After President’s Trump popularity increased this week regarding his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, one reporter demanded that his daily updates not be broadcast by mainstream networks.

Trump’s increasingly favorable numbers and the media’s demand that he be silenced confirm the view I shared in my last article, that the President is winning the battle over the pandemic.

But as Governors ask citizens to self-quarantine, and as the National Guard and FEMA pitch in to help contain the spread of the virus, some are concerned that we’re being set up for a totalitarian takeover. The idea that the government created secret camps to imprison law-abiding citizens as part of a scheme to rule the world isn’t new. Those who fear this plan being implemented experience heightened vigilance during times of national crisis. In the back of their minds, is the nagging fear that the current crisis may have been manufactured to implement martial law and enslave the nation.

The suspension of international travel, the closure of businesses and schools, and the bizarre policy of social distancing seem like an over-reaction to a perfectly normal cold and flu season. Nothing about the government’s reaction makes sense in light of past practice. The question that has been plaguing me is why?

Why have elected officials reacted the way they have?

In the past, fear of a totalitarian takeover of the U.S. by bad actors may have been justified. Most past presidents were puppets. They were controlled by those who hoped to establish a new world order. I see no reason for such a fear today. Trump despises globalism. He hates the idea of the new world order and loathes those who are trying to advance that agenda. POTUS is waging war against these very people. To assert that he is in cahoots with them is irrational. It defies the plain facts. I’m not sure what the real story is behind the current crisis, but one possibility can be eliminated; it isn’t an attempt to foist a totalitarian regime upon unsuspecting citizens.

One thing that is different about this year’s pandemic is the media’s reaction to it. Never before has such hysteria been created by the press over a viral outbreak. The response by city, state, and federal officials could be attributed to fear that media are looking to make an example of anyone who dismisses the seriousness of the pandemic. Perhaps officials went overboard out of fear that any other action would be perceived as apathetic. If that is the case, then leaders caved into fear of the press and will have destroyed thousands of businesses for no reason.

The President has argued that some lives might be saved by the implementation of these policies. He’s has argued that business will come back, but lives that have been lost to the virus will not. That is a noble sentiment. But it has never been used to justify interfering with free trade during a viral outbreak. Is this philosophy to be used to justify the closure of businesses during future pandemics? Who would be foolish enough to spend the time and money needed to operate a restaurant knowing that their business with be shut down every time a flu outbreak occurs?

This kind of policy doesn’t make sense, given the available facts. Although President Trump isn’t a medical expert, he isn’t stupid. He’s a savvy businessman and a capable leader. For that reason, I suspect that the policies enacted so far are based on information the public doesn’t have access to. Information that paints a very different picture. Access to the full picture is rare. Q said less than ten people in the world have knowledge of it.

less than ten q

Allow me to illustrate what happens when you listen to someone who has the full picture.

In early in 2017, General Mike Flynn became a target of the Mueller investigation. In December of 2017, Q informed us that despite what was being reported by the media, Flynn’s future was safe. Patriots were in control.

It is now looking like the judge in Flynn’s case may dismiss the charges against him. During the last three years, many good people have lost a lot of sleep worrying about the General’s fate. Had they read this post and trusted that patriots were in control, they could have saved themselves a lot of grief.

Since Donald Trump was elected, we averted an escalation of the war in Syria, we managed to avoid war with Iran, we’re moving toward denuclearization with North Korea, and we’re about to end the war in Afghanistan. Trump and his team have shown an ability to develop and implement policies that safeguard the best interests of America and the world. For that reason, I’m content to trust that these people will continue making decisions with our best interests in mind, despite the appearance, at times, that things are going horribly wrong. The mistake we often make is gauging the prospect of future events based on limited knowledge. When we don’t have access to the full picture, the wisest move is to trust those who do have access to it. Q has access to the full picture. Last night, he again reassured us that we have nothing to fear.

qanon do not fear

Is self-quarantine a cover for mass arrests?
I’ve been asked to weigh in on this issue, so here’s my take: I highly doubt that self-quarantine procedures are part of an operation to keep citizens indoors while mass arrests happen. There is no reliable information to support this idea and details of such an operation would be highly classified. If that information were leaked to bad actors, or to the public, the operation would be halted. It is my belief that no information about ongoing operations is available in the public domain and what information is in the public domain is false.

I’ll admit, the current situation has me perplexed. I’m a fairly prophetic person and God generally gives me a decent picture of current and short-term future events. For the first time in years, I have more uncertainty about the future than I’m comfortable with. I’ve seen glimpses of a bright future. But I’ve also seen signs of tremendous change. We all want a better future, but few of us look forward to change. Some of us live in constant fear of it. But change is necessary.

I don’t use the arrests of corrupt people as a barometer to gauge how well the plan is working. Every corrupt politician in America could be arrested and thrown in jail tomorrow, and it would solve nothing. Immediately, other corrupt politicians would rise up and take their places. Corrupt people aren’t the problem. The problem is the institutions they’ve created, that allow darkness to be perpetuated over generations regardless of who is in power. My barometer of how well the plan is working is the degree of change I see occurring in the institutions that enable corruption. I’m optimistic about the future because I see changes taking place in these institutions nearly every day.

Change is uncomfortable, but it is a necessary inconvenience we must endure if we hope to see our republic and the world restored to their former glories.

We’ve come a long way.
We’ve been prepared for the changes that are happening.
Do not let fear control you.
Have faith in the providential hand of God.
President Trump will not rest until he has been victorious.
Patriots are risking their lives every day for the cause of freedom.
Please keep them all in prayer.

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