Emotional Healing Testimony – Diana Jamerson

Editor’s Note: Due to the nature of my ministry, I’m unable to offer personal deliverance sessions. I refer people to one of two ministries that offer emotional healing and deliverance— Liebusters and Freedom Encounters. This is an emotional healing testimony from my friend Diana Jamerson, who was a client of Freedom Encounters. 

A friend had gone through deliverance with this ministry (Freedom Encounters) over a year ago and I had seen an incredible change in her life. She had been diagnosed with bi-polar 20 years ago. She was on medications all that time and she was in psychotherapy for over 10 years. She told me about the ministry that she went through and I prayed for a year about going through their program.

There was not any one thing that I could put my finger on that was a huge issue for me. Rather, there were several subtle things that were keeping me from getting complete resolution. I had good results from past issues by renewing my mind to my identity in the Lord and walking in it, but it was still a daily fight. In January of this year I sensed the Lord drawing me back to look into this ministry and then one day, after I asked Him if it was something I should do, He said “yes”. In March of 2016, I underwent deliverance and my alters were healed and integrated. It was very different from any ministry I’ve ever seen or participated in.

How the Ministry Works
You agree to watch a video conference through their website called Victory Over Spiritual Conflict. They send you a manual to read. When you’re done, you follow up if you want to undergo prayer for healing and deliverance. Through the video conference, I watched a teaching on alters and cried during the entire thing. It made so much sense and answered so many of the questions I had about my own personality, my fears and my anger issues. I prayed and heard from the Lord to go through with deliverance.

The prayer model used by Freedom Encounters has 3 people ministering to you at the same time. One person is a scribe. They write everything down to create a record for the person being ministered to. The second person leads the ministry encounter. The third person is either a trainee or a coach who assists. The session starts with an explanation of how the process will run. The one receiving prayer must agree to the process. Then they ask the person being prayed for to “go back” and be with Jesus, while they bring the “head” demon to task. (The head demon is the one who is in charge of all the other demons that are affecting your life.) The leader asks Holy Spirit to bind the head demon and bring him before the throne of Father God. Next the person being prayed for simply reports what they hear, which is the head demon speaking.

The leader requires the head demon to confess what the demonic host has done in your life to physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally keep you from the gifts and calling of God on your life. They require the head demon to confess what those giftings and callings are that they were assigned to destroy. The leader then requires the head demon to confess that everything it said was true by swearing by The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh.

After the head demon has confessed everything required of him by the Lord Jesus, the leader either sends him and the rest of the demons to the throne of Father God for righteous judgment or in my case, 85% of his demonic cadre were destroyed by the fire of Holy Spirit for refusing to cooperate with what the Lord Jesus required. In my case, the head demon finally cooperated and was sent to the throne of Father God with only 15% of the original demons. I felt them leave me. It was like a pressure sensation throughout my body, unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.

The ones praying for me forbid the demons to manifest any kind of physical things like vomiting, cussing, etc. At one point I started to jerk a bit and the coach immediately called the head demon to stop it and burned 20% of his cadre with the fire of God. It stopped and I was fine the rest of the prayer session. Also, I was coherent and aware through the whole prayer session. There was no hypnosis and nothing was done without my expressed permission.

After that, while I was still with Jesus, they spoke to the Holy Spirit and asked Him about some personal issues that I had wanted to know about. They also asked Him about any false cores or alters. I did have some of those and He integrated them back into my core. The Holy Spirit gave of list of the gifts that I have and the calling that’s on my life. They sealed the ministry as being done and I agreed in prayer for all that Jesus accomplished.

I went home feeling good, but a bit tired. I started to get John (my husband) ready for bed and I kept having to remember all the steps to his care and what order I have always done them in. (He is quadriplegic) I’ve done his care all by myself for 16 years. Everything I had always used looked completely foreign to me. I kept asking Jesus to help me and He did. The same thing happened the next morning, but it didn’t freak me out. I actually felt free

I’ve lived with OCD and tried to get free of it before, but never succeeded. I tied my own value to how things were done. I always felt anxious if things were not done in “just the right way,” which was my way. All of this was suddenly gone!  The anxiety about if there were dishes in the sink or a million other daily things I worried about was totally gone. That was the first significant change I saw, other than the subtle feeling of being very “light.”

