From the day the Covid-19 virus first made headlines, the reporting on it by the media didn’t match the actual threat the pathogen posed to society. When the death rate in the U.S. from the flu is around 50,000 people a year, why would the press make herculean efforts to draw attention to a virus that had killed less than a dozen Americans? To answer that question we need to review an event that has held center stage in Washington DC over the last three years.

After he was elected President, career politicians, the intelligence community, and the media tried unsuccessfully to remove Donald Trump from office. The mechanisms they employed were an illegal spying operation, a propaganda campaign, the Mueller investigation, and impeachment. Many laws were broken in the process. The guilty include members of the media. (It’s a felony to use the press in an attempt to overthrow the government.) The perpetrators are now the subjects of John Durham’s investigation. The deep state and the media are in a race against time to remove Trump from office before their indictments are unsealed.

For more than three years, the political establishment and the media have had as their only goal the removal of Donald Trump from office. Once you understand this fact, you can assume that every effort taken by them as a collective will have the removal of Trump as its primary objective. It’s then just a matter of applying deductive reasoning if you want to uncover their latest scheme.

President Trump’s re-election hopes rest primarily on the robust performance of the stock market and a thriving economy. The media and Trump’s enemies in Washington are well aware of this. It is only logical to assume that at some point, they would come up with a plan to destroy both the stock market’s gains and the overall economy.

Enter the coronavirus.

I watched with both interest and disgust a few weeks ago as the press began to flood social media with reports on the latest Holywood celebrity or professional athlete who tested positive for Covid-19. Those reports alternated with stories of how businesses were being negatively affected by the virus. A third angle was how the virus was hammering the stock market. A fourth narrative insinuated that President Trump had mishandled his response to the pandemic. This quartet of stories was weaponized to cause fear, discouragement, and distrust of the President. To a large degree, the scheme has worked.

There are a couple of “tells” that reveal who has been running the operation and what their objective is. The Golden State Warriors were the first professional sports team to announce that they would play without spectators due to fears of the virus. That announcement came on March 11th, after San Francisco’s Mayor, London Breed, banned public gatherings of more than 1,000 people due to the coronavirus. (I’m sure Califonia’s ultra-liberal, Trump-hating politicians had nothing to do with that decision.) The Warriors, and then the NBA would cancel the remainder of the season’s games. The NCAA then scrapped its March Madness tournament. Within 48 hours, across the nation, most professional and college sporting events had been canceled. That position became the only acceptable response to the coronavirus. Anyone who took a different view would be incinerated by the press and labeled an ignorant fool for daring to dismiss the seriousness of a global health crisis. That included the President. The media managed to box Trump in on an issue where he could claim no expertise.

Hollywood stars created viral videos where they showed themselves self-quarantining. The videos established a new cultural standard—staying home with a viral infection. Their fans were expected to accept and mimic this behavior. They created a new standard for managing a virus and Trump could not disagree with it without suffering serious consequences. (It would not surprise me if one day we learned that these celebrities never actually tested positive for Covid-19. The mathematical odds of that many stars testing positive is slim. Their hatred of the President gives us reason to suspect they may have faked their illness to create a narrative that would cripple his presidency.)

Thanks to the panic created by the media, Trump’s stock market gains had been wiped out. Businesses were closed and people were laid off by the millions. Trump’s re-election no longer hinged on the economy. It would be determined by how he handled the pandemic. The media had him right where they wanted him.

One of the President’s most effective political tactics is his use of rallies. The pandemic brought them to an end, at least temporarily. To provide needed moral support and direction to his base, he switched to holding daily live-streamed updates on the pandemic. Before long, the media complained that his briefings were the equivalent of his rallies.

Knowing the media would pounce on anything he said that was not medically sound, the President surrounded himself with medical experts and allowed them to be his messengers. His critics created a narrative that the pandemic would last for many months. This was done to paralyze him for as long as possible. POTUS found a few experts who supported a strategy of stopping the spread of the virus in a couple of weeks. He acquiesced to the demand that people be quarantined and businesses be closed, but he developed a medically defensible plan to limit the damage to 15 days.

Without dismissing the pandemic as a nothing burger and being torched by the media for it, the President is putting their latest hoax in his rearview mirror. In today’s town hall, he said that if he had not acted the way he had, the media would have hammered him for it. “Somehow, the word got out that this is the thing that we were supposed to be doing.” The President knew that his enemies were trying to limit his options to a single alternative that would have grave consequences.

Today, he is signaling that he intends to end the quarantines and get America back to work. The fundamentals of the economy are still strong, and when people go back to work, there should be a rebound in the stock market. Trump’s popularity has only risen as the pandemic has dragged on. The scheme to take down Trump is doomed to fail, but not without consequences to the American people and the world. Let us learn the lesson of how easily the media, celebrities, and corrupt politicians can create a false narrative that would lead to the destruction of our economy. Let us also appreciate the blessings of having a wise leader in the White House.

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