Today, we received confirmation from President Trump of our theory that the media are using the coronavirus pandemic to prevent his re-election. Yesterday, the President expressed his hope that the country might be back to work by Easter. The plan by the deep state and the media is to drag out the quarantine for several months, causing irreparable harm to the economy, and dooming his bid for re-election.

At today’s White House briefing, a reporter predictably insinuated that the President was making a medically unsound decision by telling people they might be able to return to work by Easter. Trump is not the most diplomatic person in Washington, but he let the media know in civil, but clear terms that he understood exactly what they were trying to do.

Trump knows the importance of proper messaging. He’s played the media’s game long enough. He can’t legitimately be accused of medical recklessness. Now he’s signaling to his surrogates (inside and outside of the media) his intent to get the country back to work as soon as possible. If businesses return to normal operations in the next few weeks, the damage from the media’s hoax will be minimized. That seems to be the direction we’re headed.

If there exist emails or texts between members of the media or politicians about using the pandemic to crash the economy, they would be evidence of a conspiracy to commit economic terrorism. Trump’s enemies better hope such communications don’t exist. Because if they do, the NSA already has them. And it would only be a matter of time before the DOJ had them.

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