The next sign of freedom that I noticed was the constant running dialogue in my head about how worthless I was and a million other condemning things. All of that was gone too!  It is so nice and quiet in my mind now without the constant negative voices coming at me. There are many other things I could share, but there isn’t space her to tell you about all of them. I just want to give you some idea of what freedom feels like.

I attended an “aftercare” meeting 5 days after my initial prayer session where they ministered more inner healing, dealt with some children alters and taught me how to test the spirits that speak to me. One of the giftings that the Lord spoke about in my prayer session was that I heard Him well and that I would be hearing Him even more clearly now. I sensed that very thing last night while teaching a healing class online and praying for people.

The ministry gave me a lot of direction for staying clean, praying against the attacks that come from the enemy and some really powerful warfare prayers. They encouraged me to focus my attention on Jesus and the intimacy of my relationship with Him to keep me strong, They stressed that I should not look to the person who did my prayer session. They’re available if you have any questions or if something comes up, but they diligently turn you back to Jesus as much as possible because He is the deliverer, not them.

My life has completely changed and I know that I am on the right path to walk out my gifts and calling. Praise God!

* Please know that I am not trying to “sell” this ministry, I just needed to give honor where honor is due and be honest in regards to how the alters in my life were integrated.

For information or to set up an appointment, click this link: Freedom Encounters.

Telling Your Story and Emotional Healing

I’ve been continuing to work with people who have identified their need to be healed of emotional trauma. One of the keys to emotional healing is the recognition by the person who needs healing that something is wrong and it needs to be addressed. I receive questions from people asking how they can help someone who doesn’t feel they need help. My answer is to pray for them to become aware that they need help, because until they sense something is wrong, there is no way to help them. I believe that as the Holy Spirit begins to work with someone He wants to heal, He stirs up their emotions and the uncomfortable feelings caused by emotionally traumatic events begin to surface more frequently. As these uncomfortable emotions come up, they may eventually seek help. At that point, they’re a perfect candidate for emotional healing.

The process I use for emotional healing is pretty straightforward. I have the person recall the most traumatic events they can remember one at a time. As they do, I ask them to identify the specific emotions they feel and we ask Jesus to take the emotions and heal the wound in their soul caused by them. The next step is to have them remember the event again.  Again I ask them to identify any negative emotions they feel. Once more they give the emotions to Jesus and He heals the wound in their soul. We do this as often as needed until they can recall the event without feeling any negative emotions.  The meme below speaks to the reality of emotional healing. When you can tell your story and it doesn’t make you cry, you know you have been healed. For many types of emotional trauma it really is that simple. If you’d like more information on healing emotional trauma, you might check out my e-book Emotional Healing in 3 Easy Steps.

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Emotional Healing: Fragments and Alters

Editor’s note: National Suicide prevention week is September 6th-12th. The body of Christ is making great strides in our war against the cause of suicide. If you’re looking for one more weapon to have in your tool belt, this is an excerpt from my newest book Emotional Healing in 3 Easy Steps.

It’s been said that time heals all wounds, but the truth is that time doesn’t heal emotional wounds. Rather than being healed over time, emotional trauma can plague us our entire life. Emotional trauma creates a wound in our soul much like a flying piece of metal can cause a wound to our skin. Although our skin has a way to heal the wounds it receives, our soul doesn’t have the ability to heal itself.

Emotional trauma has the potential to affect the entire soul, but God designed a way to limit the damage of emotional trauma by allowing the soul to create what are known as fragments. A fragment is a part of the soul that contains the memories and emotions of a traumatic event. It’s like a part of our personality that’s been frozen in time. Fragments prevent the wounded parts of the soul from becoming the dominant influence over the core of the soul. In effect, the fragmenting of the soul compartmentalizes the wounds and minimizes the damage that can be done to the rest of the soul.

