After 10 years on Facebook, I received notice this week that my account has been permanently suspended.

My crime?

Posting articles and videos about Qanon is now a violation of Facebook’s community standards.

For those who those of you who were connected with me, here’s what that means:

Facebook suspended my personal account, so none of the posts on my personal profile will be visible, and I can’t receive private messages. If you connected with me on my Praying Medic Ministry page, the page is still visible. Unlike a suspended YouTube account, where all videos are removed, when Facebook suspends a page, all posts remain visible. Facebook removed administrative privileges for my page, so I can’t post on it even though it still exists. You may be able to send private messages to me through my page, but no one can respond to them. The suspension does not affect my prayer group, as Facebook handles groups differently. My prayer group is under the administration of friends and will remain so, though I will not be able to participate in it.

Some will say I should have left Facebook long ago. After all, it’s a tool used by fascists. That is as true of Facebook as it is of YouTube and Twitter, yet many people have accounts on these platforms and fight the control of society perpetrated by their owners. I built my ministry primarily on Facebook and connected with more than 100,000 people though it. We do not have a brick-and-mortar church. Our church activities are done almost exclusively online, through interaction on social media. Leaving a platform like Facebook when you’re deeply connected to the people there isn’t as easy as it sounds. But Facebook made that decision for me, and now I have little choice but to move on.

If Q’s predictions are correct about deplatforming pro-Trump and Q-related social media influencers as the 2020 election draws near, I would not be surprised if my Twitter and YouTube accounts are also taken down. If that happens, my articles, podcasts, and videos will always be available here on my website.

Thank you for your love, your prayers, and your support,

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