The Gift of Discerning of Spirits

The discerning of spirits is a gift of the Holy Spirit mentioned in First Corinthians chapter 12. As with all the spiritual gifts, it is a way in which the Holy Spirit manifests Himself to us. It is available to any believer. The way in which this gift operates in us...

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Q Anon Made Simple

For several months, my wife and I have been following the mysterious messages from the person known as Q Anon. In this video, I explain what we've learned about...

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Healing: A Gift and a Tool for Evangelism

Is healing a gift given only to a few? Or do all believers have access to it? In this message, I explain that there are two ways believers can operate in healing and that each has a unique...

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December 7 News Update – General Flynn and His Spies

In this broadcast. I bring you up to date on recent news events. My spotlight is on General Flynn and the spies he installed in President Trump's National Security Council. (This analysis is based on a Twitter thread posted by GalacticRedPill.) Link to the Periscope...

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Translation by Faith and Exercising Our Free Will

A discussion about translation by faith and the exercise of our free will. When I became interested in spiritual travel (or as it is sometimes called, translation by faith) I was working for an ambulance service in Tacoma, Washington. One night a friend and I had a...

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