Fragments usually only have awareness of a single event or a string of repeated events and their related emotions. The fragment normally lies dormant in the soul until an event occurs that is reminiscent of the one that caused the fragment to be created. When one of these events happens, the fragment can be triggered and it may take control of the soul. When this happens, the person responds the way they would at the age they were when the fragment was created. If the fragment was formed as a toddler, the person may crawl on the floor or try to hide behind furniture. If the fragment was created as a teenager, the person may act like a rebellious 13-year-old. The emotions they display are not appropriate for the current situation. Instead, they are the emotions that were experienced at the time the fragment was created.

A soul fragment will assume control when they perceive there is a threat to the individual. The actions of a soul fragment are usually an overreaction to the situation because they have less understanding of what is normal and acceptable behavior when compared to the core of the personality. When the threat goes away the core of the soul regains control, the fragment once again becomes dormant.

I know a woman who has a terrible fear of going into basements. When I asked why she had this fear, she said it was because she had been molested by her uncles in a basement when she was a child. At the time she was molested, a part of her soul was wounded which created a fragment dominated by fear. Today, whenever she thinks about going into a basement, the fragment is triggered and she feels fear.

A similar but different part of the soul that is created by trauma is known as an alter. Like a fragment, an alter retains memories and emotions of specific events, but unlike fragments, alters can have unique personalities of their own that are distinctly different from the core of the personality. A person with many alters is usually diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, or what was once called Multiple Personality Disorder. A severely traumatized person can have hundreds, or even thousands of alters.

When an alter is triggered by an event, the individual’s will and emotions come under the control of the alter. The person behaves in correspondence to the personality of the alter, while the core of the personality is rendered ineffective. The core personality sometimes feels like an observer to what is happening to them, instead of the participant. Some describe it as like having someone drive their car while they watch from the rear seat. Sometimes the core personality is completely unaware of what’s happening to them—a condition known as dissociation. When the event passes and the core assumes control again, it’s not unusual for them to have no idea what they said or did during the episode.

The goal of emotional healing is to heal the fragments and alters and to reintegrate them into the soul, preventing future episodes of painful emotions and dissociation.

For more information, check out my book Emotional Healing in 3 Easy Steps by clicking on the link or by clicking on the image below.


Emotional Healing Made Simple

The Holy Spirit is teaching the body of Christ new things that are helping to heal mental illness and emotional trauma. Over the last few years, I’ve read a lot of books and reviewed many different approaches to emotional healing. I’ve also spoken with friends who have had decent success in healing mental illness and emotional trauma.

After going through my own emotional healing, and after looking at what others are doing that seems to work well, I developed an approach to emotional healing that’s simple, but effective. It’s one that I believe just about anyone can use and it doesn’t require special training. It doesn’t even require the person needing healing to be with you. I’ve used it often over internet chat and Skype. It’s so easy and quick that Michael King refers to it as the “one minute healing prayer.” Below is a brief explanation of the process I use and a step-by-step guide. If you need healing, you might ask a trusted friend to help you with this exercise or you can do it yourself:

I’ve seen excellent success with this approach, but it may not be completely effective with every kind of mental illness and emotional trauma. Some people have complex issues that require several different approaches to be used together. I believe this approach may help people with complex trauma, but they may require other methods in order to be completely healed. This approach seems to be most effective with the kind of emotional trauma typically seen in the average person.

Receiving healing of painful emotions and memories can be a fairly straight-forward process that consists of three simple steps:

  1. Identify the painful emotion associated with a particular event
  2. Ask Jesus to take the painful emotion from you
  3. Ask Him to heal the wound in your soul caused by it

For many people, emotional healing really can be that simple. Emotions simply need to be felt. Once you’ve felt them, you no longer need to carry them around, if they are painful.


