On the battlefield, when a soldier needs to move to a different position but is engaged in combat with an enemy, they’ll use a tactic called concealment. One option for concealment is to deploy a smoke grenade. The grenade emits a cloud of smoke, making it possible to move to a different location without being seen by the enemy. Concealment has been used often and with great success by Donald Trump. I’m going to provide an illustration of how he has used concealment in the past and then discuss how he is using it currently.

The deep state has had as its primary objective the subjugation of the world’s governments to its agenda. They understood that the United States could not be conquered militarily. Thus, a plan was developed to infiltrate our nation rather than invading it. They set out to replace patriotic voters with people who had no affinity for our culture and heritage and put in positions of power, corrupt people who would allow our government to be subverted.

Once President Trump understood this was the goal of his enemy, he determined to build a wall on the southern border as one way to prevent the infiltration. The pushback on the idea of building a wall by politicians is evidence that he had correctly identified one of their objectives. Trump knew Congress would not agree to fund a wall, so he came up with another way to do it.

In his book, The Art Of the Deal, Trump claims to be an accomplished builder and an expert contract reader. He knows how to assemble the components of a building project. And he understands the stated permissions, limitations, and unstated loopholes found in legal documents. If there were a way to legally build a wall without using Congressional funding, Trump would find it. Once he found it, he would need to do two things. He would need to recruit the electorate to support the construction of the wall, and he would need to conceal from his enemies his actual plans to do it.

During his rallies, Trump became notorious for inspiring crowds to chant, “Build that Wall!” The first goal was easily accomplished. He battled Congress for two years in what appeared to be an attempt to get them to approve funding for the wall. We now know that was never his actual plan. He anticipated that the swamp would resist the wall, so he planned to use the military budget to fund it and the Army Corps of Engineers to build it. To do so, he needed to declare a national emergency at the border. Declaring a national emergency gives the President sweeping legal authority to take whatever steps are deemed necessary to mitigate a crisis. He fought Congress over wall funding and, in the process, revealed their allegiance to drug cartels and human traffickers.

The battle with Congress was a smokescreen, behind which, POTUS concealed his real plan. Through backchannel communications, he signaled to his base his actual plan.

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I decoded this post by Q in March of 2018, as a signal that Trump may have been planning to build the wall using the Army Corps of Engineers. I came to that conclusion because the Corps of Engineers has a red castle on their insignia and they have a branch located in Greencastle, Indiana.

The President didn’t mention publicly the idea of using the military until almost nine months later. On January 4th, 2019, he said he was thinking about declaring a national emergency and using the military to build the wall. The following day, The New York Times published a scathing op-ed, claiming the idea was idiotic and unconstitutional. For the first two years of his presidency, Trump concealed his real plan because it allowed him to achieve the objective with little effective resistance to the plan.

The plan everyone wants to know about is how Trump intends to take down the deep state. Because he is concealing his real plan, we’ll need to first glean what we can by looking at the tactics corrupt people are using to keep themselves out of jail.

A plan was put in place by the Obama administration to prevent Trump’s election, and once he was elected, to remove him from office. The Mueller investigation was intended to run the entire length of his first term in office. The goal was to keep Trump under constant suspicion of having engaged in criminal activity. As long as the public suspected he might have done something illegal, the Justice Department could not bring charges against members of the Obama administration without it looking like retaliation. The day after the 2018 midterm election, Trump had Jeff Sessions resign and he appointed a new Attorney General.

Prior to his appointment as Trump’s  Attorney General, Bill Barr wrote a legal opinion that refuted the interpretation of the obstruction of justice statute Mueller’s team was planning to use against the President if they could get him to testify in person. When you read the view of the obstruction statute found in the Mueller report alongside Barr’s opinion, the two documents read like opposing legal briefs. It appears as if Trump got wind of Barr’s view of the obstruction statute and appointed him as his new Attorney General. Being of the opinion that the obstruction of justice angle was unfounded, Barr brought Mueller’s investigation to an end. The deep state’s primary tactic was to run out the four-year clock of Trump’s first term without the DOJ indicting anyone of consequence. That plan failed.

Next, they launched the impeachment plan. The goal of impeachment was to smear Trump with false allegations of corruption going into an election year, hurting his chances for re-election. A secondary goal was stalling for time in the hope of replacing Trump and Barr this November before John Durham’s investigation is complete. The impeachment hoax failed.

Enter the coronavirus. Although the pathogen itself is real, as I’ve written previously, the President’s enemies weaponized a series of news cycles about the pandemic. One objective was to cast Trump in a negative light by creating the appearance of a crisis and then portraying his handling of the crisis as incompetent. The media published sensationalized stories that created investor fear, which crashed the stock market. They also pushed a narrative that people must be quarantined, which put millions of people out of work and destroyed businesses. An objective observer might wonder if these actions were a coordinated effort to keep Trump from being re-elected.

There appears to be a specific purpose behind Hollywood celebrities posting videos of their quarantines. An indirect message is being sent to their fans. If the stars are willing to observe social distancing at great inconvenience to themselves, shouldn’t we commoners be prepared to make the same sacrifice? The videos seem to be an attempt to normalize isolation. If self-quarantine were stretched out long enough, it would lead to long delays in the normal functions of society. For example, many courts have not been in session during the pandemic. Would not a primary objective of a criminal be the avoidance of prosecution by any means necessary? The coronavirus itself accomplishes nothing without the self-quarantine angle. The pandemic is being used as a smokescreen. Two of its objectives are delaying the prosecution of criminals and removing Trump from office in November.

If corrupt people are using the coronavirus as a smokescreen, you know Trump is, too.  Now let’s look a some of the troop movement behind the smokescreen on his side of the battlefield.

Last week, Attorney General Barr asked Congress for permission to suspend habeas corpus in certain situations as court proceedings were being delayed due to the new demand for social distancing. Barr’s request is unlikely to be granted, but I don’t believe that was the point of the request. If my suspicion is correct, and the demand for social distancing is a tactic to delay prosecution, then Barr’s request is a middle finger to the deep state. He knows they’re using the pandemic as a tactic to delay legal proceedings, but he has no intention of letting them escape prosecution.

Yesterday, the President signed an executive order authorizing the callup to active duty up to one million reservists from all branches of the military for a period not to exceed two years. This decision was made, ostensibly, in support of the administration’s response to the coronavirus. The pandemic will soon be on the downhill side of the curve. In a few months, it will only be a distant memory. The activation of reservists makes no sense in the context of the pandemic. Since we know Trump is likely concealing his real agenda, it’s uncertain what the reservists might actually be used for, but if I were the deep state, I would be terrified. The public may be unaware of the silent war that is ongoing, but corrupt people know all too well he is gunning for them, and he just called up reinforcements.

Trump is in a zero-sum game. There is only going to be one winner of this war. If he doesn’t utterly destroy the deep state, they will destroy him. If you think he’s not aware of that reality, you don’t know your President. Please keep him and his family in prayer.

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