more often than not, this phrase is being used as a tactic to mislead patriots. Disinformation by Q is not used for that purpose. It is used to mislead bad actors with the goal of causing them to take the wrong actions.

This is an excerpt from my book Calm Before the Storm.

calm before the storm


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