The main problem I’ve found with emotional healing is that people who are extremely rational by nature may ask a lot of “why” questions in the middle of the healing process, which causes distractions and impedes the healing process. It doesn’t matter why something happened to you; the only thing that matters with regard to healing is how it affected you. If you focus on the emotions you’re feeling, and identify them one-by-one and allow Jesus to heal them, it’s likely that you’ll be able to receive healing fairly easily.

One of the things Jesus purchased for us on the cross is healing of our painful emotions. The Bible says that Jesus has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows (Is 53:4). If He has borne our painful emotions for us then we do not need to carry them any longer.

Healing painful emotions usually requires you to go back to events in your life where you can feel an emotion that is troubling you. Once you’ve accessed the memory of a particular event and you feel the emotion associated with it, ask Jesus to come to you.

  1. If the emotion you’re feeling is sinful, confess it as a sin and ask Him to forgive you of it. Say that you believe His blood has taken away the penalty and consequences of your sin.
  2. Tell Him you want the emotion removed from your soul.
  3. Ask Him to heal the wound in your soul caused by the emotion.
  4. Tell Him you receive His healing.

An optional step that some people find helpful is to ask Him to give you something positive to replace the negative emotion that He is removing. If you ask Him to take away sadness, you might ask Him to give you joy. If you ask Him to take away anger, you might ask Him to give you peace.  If the emotion is there because you believed a lie about that situation, ask Him to show you the truth about it.

When you are done with this, bring the memory of the painful event to your mind again. If the emotion was healed, you should not be able to feel that emotion any longer, but there may be a different negative emotion that you can feel. Determine what negative emotion is strongest and do the same thing with it that you did with the first emotion:

  1. Tell Jesus you want the emotion removed from your soul.
  2. Ask Him to heal the wound in your soul caused by it.
  3. Tell Him you receive His healing.

When you’re done, bring the memory of the event to your mind again. Once more, try to determine if there are any negative emotions. If there are, repeat this process until you can bring the event to your memory and you feel no negative emotions. This process can be used on any memories that are associated with negative emotions.

If you suffer from amnesia concerning the events from your past, you can ask the Holy Spirit to bring to your memory the things you’ve forgotten. As He brings the events to mind, ask Jesus to heal them.

If you’d like to be healed of all the emotional trauma you’ve received over your lifetime, you might consider beginning with the earliest memories you have that are troublesome to you. Use this process to receive healing of the emotions of that event, then go to the next event from your past that stirs up negative emotions when you think about it. You can go year-by-year if you’d like from early childhood to the present.

If you apply this process to all the emotionally traumatic events you can think of, you will probably find a great deal of freedom afterward. I’ve seen a number of people receive healing of physical symptoms of illness and injury after going through this process.

After you’ve had your soul healed, you might consider keeping it healed. This approach also works well in the moment. It can be used to heal those minute-by-minute hurts, wounds and offenses we run into every day. Just give the painful emotion you’re feeling to Jesus and ask Him to heal the wound caused by it.

If you’ve received healing using this method, I’d love to hear your story. I’m gathering testimonies for the book I’m writing on emotional healing and I’d be happy to consider sharing your testimony in the book. 

My Emotional Healing – Cynthia Keller Dowling

This testimony was written by Cynthia Keller Dowling about what transpired during and after The Gathering in DuPont, Washington the last weekend of July 2014. This story is being re-posted with author’s permission.

So, I wanted to share what’s been going on in me since the non-conference. I have been going through the ringer, I’m not going to lie, it’s not been easy…but God is so good and so consistent. Jesus is so alive & the Holy Spirit is in such constant contact with me, speaking to me in every emotion I deal with, giving me clear & concise communication .

The Lord had been moving me toward emotional healing long before the conference, but honestly, I was afraid. Not because I enjoyed being in pain, but because at least I knew what the pain held for me & I had no idea what real freedom would be. Christ came to set us free, but I had been choosing to walk in bondage, only allowing portions of the spirit to work through me. I also knew that my healing was deep & it would be a process. At worship that Saturday night I was on the floor; Jesus was breaking down the last of my self-protection reserves when He said, “This is going to be easy.” And I said, “Okay.”

Over the last two weeks I have met with Anna two times…and guess what? It’s pretty easy…and guess what? God won’t make you go anywhere you are not ready to go. He chose what I needed to deal with in that moment, He chose what emotion needed to be reckoned with, what behavioral problem needed to be cast out, laid at the feet of Jesus…and He knew exactly what He was going to give me to fill & heal my soul, to restore me to my righteous self…not because He didn’t already say I was righteous, but because even though I talked it & didn’t really understand it or feel it. Now I can feel portions of righteousness alive in my being, almost like it’s seeking out in me other places of needed restoration & confidently calling them out of their hiding places, but now I’m not afraid, now I’m confident that I can & will be totally healed.

Now remember, I’ve only had two sessions, but I understand that God really can do a quick work. Emotionally I can go back to those formerly wounded places & it’s as if I’m seeing them through someone else’s eyes. My heart cries out for healing for everyone else who contributed to those situations, understanding that they were living from their wounded places. This is true forgiveness & healing.

On that note I would also like to share that as I’ve been going through this process the Holy Spirit has been awakening to me my forms of communication. These are the automatic ways of thinking I’ve developed over the years, my habitual fall back reactions, designed by a young girl to make sure that no one ever got close enough to hurt her again. They are so subconscious, my subtle ways of emotionally manipulating myself and others to ensure that no one ever got “close enough” to me, the enemy’s way of making sure I never felt loved. The problem with this is that it is emotionally crippling, not only to me, but to the ones I love. Not only keeping away the unsafe people, but also creating barriers with my husband & my children. The Lord has been showing me how I’ve taught my kids that you have to be careful with love, you can’t freely give it, because what if you don’t get it back? Then you’ll be hurt…and you need to protect yourself. Wow!

I can’t say I never saw this in myself, although I see I had myself pretty convinced I wasn’t passing it on to my kids, but now He is helping me change all that. He’s showing me that I can help heal my kids’ wounds if I’ll just change the way I communicate with them, the way I love them. The Holy Spirit has been faithful to tap (or sometimes bang) on my head when I fall back into automatic and I’m being called to the carpet to reset my mind throughout the day; to chose to be aware of how I speak or the look on my face…do I look like love or do I look judgmental, or threatened, or angry? Jesus has kind of re-vamped the saying ‘what’s in your heart is what comes out of you” to “what’s in your mind is what comes out of you”, even in the subtlest of ways.

These last two weeks of choosing to venture into complete healing has been an eye opening one, and no I’m not done, but God is doing some deep healing in me. When I left my last session I saw that I was floating, not asleep but in a deep rest. As I was floating He was near my feet gently rolling me in circles as if He was turning me, but not actually touching me. As He spun me He was also wrapping a very thick blanket around me, not like when we were kids and someone would roll you up in a rug & it would get fatter and fatter, but I was actually absorbing the blanket into by body as He turned me. In fact, I’m still there, absorbing…focusing on what He wants to give me today before I move on to another session. I am a wounded soul but I don’t want anything more right now than to get better, that is my sole mission. God created us in His image…He is All…we are created to do All things…so that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to do All things.

So Lord, I want a renewed mind to go along with my renewed soul & spirit. I don’t want to go on automatic, I want to love fully & freely without fear. I want to see every way that you want to change me, to take back every thing that Satan has had dominion over that has hindered anything in my life, and I want your body, your people, to not be afraid to become who you created them to be. Thank you Jesus that you love us so much that you are patient, that you don’t force us into something we can’t handle, but you encourage us to move forward, gently motioning us into place. Amen.

We are the clay on the potter’s wheel, being gently spun until we are perfect. Yay. 🙂

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